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Shopping and customeer service

Updated on September 10, 2009

Is the customer always right?

Hello everyone I'm writing about this topic because I'm disguted with customer service in the world today. You know when I got my very fist job these are the things I was taught that I used at every job I ever had. And I understood the importance of these teachings and why we should always follow them.

I was taught the customer is always right,even if you don't think so. If someone can't find and item you take them to it,don't let them wonder around looking for something. And when you help them find it ask if they need any other assistance.

Always say hello when they approach your register and ask them if they found everything they needed . And thank them when your done and ask them to come again.

Never tell a customer this is not my department. And no matter how busy you are you make time for that customer.

And remember that please and thank you go a long way.

Now I did this all my life at every job. It worked out great when I was doing retail sales. I had customers who came in and asked for me personally so that I could help them. This was not just an ego booster but helped me during evaluations for raises. Now I didn't do it for the raise I did it because I liked the smiles on the peoples faces when I helped. And when they needed to return something they were kind and not rude to me because I was kind and courteous to them. Now granted there are people who are just not nice no matter what but they are few and far between thank goodness.

I'm venting because on my last shopping day I needed help. I couldn't find an item and didn't know where to look. So I asked the first employee and was told sorry it's not my department and then he walked away. The second one just pointed and told me it's on the isle by where the school supplies are. And the last one said it's not my department but I'll get someone to help you. So after waiting for about fifteen minutes I left. I was so upset by now I didn't even ask anyone else.

I'm not saying all businesses are like this but alot of them are. You know I go to a Home Depot by my house to buy things and I never have this problem. So either they are trained properly or they just are very well mannered and helpful people,

So does this mean that the rude employees are not trained properly or do they just not care? I think if you have to deal with customers you need to remember if that customer is not happy chances are they won't be back. Now if this continues to happen pretty soon you will have no customers. So no customers no job no job no money. So maybe we should start demanding the courtesy we deserve. Everyone works hard for their money and the last thing you want to put up with is some rude person who can't help you,while you're spending money at the store they work at. So next time you go shopping pay close attention to how employees treat you. And see if the rude ones just don't ruin your whole shopping experience


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    • Tracy711 profile image

      Tracy711 7 years ago

      I agree we all have our bad days and this writing proves i do wish people would be a little kinder in the retail world..makes it easier to accomplish my shopping..haha...well you will be seeing something new from me here in a short while..i'm a little run down i guess needed some time to recoop...hugs and love

    • skye2day profile image

      skye2day 7 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Hi Tracy. I admire your honesty. I can relate. I think about all we can do is be kind back and pray for the person. Maybe they are spiritually sick? Maybe their spouse is very sick or they have a sick child. It is hard when someone is being rude but an opportunity to practice. WWJD. I am not perfect at this. This is a good reminder for me sister. Thank You for sharing. Now come and visit me. Where have you been? I pray all is well with you. Hugs. + + +