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Selling commodities on eBay

Updated on September 22, 2010

Acrylic sheet 50% off

Creating a sale
Creating a sale

Commodities have a fixed price

Yes, there is a physical established value for some types of items. It may be something like aluminum or copper. There are also as I previously mentioned certain items that sell well and sell for a decent price. Following is my hub describing items that have retain a good value:

If you have a source for items that are commodities, you can do well on eBay. Selling these items will fetch good prices and provide traction for your eBay selling area.

Today, however, I am going to concentrate on acrylic. Now for people who are not aware, acrylic has a fixed price as do most plastics. Acrylic is derived from PMMA Poly(methyl methacrylate). This material is actually only produced by a few companies in the US (and Mexico) . One is Lucite, Atofina, Chemcast, and Cyro. There are a few more companies but the point is acrylic has an established value because the supply is fixed. So when we go on eBay, we see a fairly consistent price structure on items like acrylic. This is because all of us who can buy at wholesale prices have nearly the same cost structure. Some people can buy a little cheaper than others but for the most part we are on a even playing field.

But. I am sure most of you are not going to be selling acrylic or plastic. So what else can you sell.

How about wood and lumber. You can actually go to mills and ask if you can buy drops. These are wood pieces that drop from lumber that is cut. Often these pieces are of no use to the mill yet people want to buy small pieces of items like wood. Also you are being green and recycling something that is thrown away. Antiques, while not a commodity per se, have a defined value much like a commodity like a metal. Collectibles are the same also.

So now we have a few examples of things that can have an established price on eBay. The key is people look for these items so if they are appropriately priced they can be good anchors for your store and bring in lookers to buy other items. These patrons will help you build your store.

If you have an item that is not highly sought, people will have a hard time finding it if your store is not visible. Building up traction in your store has to do with your search ranking on eBay which is mostly dependent on your feedback and how much you sell. This factor is two fold. If people find your store they will trust you if you have strong feedback. The merchant who has very little feedback and sales may not be found and when they are they may be overlooked.

So find something that has a universal value like a commodity and sell it. People will go and look for it. They will search for it.

The next hub will be on creating a super sale and making a lot of sales and creating a much better ranking.

I am learning quite a bit as I go and you can also. I have bought and competed against many others on certain items so by virtue of being a buyer I can understand what items have higher values. I have been one of the people who searches for things to buy and have been outbid on things that seem to be "sleepers" or not very visible. The perceived or real value will attract buyers.

If you want to follow my eBay store there is a link on my profile.

I hope we can help you build your successful eBay store.


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