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Send in the Clowns-An Elephant is in the room-Business SAVVY

Updated on July 24, 2015

Send in the Clowns: An Elephant is in the room!

Send in the Clowns: An Elephant is in the room

Business is an endeavor that causes one to operate under the function of the people. Let’s face it, without people, businesses cannot survive. If I were to interview Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Amancio Ortego and Oprah Winfrey, I am sure each person could share a success story about how their brand became a national phenomenal. While speaking to these successful entrepreaurs, it is possible that each one would agree that the consumers are the ones to thank for believing in their services. I am just like you, a consumer who seeks quality entertainment, quality teaching, quality events and quality organizations. How can my team accommodate you? The most important way our team can accommodate you is to provide knowledge from research and firsthand experience from quality production teams. The interactive workshop: Send in the Clowns: An Elephant is in the room, provides organizations, schools and institutions with practical tools to maintain the momentum in an organization. If the products that consumers purchase are not of sound quality, people will discontinue their revenue spending and the momentum in the business will quickly decrease. Organizations from centuries ago became historical because of continuous momentum within organizations. Many of the historical businesses are in Japan. Within the next few minutes that I have to spend with you, I want to give you a brief example of our presentation: Send in the Clowns: An Elephant is in the room! Various organizations will acknowledge that there is an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed. Some organizations would like to take small pieces of the elephant (situation, idea or thought) and slowly unravel what may appear to be the root cause. Other organizations may close their eyes and allow the elephant to continue to stand in the room while stakeholders jump ship, just to discover that same elephant is in another organization. Another organization may address the elephant in hopes that it will leave and every time one enters the room, the same elephant is standing at the door. Some groups will find that the elephant in the room may cause some discomfort because of the sensitivity of the subject. Whether your organization has closed their eyes, addressed an ongoing issue or continues to allow the same elephant to remain in the room, it is time to send in the clowns. I know what some of you are thinking: “If we send in the clowns, our business will become a circus. Clowns are only known for making people laugh temporarily and performing magic tricks.” When our audiences are able to visualize, laugh and juggle great tricks (Taking Right Interventions Causing Key Solutions), you are in the atmosphere of experiencing this fantastic workshop. The workshop that Mrs. Green and I provide allows you to have fun, be energetic and most of all have tricks in your head, rather than up your sleeve! Visualize the workshop: Send in the Clowns: An Elephant is in the room! As far as the eye can see, people are smiling or laughing while learning in the workshop. Phase two is what our team focuses on because we are allowing each participant to become the clowns-(Calm leaders Occasionally Wanting New Scenery). In this phrase, we discuss re-arranging the furniture where the elephant has to make some shifts. If you notice, when we speak of rearranging the furniture, we are speaking of the way in which we think. The elephant could be the step to a goal that an organization need to attain. Notice, our team's focus on environmental shift, rather than taking a shift at the elephant. The workshop focus on environmental changes and the tricks increase which causes the elephant to shift.

Phase Three=Activity-Within this activity, a situation is given to each group. Three key concepts will be utilized: What tricks do I have to continue the momentum with the elephant in the room? What can I do as a clown? What will the elephant do according to the answers I described?

If you are interested in the presentation:

Symbolism of Presentation Title!

Dr. Alfeda Love & Mrs. Evelyn Green

Bio of Presentera

Dr. Alfreda Love & Evelyn Green

Dr. Alfreda Love
America’s best friend in resilient living, Dr. Alfreda Love continues to speak on platforms relating to facing the giants in education, health and religion. As an award-winning playwright and international radio host, Dr. Love is a strategist whose perspective of giants equates to the concept of, “United We Stand and Divided We Fall.”

Born and raised in the state of Texas, Dr. Love believes in education and champions educators and leaders who use resiliency to solve conflicts within social systems and communities. Likewise, while working the sports world as a coach and instructor, Love embraced the concept of, “Becoming Healthier through resilient thinking.” Within the training, Love presents an electrifying and high energy reflection of how one must manifest resiliency through what which we input within our minds. Religion is another area that Love believes one must have resiliency and that truth is the highest level of success that Love describes in her message of being resilient in the time of a storm.

Dr. Love graduated from La Vega High School, Baylor University, Texas A&M University and Prairie View A&M University; served in the United States military; and performed certification work at Dallas Baptist University with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction. Currently, Dr. Love has published a book called, “A Spiritual Guide on the Go.” Dr. Love can be heard on her international radio ministry and is currently a member of the Bellmead City Council.

Evelyn Ann Green
Known as the motivational coach of classroom management, Evelyn motivates and encourages others to discover their potential from within and remain on their A game in life. As a specialist in discipline management in schools, organizations and health venues, Mrs. Green is an award winning community leader who serves the people with a smile. In her spare time, Mrs. Green loves volunteering and helping others as well as covering media events in the entertainment field world -wide (Stellar Awards).

In addition, Mrs. Green works with Texas A and M University, teaching basic nutrition within schools as a Nutrition Education Assistant. Mrs. Green’s main focus is reaching parents and young adults with expertise in life struggles and marital issues.

Dr. Alfreda Love and Evelyn Green equip communities and social systems with the proper equipment to conquer the giants in education, health and religion. The perspective of transformational thinking generates from becoming resilent in the struggles of life. The presentations presented by Dr. Love and Evelyn Green represents a required need to transform, transfer and become resilent communities and social systems.

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