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Series 7 Exam Tutors and Students - Roles and Responsibilities

Updated on May 14, 2012

The Tutor

The tutor will strive to enable the student to develop a better understanding of the material by explaining concepts, providing examples, performing calculations, etc. These tutoring activities apply to helping students pass exams like the Series 7 Exam or the CFA Exam as well as to helping students get better grades in their finance classes. For finance classes, tutors do not complete homework assignments, prepare essays or take exams for students. However, tutors strive to give students the necessary skills to be able to accomplish these tasks independently of the tutor. In the long run, it is substantially more cost effective for the student to learn the concepts rather than pay a tutor or similar person each time an assignment needs to be completed. Ideally, tutoring, whether it be for the Series 7 Exam, the CFA Exam or for finance classes, should serve as a supplement to the students own efforts. Occasionally, students do not have the time to read the text books or study notes. In this situation, the tutor serves as an instructor, providing much more detailed information. Additionally, Tutors should prepare for the tutoring sessions by reviewing the necessary materials.

The Student

Through tutoring sessions, the student strives to learn the concepts in order to get higher scores on exams such as the Series 7 Exam and the CFA Exam and to get higher grades on papers, assignments, and exams related to finance courses. The student should view tutoring as a supplement to their independent studying. Prior to tutoring sessions, the student should have already read the materials to be covered during the tutoring session. This structure results in the most effective type of tutoring session. Without advance preparation on the part of the student (and the tutor), sessions may be less than optimal. Students should provide the tutor with a list of topics to be covered during the tutoring session and also submit materials to the tutor well in advance of the sessions. (when applicable or necessary).

The Bottom Line

If both the tutor and the student fulfill their responsibilities, sessions should be productive. Tutoring sessions for the Series 7 Exam or any financial exam should be part of a comprehensive study program, which would include obtaining effective study materials from reputable organizations plus going directly to original/authoritative sources to obtain addition insight and explanations. For the series 7 exam, examples of those sources would include the MSRB and the CBOE.

Michael Weiss, CFA
Series 7 Exam Tutor
Online or In-Person
NJ or the Philadelphia Area


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      Series7examtutor 5 years ago

      Thanks for the comment! It looks like you are a fan of tutoring:)

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      bdizzle99 5 years ago from Bethesda, MD

      That's great, thanks for sharing all of those details. Appreciate and upvoted!