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Selling To Anyone

Updated on October 21, 2011
Door-to-Door Sales
Door-to-Door Sales
Sales Sign
Sales Sign

Selling to Anyone:

OK, so you're a salesperson and you depend on closing deals to make money, right? Good! So, what can you do to achieve a higher rate of success in your sales' career?

I will go directly to point but, first, let me tell you something about selling to anyone, dealing with people is complicated and can be very difficult if not almost impossible, if you don't have good communication skills and if you're not a good listener you will most likely fail. Why?

When dealing with people, one must understand that everything is about personality. You, as a professional seller, must understand people's personalities in order to be effective when delivering your message.

Why personality is so important and, you should care for it more than anything else?

Personality is what determines how people think about things, it is what reveals people methodologies and behaviors and, ultimately, it is the manner of how we all make decisions.

So, understanding people's personalities, it will allow to personalize your presentations in a way that will be more effective for them and for yourself, consequently, you will more successful in doing so.

Also, even though, we are all unique human beings, the reality is that, when the doing businesses and making decisions, most people will fall in only for distinct groups: Direct, Talkative, Steady and Analytical.

If you understand these four groups, you will tremendously increase your sales closure ratio. Allow me to explain each one of them for you.

Direct Dan:

How to achieve the best results:

You must be direct and assertive. When doing your presentation, you must tell him right in the beginning of the sales call or meeting that you know how busy he is and how valuable his time is.

You tell him that you will "get right to the point" and focus your presentation on the results that he will achieve by using your products or service.

Resist the temptation to back down if he confronts you because you will lose his respect.

Attention: To him this is not personal, it's just business!

Be direct in asking for the business -- you don't have to dance around the issue.

Talkative Peter:

Peter loves to talk about everything so, for him, relationships are very important.

In order to be successful, you will have to spent more time in social conversation with Peter because he will appreciate the gesture and he will like you more for that.

A person like Peter often makes his buying decisions based on intuition and how he feels about the sales person.

Attention: Do not challenge Peter, he will likely feel rejected and, he will close himself to you and will become unresponsive.

During your sales presentation, tell him how good your solution will make him look good to others. You must appeal to his Ego.

Steady John:

John has a very mild personality, he is soft-spoken. He is very quiet compared to some of your other prospects and can be very difficult to read.

The most frustrating is his reluctance to make a buying decision. When you ask for the sale, his response will likely be "I am still thinking about it but thanks for following up".

What to look for his behavior? Structure and security is very important for John and for people with such behavior and, it is difficult for them to make changes.

John often contemplates how the decision will affect other people within the organization.

Here are the best approaches that one should use:

1 - Slow down the sales process.

2 - Show that the solution will benefit the team, remove as much risk from the decision to making as possible.

3 - Low and soften your voice and make your sales process flow in a logical manner.

4 - Use key words like: "fair, logical, your team" during your presentation.

Analytical Mary:

Mary reads everything about your product or service and, will ask for more and more information and, the more you have to give her the better. Whatever you say during your presentation, make you sure that you have documentation to back you up.

Also, when you promise that your product or service will deliver with such high standard, you must also provide written guarantee of it.

Mary will test you sales communication skills to the limit, she usually won't engage into an open conversation and, remember, this has nothing to do with personal or emotional feeling, in fact, this won't take place during her decision making process.

What to do?

If possible, give Mary a copy of you presentation before hand with bullet points agenda of how your presentation will be done.

If possible send your presentation to her a few days in advance, this will prepare her for the meeting. Send it by email, fax or whatever method is available. Email is the best option for Mary.

Also, make sure that your presentation is free from grammatical, typos, spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.

During the actual meeting, make sure to follow your presentation exactly the way you sent it to her, if for any reason, you change something, you must have supporting documentation because she will demand that.


Become the best listener that you can possibly be will increase your chances to be a more successful salesperson. also, remember that, to succeed as a salesperson, you understand people personalities and, most importantly is that, most people will fall into the four group of personalities: Direct, talkative, steady and analytical.

If you learn how to determine the type of people that you'll be dealing with and , personalize you presentation adequately, you will increase your chances to be a successful salesperson in this so challenging selling career and, you will definetely sell to anyone.

Good luck!


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