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Several of the Quickest Ways to Get Started Making Money Freelance Writing Online

Updated on May 3, 2015

These are some of the fastest ways to make money freelance writing online

Many freelance writers begin writing online to earn a nice income. Believe it or not a nice living is possible freelance writing on the web sites set up for this profession. For those considering a career in the profession, develop a plan or strategy to really earn a living and quit a day job.

A number of the strategy are used to get paid for services. Having more than one option is terrific. This gives writers the opportunity to choose from various resources. Some are quicker than others to get started with the endeavor. These are more than a few to consider when putting a plan of action together.

Work from home

Working from home as a plan of action means making more money immediately. The decision means dollars in the wallet increase because instead of spending, writers start saving.

Office at home

A few people actually pay rent for the space they work in. Anyone paying a lease or rent. Moving offices to home means getting two for one on the working area. While paying the bank for the mortgage on a roof over the families head, working in the home actually pays for the roof over where the job takes place as well.


Seeing a savings on the cost of transportation is wonderful. It includes reducing the wear and tear on a personal car or vehicle,. Even the fuel saved by not moving to work each day and home again comes with a price. It certainly stashes more in the bank.

For anyone using public transportation the savings is lower, but still qualifies as an additional resource to use for other things.


Lunches and snacks add up to quite a few dollars each week. By not eating out for lunch or packing a lunch for work reserves begin to build.

Most people do not eat the same type of meals at home they eat at work. There are times when an energy bar or apple is satisfactory for lunch versus an entire meal packed for the day job at least five days each week. This reduces the grocery bill considerably.


Imagine what putting together a professional or business wardrobe costs. Now consider no dry-cleaning, no separate mode of dress for work and for home. Business attire is now whatever an individual chooses to wear that day. It doesn't necessarily need to be a three piece suit or tie. Even pantyhose costs add up over a year.

Find a niche for a personal expertise

Find a niche where personal knowledge comes in handy or at least some particular expertise is able to be used. Making the decision to invest in individual know how already on hand is a wise investment for more than a few reasons.

Less work, less research, more time

Articles are easy to create and more are published without having to spend a lot of time researching material. The knowledgeable and skills are on hand. The faster content is created, the faster the dollars roll in.

More time on hand

More time on hand to do other things adds to the nest egg. In fact, by having additional time in a schedule more knowledge is possible on other niches or increasing the amount of articles crafted. Either way a time savings is a wonderful source of money in the bank.

Online writing sites

Content writing sites

Content writing sites are a terrific place to craft content to earn funds. They are also referred to as article job sites or job writing sites by some sources. The business consists of clients searching for workers to create material for a variety of categories and subjects.

  • Save on the fees

Writers are paid for their efforts and the customers get the product they desire. These companies bring together writers and customers. A few charge a fee while others include it in the total amount a client pays for the work.

What the fee for the service consists of sometimes varies. Tons are membership fees paid monthly while others have a charge per writing job. Countless have a percentage collected for each job. Who pays it will vary.

Some charge the client while others put the expense on the writer. Decide which ones are worth the time and work investment before committing. It is possible the charge makes an enormous difference in what is actually earned for the work.

  • Is the pay worth the work commitment?

There are several hundred of these online but some certainly pay better than others. Many have an average pay for article work anywhere from $15 to $30 for a 500-700 word article. Depending on what site is selected and which jobs are taken will determine the reimbursement amount.

  • Getting started

Applications are generally required for the best sites. Members are accepted or rejected based on several points of criteria. Writers typically need to submit a writer's resume, references and a sample of work.Generally a site not asking for these is one where income potential is poor.

Businesses connecting customers with writers need to make a good impression. This ensures great clients on both ends of the stick. Companies offer their customers brilliant writers and make certain they get the cream of the crop by insisting on applications. Reviewing skills, expertise and knowledge with the application process weeds out weaker writers.

  • Get a good fit

Focus on companies with writing categories matching personal skills and expertise. This makes an application or resume stronger with the potential to gain more writing jobs. Additionally, a good fit means easier work for both parties. Working easier is undoubtedly moving toward more money without all of the effort.

