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Selling Pre-Paid Cards - Mobile, Gift, Reloadable Debit

Updated on March 25, 2012

Prepaid Malls for C-Stores

sell prepaid gift cards, reloadable debit cards, cell phone minutes.
sell prepaid gift cards, reloadable debit cards, cell phone minutes. | Source

Get Set Up to Sell Prepaid in Your C-Store for FREE

CSP is forecasting 50% growth in prepaid by 2016. Convenience Store Decisions is also forecasting major growth in prepaid sales with c-stores the fastest growing channel. Convenience Store News is reporting that gas station convenience stores received the highest percentage of dollars spent on prepaid (82%) in the "budget tamers" demographic segment citing a First Data research study.

For many c-stores, prepaid is the #3 category behind tobacco and lottery. Mobile phone top up cards from Boost, Tracfone, and others are very popular purchases in the morning when your patrons grab some coffee.

The ranks of the unbanked are growing; for many, the fees for traditional banking are not manageable when accounts have a tendency to bounce around $0. Whatever the reason, the population of unbanked persons has seen growth and this is driving growth in reloadable debit cards; for many, it is a better way to manage the budget.

Another popular product is prepaid gift cards from national retailers for the last minute impulse shopper running late for that birthday party, graduation party, or whatever the occasion. The ease of buying a gift when getting gas on the way is attracting good sales.

Many c-store owners are reporting annual run rates of over $8,000 in profit per store. That is a nice business opportunity idea for entrepreneurs in the convenience store industry. You can make good money selling prepaid in c-stores; check out the commissions.

Convenience store owners can get set up to sell prepaid cards for free.


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    • charmike4 profile image

      Michael Kromwyk 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      I'm looking at stocking pre-paid cards. Do you know what the commission percentage generally is roxxywoods?

      Cheers Michael