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Selling Your Products Through ClickBank

Updated on April 4, 2012

Why choose ClickBank to sell your digital prodcut?

 Well there are a multitude of reasons that you should check out ClickBank when you want to sell your product to the world. Starting with, you can globally reach over 145 countries. And you have the advantage of having over 100,000 affiliates promoting and selling your products worldwide. And also to that advantage you can sell your product in English, Spanish, French and even German. So you will have the upper hand.

ClickBank also provides you with peace of mind since it has secure and reliable payment methods. And has the most reliable fraud protection services in the industry.  You can accept credit cards or even PayPal. Very low start up costs. Only a one time fee of $49.95 to get started. And there are absolutely no merchant accounts required.

ClickBank also handles the affiliate payments personally. So there is no worry of how the people promoting your products are going to get paid. You have no hands on management of the affiliates because ClickBank handles it all for you. With a reliable customer service staff at your fingertips.

What products are allowed?

Though ClickBank does allow a vast array of products to be sold through their sight there are a few criteria that the product needs to meet.

The first is Originality. Are your products your original work? Are the products licensed accordingly? And do they infringe on the intellectual property of others?

Secondly, they must be digitally delivered. Which means can they be accessed via email, web pages, or downloadable files? And can they be delivered to the customer within 24 hours? Though immediate delivery is preferred when selling through ClickBank it is not required. But it will be up to you to let the customer know when they should expect the product.

You can offer supplemental materials to the customers (ex. C.D.'s, DVD's, or books) but this must be complimentary and not essential to the original operation of the digital downloadable products.


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