Article content sites

Article content sites are nice for any type and kind of material published on the web. There are tons of these such as Triond, Bukisa or HubPages. Income is easier to make and usually determined as a portion of advertiser earnings.

  • Share advertiser income

Writers and advertisers share the income based on a percentage agreed upon when joining the site. Advertisers vary and some have multiple available. Some companies with more than one resource to choose from are appealing. This is what is known of as a passive income for writers.

Advertisers such as Chitika or AdSense promote on these platforms and share a portion of earnings with the members. The more page views a piece of material receives or products sold the more put in the bank. As a source of passive income for making money it is rewarding for many.

  • Passive income

Passive income is a large part of how countless freelance writer's make a majority of money. The profession is known for a roller coaster ride for earning so this form of funds is attractive.

The roller coaster results because of a feast or famine with available clients. There is not always one in line to pay for producing work, but passive income is working all the time to put dollars in the wallet. It is absolutely more consistent than seeking out customers.

  • Affiliate income

Affiliate income is also an opportunity offered on lots of these websites. Many provide EBay and Amazon for affiliate marketing opportunities for earnings. Affiliate marketing brings a great deal of income for the right authors.

  • Payments

Characteristically once a month deposits or payments are made. When working with more than one site this amount certainly varies.There is a diversity in the rules and guidelines as well as what is made with each one. Several have an application process which includes where money is put and when.

Most members see payment once a month. However, it is typically sent out only after a threshold of monies is made. This is outlined when joining the site. Some send monies after every client payment which means funds are available whenever and multiple times during the same month.

Countless writers consider niches that help people. Helping people is a popular forum for online material. Combining both of these things brings more focused traffic and makes finding ideas for writing articles easier.

Passive income from articles is terrific for making money online as a freelance writer

  • Make it memorable

Promote great articles with ideal keywords for search engine optimization and network material to assure the most focused traffic. Getting a focused audience viewing the material positively generates page views to increase passive income or affiliate income.

These content sites are excellent to create back links to other articles a writer has around the web. This is a double dip for article views by giving a reader more material from the same inquiry. Traffic is necessary for every form of content around the internet to make money.

Article marketing

If you are a salesperson at heart, article marketing is possibly your writing freelance niche. These are articles written and designed to sell or market products and services for customers. You sell products directly or you become a middleman for marketers. Most of the middle man writing jobs fall under the category of affiliate marketing.

There are a number of remarkable salesmen that are not great writers. These are clients willing to pay a freelance writer to create terrific sales copy promoting and selling their products to customers.

Clickbank and Commission Junction are both sites you can join for tons of article marketing job connections. Tons of popular companies belong to these sites. Business entities like Mattel and TurboTax are among the hundreds to choose from.

As an affiliate marketer you will have affiliates under you which increase what you make. As they write and sell you get a percentage of what they make. The great thing about affiliate marketing with your own affiliates under you is the more they sell the more you make. With a remarkable writer on your team there is great money to be made for both of you.

Selling your own products through affiliate marketing is another wonderful way to make money freelance writing online. Imagine if you want to sell your own Ebook or other service or product.

If you think you write great articles to sell a great product, do so with gusto. After you sell your first one, write another one and another one. As long as you keep them coming you will keep bringing in the money.


Bloggers typically earn money through their blog several ways. Writers create their own content for blogs and publish or post what they want whenever they want. Hundreds of companies provide free space to create one. Every great blog starts and ends with great writing or quality content fashioned by a freelance writer

One way to earn is becoming an online affiliate marketer of other companies and advertise as well as sell their products via your blog. You can choose from the Google Adsense and thousands of other advertising affiliates including retailers such as Sears, Target, Nike, etc or site like Commission Junction.

If you start a blog and it becomes very successful you have the opportunity to sell your blog for a large amount of money. In the last several years there have been blogs sold for millions of dollars. Generally the more traffic a blog has the more value it holds. Companies buy them to gain the advertising traffic they have accumulated. Many of these have a huge audience dedicated to the blog.

Traffic relates to advertising dollars and that means your blog is a source of income that is appreciated and wanted. The more traffic you gain the bigger the paycheck. Companies like AdSense pay for each page view you receive and every time a reader clicks an add. Earnings vary based on the advertiser. AdSense will generally place their choice of ads in space you offer around your blog page. Ads change and alternate.

