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Seo Link Monster Review - Seo Link Building Service

Updated on February 28, 2013

Effective Seo Link Monster Building Tips for 2012

Seo link monster - today just building a website with high quality content that will engage your users or visitors will not help in getting higher search engine rankings without some seo link monster help. It is a common fact that many similar websites will have good content and many more good features, so competing against such websites and stay ahead of your competitors you need some added advantage. The advantage is nothing but links from relevant websites, search engines like google, yahoo and bing rank websites based on the number of incoming links to that websites. Not only the quantity but quality also matters, in terms of search engines - quality links are the links from relevant websites that are similar to yours. Every website you build should have a solid seo link building strategy so that there is no further confusion and your goal will get more easier to achieve.

Also there is an important point to be noted before building a link to your site, that is links should occur natural to search engines and it should not trigger an alert to the search algorithm that you are trying to build links artificially. A very good source that will teach you the method is seo experts academy from building links to launching a website.

Here are simple seo link buidling tips that will show you how to get backlinks that are considered natural by the search engines forcing them to give you better rankings.

Before you read these tips make sure you do some keyword research and choose a good keyword for your website for which you wish to rank well. When you are ready with a website and good content then follow these tips to building backlinks.

  1. Always use anchor text to get links from other websites and try to get links only from a good website with less number of out going links. Your anchor text should include your keyword.
  2. Use different keywords in anchor text, each time you build a link this will make them look natural and not made artificially.
  3. If your website is new never build links until your website is indexed by the search engines, just type in your domain name ( in google and check whether it appears or not. If it appears then the site is indexed and you can start with your promotion.
  4. Search engine daddy google stated that links from content farm is not a good practice so stay away from such websites which host low quality links that may harm your website rankings.
  5. Dofollow links are considered as vote to your website and they help more than the nofollow backlinks. Ensure you use both links to make it look more natural and get more of dofollow links.

Now to the most important part getting links to your site but keep in mind to follow all the above 4 tips for good. There are sources to build links and the best sources are to get them are listed below along with some details to be followed while using them.

Relevant Websites: This is the number one method to get links and mind you this will also boost the rankings overnight. Search engines rank sites based on keyword relevancy and links from relevant sites, but getting your link placed on some one else site is a big challenge.

- Why would anyone give your website a link from their website, don't worry there is a solution for this - contact the site owner through email and ask him to provide a link to your site with whatever keyword anchor text you want to rank for and also place a link to their site and let him know about that. This will work most of the times, if they do not respond then offer them a free content to publish on their site but with a condition that your link to be included in the article.

- If they do not agree for all your above offers then final but not recommended is to pay a small amount for a permanent link on their site.

Forum Links : Another great way to find links for your site is to get forum links. Join forums that are based around your market or website topic and add your link in the signature as well as your profile. Join some good number of forums for better linking strategy change your signature with different keywords as anchor text in each of these forums.

Article Directories : Use article directories for obtaining traffic and also backlinks. One more advantage with article directories is when you write and submit articles they get picked up by some ezine publishers who sent this to their mailings list so you get free traffic again and also many bloggers will use your content as their blog post with your links intact. Many links are obtained when your article goes viral, 100% worth writing articles.

Link Directory : Submit your website to good seo link directories with appropriate category where your site belongs. Submit your url to and because these two are the trusted directories on the net today. Beware of low quality directory they are not even worth trying, so limit this directory submission to very little directories.

Blog Comments : Find blogs that write about the topic similar to yours and leave a good comment with your url. Do not over do this because your website might be labelled as spam so mix this method with other methods mentioned above.

Web 2.0 Sites or Free Websites : There are many web 2.0 sites that let you join them for free and post content. Leverage such sites to write about your website topic and embed links in the content. These type of websites get ranked higher very soon this will also help you get some feeder traffic to your main site. Here is a list of some free web 2.0 sites which are free to join.

There are even more sites but try getting links from these sites because most of these sites provide dofollow links which are vital for your rankings.

Video Links : These do not provide any anchor text links but you get an high pr link from video site because videos always tend to get more pr so you will get a share of it. It will be a good blend with all the other linking methods. Youtube is the only website i know which allows you to add a link in the description.

Doing all these manually may be boring and very time consuming. You can make use of some seo link building tools or software to do most of the link building automated.

Some useful seo software and tools.

Writing articles and submitting them to hundreds of article directories is very irritating task but there are handful of good software that do this for us efficiently.

Magic article rewriter and submitter software : This software will take one article written by you as input and automatically rewrite this one single article into hundreds of unique article by replacing words in the article with synonyms that do not change the meaning of the article but makes it look unique.

When finished rewriting the article you can submit these hundreds of article to various directories using the article submitter software.

The advantage with this method is you get a lot of link back to your website because you have submitted 100's of articles. Just get seo link monster discount and enjoy all the benefits sooner for high search engine ranking.

Seo Link Monster Video

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