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Senior Web Designer Job Description

Updated on June 15, 2014

What A Senior Web Designer Does

Becoming a senior web designer is like becoming a CEO of a company. You are at the top of the ladder and you are at a senior position in your company. To become a senior web designer takes a lot of work and is no easy task. In this article we will cover what it is like being a senior web designer and how much money they are known to make.

What a Senior Web Designer Do From Day to Day

Senior web designers are typically the managers of big website projects for companies. They do big projects for corporations that include managing the CMS, doing SEO, and even fixing bugs that appear on the website. Here a basic break down of typical activities that senior web designers do.

  • Creating fresh content, logos, and web designs for either clients of the corporation or the corporation itself.
  • Overseeing major website projects to ensure smooth efficiency and launch prior to the set deadline.
  • Creating cutting edge designs for mobile, print, and web accounts.
  • Provide direction and tips to a junior web designer, serving as a mentor and helping bring him to the next level.
  • Meeting with the corporate staff and effectively communicating how the business objectives will be met regarding web design.

How Much a Senior Web Designer Gets Paid and Benefits He Receives

A senior web designer can get paid a lot of money. This is one of those jobs that take a high amount of skill and require great compensation for the job. An average senior web designer makes anywhere from $75,000 starting to $90,000 as the highest paid. This can be good news for the people that want to work hard and move up the corporate ladder.The job also comes with many benefits too. Here is a list of benefits for the average senior web designer.


  1. A Retirement Plan that includes a 401K.
  2. Health Insurance for the Senior Web Designer and possible his family.
  3. Paid vacation time anywhere from 6-9 days a year.

The Education Necessary to Become a Senior Web Designer

In order to become a senior web designer, lots of education is required. A simple bachelors degree won't cut it and you will have to have much more experience than that. A typical senior web designer has degree in either graphic design, web design, or web development. Also, a senior web designer usually has over 7-10 years experience in the field of web design. Usually a typical senior web designer has worked his way up the corporate ladder and has help many other positions in the web design business. Positions that include being a Associate Web Designer and Junior Web Designer. Being familiar with CMS systems, search engine optimization, and lots of code knowledge is also helpful.

But is It Worth It??

In my opinion, if you love web design and learning about it all the time, then this is the right career for you. Yes it will be hard but it is not something that cannot be accomplished. It all comes down to how badly you want it. Doing a little everyday can make a big project a lot more manageable. This is a career that will be needed in the future because websites are becoming a daily part of life. The web isn't going down in traffic but it is going up. So In the end, the hard work you put in today, will pay off tomorrow. The payoff might not just be a high paying job but a high paying job that you love to do. So work hard and you will get there!

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      Roman 3 years ago

      Since you're not doing a lot of printing, maybe try one like the Canon PowerShot S95 or Nikon Coolpix P300. They're small and have a few alusjtabde controls along with zoom and video. I know what you mean about getting an iPhone; I have been going back and forth myself about getting one for a couple of weeks. If it were me, I would probably consider just a camera first. The iPhone 3G from AT&T is being advertised as free, but I doubt it really will be with the activation fee I will probably be quoted. I'm also considering one of the Android models from T-Mobile got a bit of comparison shopping to do before I finally make up my mind about a Smartphone.

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      Jane 3 years ago

      Could you recommend a dtagiil camera? My Canon PowerShot DS800IS fell (into water) and only recovered about 50%. I really need to replace it. What's important to me? Point and shoot, light and easy to carry, anti-motion, good resolution in poor light, some optical telephoto, ability to take a few minutes of video once in awhile. I'm not a high-end photographer, rarely do I print an 8 10. Most of my work is shared on the internet. I just enjoy keeping a record of where I go and whom I am with. Love to give people a little memento of something we've done together. I don't have an iPhone (yet). Thinking about it. Wasn't quite ready to jump yet. But should I get an iphone to take pictures with?