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Serif PagePlus X6 - An Alternative to High Price Desk Top Publishing

Updated on June 19, 2013

Looking for a price saver when it comes to DTP (Desk Top Publishing)? Take a look at Serif PagePlus X6 for quality DTP software without the price of Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher or QuarkXPress.

PagePlus X6 has improved quite a bit from the original product first produced in 1999. Priced at $99 PagePlus X6 is quickly closing any gaps between them and the higher priced alternatives -especially since they have included CMYK colors, OpenType and Optical Justification.


PagePlus X6 allows you to edit PDFs, create multimedia brochures and publish an eBook in a iPad and Kindle format. PagePlus X6 also offers templates for quick high style starts on your projects. It is as easy as replacing your text and images with the templates, resulting in highly professional document. These templates are great for the rush project or for someone who is just starting out in DTP designing.


PagePlus X6 design studio has the ability to create eForms, eBrochures and eMagazines for printing or with interactive multimedia that allows you to publish not only on computers but eBooks, tablets and smartphones. You can create logos from scratch or choose from one of many logo starter designs.

Don't like the colors? With one click you can change entire color schemes with PagePlus X6 defaults color schemes or setup your own color scheme.

The photo editor and cutout studio allows for quick editing right in the program instead of having to open another software editing program.

One of DTP core features is a text frame that allows frames to be linked so text will flow from column to another. In PagePlus X6 this feature is called a "story" and includes a variety of properties you expect such as margin and column guides, line breaks, resizing options, the ability to rotate and exporting. There are also options to add fills such as solid, bitmap, transparency and gradients along with line colors.

You may link or embed a multimedia file into your design that will play when you output to a PDF or HTML format. PDF output options include a slideshow and form and HTML options include email. This is a great option for promotional campaigns.

How to add a page in the asset manager.
How to add a page in the asset manager.

Asset Manager

Serif products come with an intuitive asset manager that allows you to organize important assets in one easy to access place. An asset is a term used for an object or element that includes graphics, pictures, frames, backgrounds and entire design pages.

The asset manager allows you to add your own files and then drag and drop them anywhere in your document.

Assets may also be created from objects on your design page such as vector art and backgrounds by simply dragging them from your page to the asset manager. To store an entire page click "Add" from the Asset manager, check an existing page from the dialog box and then click "OK".

Pinning an asset to make it global.
Pinning an asset to make it global.

To make an asset global (available in all documents versus just the document you are working on) - click on the pin in the upper right corner.

Graphics assets may be separated and colored as needed as demonstrated below with the hand graphic.

Breaking a graphic asset apart.
Breaking a graphic asset apart.
Text may be added to a frame asset.
Text may be added to a frame asset.

Text Editor

PagePlus X6 comes with a built in text editor called WritePlus that makes easy to edit text over large area or text spread out over numerous pages and frames. WritePlus also allows you to export your text to a word document for additional viewing or editing.

You may also add text to one of the asset manager's frames by simply clicking on the text tool, right clicking on the frame and then choosing "Edit Story."

Attributes toolbar

Various edits and effects may be chosen from the attributes toolbar.Most DTP and graphic designers will be familiar with these tools such as the crop tool and irregular crop tool, mesh warp tool also known as the an envelope tool, gradient fill tool and transparency tool. There is also the ability to add shadows, filter effects and 3D effects.

BookPlus Management

BookPlus is a management tool similar to Adobe InDesign book management. You first create the pages within PagePlus and then create a new file using the book management tool to import your pages. Once you have loaded your pages you are able to rearrange their order and synchronize their style and elements. There is also the option of creating a table of contents and an index page.


Professional printing is available and PagePlus X6 and is compliant with the printing industries international standards. You can match color with Pantone PMS and Goe allowing you to send your projects to a printing press with the confidence of knowing your colors will print out as intended.

PagePlus X6 includes PANTONE PLUS SERIES and PANTONE Goe System that make matching colors easier and more accurate and also allows you to add PANTONE colors right to your color palette.

Other printing options includes double-sided printing, mail merge, booklets, folded publications and the ability to rasterize images.

Preflight, an essential process for designers, ensures that their designs are published as originally intended. Preflight check are available anything to allow issues to corrected as needed, instead of waiting for the final product. PagePlus dialog box will not only report any issues but help to fix them along with showing you where the problem is located within the design.


PagePlus is a cost effective alternative to other high price DTP software such as Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publishing and QuarkXPress. PagePlus includes attributes tools that are standard to most DTP along with high-end printing and color options. With PagePlus, designers are able to import PDFs and make edits as needed along with exporting PDFs with multimedia objects. Other useful options include the text editor, logo editor and the ability to cutout an image without having to open a photo software program. PagePlus X6 includes up to date technology essential for eBook publishing and a book management tool for organizing chapters and maintaining styles across all the pages. DTP users will also appreciate PagePlus’s intuitive layout and the variety of useful tools.


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    • dragonflyfla profile image

      dragonflyfla 4 years ago from South Florida

      Thanks Gus for the tip. I didn't catch your comment until after I posted the comment for Scribenet. I am a newbie to Serif, I started looking around after I got tired of constant Adobe upgrades and high prices.

    • dragonflyfla profile image

      dragonflyfla 4 years ago from South Florida

      Thanks Carol and Scribenet for stopping by. Scribenet, Serif has tryout version of their products that don't expire, if you are interested. It doesn't have all the bell and whistles but will certainly give you a taste.

    • GusTheRedneck profile image

      Gustave Kilthau 4 years ago from USA

      Howdy dragonflyfla - Betcha those dragon flies are still buzzing around in the nice warm Florida sunshine...

      Good article on Serif's Page Plus. I have been using the various versions of PP ever since PP3. It surely is a good and handy piece of software. One of these days (when the Social Security checks get tripled or so...) I will take on the latest version. Right now I am using PP8-PDF and X2 (which has its small problems which are easy workarounds if you know about them.)

      Thought you might like to know that Serif offers introductory versions of several of its programs, including Page Plus, for open download on its website at

      Here's the HubPages link to an explanatory article about such things that was posted some time back:

      Again - enjoyed your article. Keep up the good work.

      Gus :-)))

    • Scribenet profile image

      Scribenet 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I have been looking for and comparing various software to see if these might be useful for a variety of purposes. I like this comprehensive description and I had not looked at this software or considered a DTP software. It looks very useful and practical. I will bookmark. Voted up, useful and interesting! Thanks.

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 4 years ago from Arizona

      What a valuable hub for those deeply engrossed in different aspects of writing and designing online. You really explained this very well and it will save people a lot of money. Great job...Voting UP, sharing, pinning and tweeting.