Thousands of potential customers are coming to read your great content. However, while they visit your blog for the freelance writing content the advertisers are betting that they will purchase something while they visit or read the terrific material you offer. The marketing advertisements are usually compatible with your blog and the niche it happens to be in.

There are affiliates such as Blogsvertise that act as a middleman between advertisers and bloggers. The blog will sell ad space to an advertiser. Advertisers pay the blogger to place their ads in a space they agree on for a price.

One example is a blogger connects with an advertiser requesting a banner placed on a blog and they are willing to pay you $10 for every click they receive from your blog traffic. They also pay for posting an advertisement blog post promoting a product or service they are selling. This is close to the definition of affiliate marketing. Multiple blogs can be connected with Blogsvertise which means more opportunities for earning money blogging.

Blogging is a way for you to earn your money freelance writing online. Having a great blogging niche and writing wonderful content brings the traffic which brings advertisers and the income.

Private Clients

Private writing clients are obtained several ways. You get freelance writing clients from a writer you network with. These are network connections that share your name or work with a client they are working for. The client offers them a job as well as you. Both of you will make money on this arrangement. You may have the opportunity to repay them in kind at a later date.

Another opportunity arises when you have worked with a client through a job writing site. This client liked your work enough to hire you directly instead of a subcontractor through a website you were both connected with. This happens more often than many writers imagine.

Another great way is having a website or blog advertising your services for hire as a freelance writer. All of these are ways to connect with private clients to increase your earnings.

Writing job sites and writing job boards are also places to connect with private clients that want to pay you to write content they need. A good long term relationship with a private paying client is what a writer wants. This is normally how a consistent income is created.

note-working with a private client outside of the safety of a writing job site means taking a chance on receiving the payment due after creating the product. A job writing site generally charges a fee for connecting a client and a writer, but payment is safer and usually guaranteed by the company.

If you decide to write for private clients you usually have to write all sorts of content. You may have to create press releases, blog content, articles, eBooks and any other categories of material you find all over the web. There are times when you have to write material you are not familiar with or do not enjoy. Though, freelance writing clients are the most stable form of online freelance writing jobs and income.

The pay for these clients depends on what you are writing for them and how much you negotiate to charge for the job. Remember to get a contract in writing. Your contract can be as simple as an email, but protect your assets and ideas. Work is charged by the hour, number of words or even per article.

Generally anything produced for a private client is their publication to keep. The client owns the rights and you cannot reuse or republish. Understand the contract you enter into with a private client regarding your work and what each of you own.

In conclusion

These are some of the most popular and easiest ways to earn money online as a freelance writer. A method to the madness always works. Put a plan in place and make a strategy to make money as a freelance writer and make your career thrive. It is always nice to make a living doing something that you love.

Be sure and edit articles created for customers for grammar and any other critiques to make them remarkable. Put the best foot forward at all times. Remember not only is this material published on the web, but it builds great connections with employers for future writing jobs.

© 2011 smcopywrite


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    • Alladream74 profile image

      Victor Mavedzenge 

      7 years ago from Oakland, California

      A well structured hub.I enjoy your writing and content delivery. These tips will go a long way in helping me build my online earning capacity.Thank you!

    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      7 years ago

      Dee, I agree, this is an excellent Hub.


    • Dee aka Nonna profile image

      Dee aka Nonna 

      7 years ago

      This is one of the best articles (hubs) I've read on the subject of freelance writing online. I've only been at the online writing for less than a year but I do write for small non-profit organizations, for hire, who need someone to write a strategic plan, funding proposal, etc. I enjoy what I do with them but would love to break into other areas that I totally enjoy. I will begin to read some of your work here and on your blog pages. I really think you have something to offer. Getting traffic is where I would like to improve. Superb job. Thank you!

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 

      7 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Excellent hub with very useful information. Many thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Stu From VT 

      7 years ago

      Great ideas!! Thanks, Stu

    • The Dirt Farmer profile image

      Jill Spencer 

      7 years ago from United States

      Good tips! Thanks, SM.

    • breakfastpop profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for the information. I am going to explore some of these suggestions.


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