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How to Set up a Resume Service Work from Home Ideas

Updated on March 03, 2014

Setting up a Resume Writing Service is a way to offer a service.

How to set up a resume business from home

Resume writing made simple for Persons who have specialized skills are in demand. The internet has caused a shift in the types of training and degrees that are necessary to get competitive jobs in a tight market.

National and International melting pot of various cultures require that one become more exposed to what is going on in the global landscape.

Becoming multicultural, bilingual and knowledgeable of import and export is the advantage that is necessary to stay ahead and be what employers are seeking when they have a corporate position to fill.

If you are looking for a service or a business opportunity that will not slow down any time soon, look to starting a resume service.

Many people whether they are young, old, retired or homemakers they will need to have a person who can write well, and be able to summarize in an interesting format the life skills and experiences they have acquired over the years.

Setting up a job resource center is pretty easy to do, making sure that job applicants can access to the internet to check emails and search for careers on the internet.

Freelance Resume Business from Home

Start a resume writing service
Start a resume writing service

Services to Offer for your resume writing business

  • fax machine
  • phone line
  • copy machine

Will make it easier for them to connect and capture important information of employers.

Having an employment specialist on staff will help with finding out what the objectives are of the applicants. What type of work do they want to do?

What types of training do they possess? and Where are they willing to travel?

Offer to provide advertising services to vocational schools who are looking for new candidates to train for in demand occupations, the fees for selling ad space should cover your overhead.

Another option would to be to add a job fair

in the mix, provide a place for local companies to interview and collect resumes of future employees.

At the job fair the employers can explain the benefits of working for there business, while allowing the best candidates apply directly putting their best foot forward.

A must needed orientation at your resume service and job resource center will be a "Dress For Success" seminar that shows job seekers how their appearance will make a big difference how much they can earn and if they will get future promotions.

How to Get a Good Job : Writing a Simple Resume

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