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Selling used

Updated on March 9, 2012

finding supplies

I did a blog about how I would sell broken lawn mowers for $10.00. Another selling experience I had was selling used fishing reels and rods. When I was using ebay I had some fishing reels to sell so I threw them on ebay. What Happen? They sold. I also sold some fishing rods, although they are hard to pack for shipping. I only had about 5 reels so I had to come up with a supply line. I could purchase online but I wouldn't be able to sell for a profit. I could go to yard and garage sales but they are far and few between. One morning a got an idea, what if a went to a local flea market. I haven't been there in years. I use to go years ago with my father. He even tried to sell things at the flea market. I got in my truck and I was on my way at 6 A.M. When I arrive I forgot how big it was, acres and acres of stuff. I must stay focused, after all I got up this early to look for fishing rods and reels..I walked very fast scanning the area. I came across a guy who had alot of fishing equipment but his rods and reels were too high in price. After 30 minutes of walking I saw what I wanted, 2 salt water Penn reels for only $10.00 dollars for both, including the rods. I purchased both of them, came home took pictures and put them on eBay. 5 days later sold for $25.00 each with out the rods.Just think of the stuff you could get from a flea market and re-sell. Stay with a few items focus on finding them. The most important have alot of fun. See ya at the flea market.


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