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Handling Product Sale: Dealing with the Customer

Updated on June 25, 2014

Wonder is in eyes of gazer

Proper arrangement will allow quick selection
Proper arrangement will allow quick selection | Source

Bringing skies down does not require effort

Selling is not about talking. It is about projecting correct image of a product and bringing out features that make it so special. Making products look good is simple. Remember, everything in life has happened before, if they have not, you are the man!

Customers exist all over

People are buying things all the time, some have fixed budgets, some have fixed times or places but one thing they all agree upon is that they all need something. The sales representative delivers their product and his employers depend on him to make that sale. Bring out all salient features that make your product unique. That way the customer is going to come over to your side. Do not keep flaunting the market price. Customers usually inquire the price at two or three places before they make the purchase. Appeal to his ego. Find out how he projects his personality. It means that though the person may have the knowledge, he may feel inclined to show off some point to you. It may be a domestic or social aspect or it may deal directly with the product itself. Find out his or her requirement. He may want you to agree with him, or to disagree with him. Keep the product on the anvil always – do not let the interest flag. And there are some who will not talk unless they know the price. You can quote a high price to begin with and then keep reducing it until the customer is ready to play ball.

Selling is an art

Selling techniques are not ordinary

Closure is important and you have to do it as soon as the sales begin. This saves time and effort if the customer has already decided to purchase the product. Be sure when you make the closure, it is the embodiment of the sale itself. It means telling the customer – Here is your item and now pay the bill.

Some customers would not have decided on the product or the color. If there is need for bargaining or for convincing, one should try trial closing before the actual debate starts. This opens the venue for arguments, clears the air for discussions and tells you exactly where you stand. All the products have tempting offers and it is up to you to make them sound heavenly. Many, if not all shoppers just love offers and will do anything if you offer something free. Do not keep repeating the offers, discounts and benefits, only mention them if a customer is inclined to purchase.

For selling there is no need for ego

Stop considering yourself as a sales representative first. Your character changes by the minute, by the hour, and depending on circumstances will forge your destiny. Every place has some decision maker and this person will direct the flow of conversation, direction of sales and the outcome invariably. There is no product bigger than this man is.

If you are selling something to a person who does not see himself as a world achiever, you should tone down your approach to a common man-about-town approach. If you are undecided about decision maker, you are going to waste a lot of time. Try and ask direct questions about who makes purchases, how customer intends to pay or lead them to topic of how useful the product is. Market price is going to be staple point of discussion with most folk. Try to get them to give you examples of products that are in competition with your own and note them down. It will help you deal with them in your future sales. Do not be ambiguous about product price. If you have anything to add by way of discounts or offers, leave it an opportune time.

Remember that the sales representative is unique

Sales representative is no ordinary person he is the road roller who lays a new path and makes a new beginning. He makes things possible that one never dreamed of before. The customer is lucky to have come across this sale person and his wonderful product. In order to be successful, be thorough about your product. Highlight advantages and downplay those things that your competition has. You don't want the customer to tell you things about your own product, do you? And you do not want him telling you about other products.

Practice your trial closing at home with your family and friends. Do not actually talk about the product but keep it general. You will iron out any discrepancies in your selling technique. Sales and sales techniques become better with time. If you have a genuine liking for your product then selling it will be easy.

Everyone needs something sometime

Anticipate customer need
Anticipate customer need | Source

Internet makes everything simple

Will there come a time when we will be issued computers when we are born?

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