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Shopping Online -- Buy Anything Online

Updated on October 30, 2013

Shopping online, I never realized how much shopping you can do online until I talked a friend of mine that said he was waiting for his grill to be delivered.   He had told me that he buys everything online and rarely goes to a brick and mortar store.   This made me go “hmmmm”.  Then I began thinking about it, you can buy just about anything you want online.  As I continued to look at I discovered just how much you could buy and who you can buy it for. Does this mean the brick and mortar stores will be disappear in the future?  Will the internet kill the physical store?

Circuit City

Obviously we do not need the physical store, take Circuit City for example. Here is a company that went out of business, but their online store keeps on going. Granted the website and brand name were purchased by Systemax, Inc., but the store continues to sell the same products as before. Systemax already a retailer in electronics, computers and more, realized they did not need a physical Circuit City Store. Think of the overhead they saved, no employees in a store, no electricity, no zoning, etc….you get the picture. This was a brilliant move if you think about it. The CircuitCity gave them instant market share, thousands of consumers who shopped there could still shop there, but now in the convenience of their own home.

Amazon, probably one of the most successful examples and the grand daddy of them all. Going live in 1994 they never owned a retail location. All items are available online. With their partner program they have been able to add more merchandise to their site. Each year we see an increasing number of consumers purchasing through Amazon. As I was searching Amazon, I discovered things I didn’t know, like just how much they do carry.

When I hear Amazon I picture it with books, a place to buy books. I think that might have been some of the first things they sold, I don’t for sure. Heck that was 1994, that was a long time ago. But now look at the categories, books, movies, mp3’s, clothes computers, electronics, home and garden….you get the picture. One thing did astonish me though and that was their jewelry. They literally have things in every price range. I found a Platinum Diamond Riviera Necklace with a $1,150,000.00 price tag. Your eyes did not deceive you the decimal is in the right place. I can’t imagine a wealthy person buying on line, but as a friend pointed out, they could be a celebrity and doesn’t want to deal with paparazzi’s

How about food? Yes they have food too in their Grocery and Gourmet Food Store, where you can get meat and seafood, cereal, baking supplies, and a heck of lot more. Looking for clothes for the kids, click on clothing and away you go. Need things for the car, well OK, click that button. Hey, they even sell wheels and tires for the car, granted they still have to be put on the car, but order from home with hassles or pressure. To me Amazon is the grand daddy of them all., the big O,  is yet another site. Here again name brand products at reasonable prices. Hundreds upon hundreds of products at your fingertips without the need of a physical store front. And according to their Real Estate site, they have over 8 million listings of properties for sale.  Go ahead and search for new or used car, they even have a clearance lot in the Car section.  


EBay also makes the list as one of the most successful online shopping venues. Again no store required, but millions in sales every year. Not only can you sell things you no longer need, but you can find also find new merchandise. Here again, you can find just about everything you might need. The nice thing about eBay is you can search for that hard to find item you are looking for. If you are searching for a collectible here is your spot.


Obviously there are more places to buy online.  I guess the point is we really don’t need a physical building to shop anymore.   We will most likely always have one or at least for a while yet, not everyone is onboard with the Internet. But if we were, we could see a lot store closings, could this be the next economic bubble to burst. Could millions of retail employees lose their jobs. They all won’t, we still need people to package, load and ship the purchase we buy online.

Shopping online, in my opinion will one day kill the physical brick and mortar store. The good news could be, without having to pay overhead, employees, benefits and utilities etc, perhaps prices would be lower. Rest assured with everything that disappears something new and improved will appear.  Can’t wait to see what’s next. 


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    • bgigstead profile image

      bgigstead 7 years ago

      Thanks for recommendation.

    • couponcharlie profile image

      couponcharlie 7 years ago from New York, NY

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