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Should A Business Owner Hire A Virtual Admin Assistant?

Updated on June 26, 2016
Virtual Staffing
Virtual Staffing

Most of the time entrepreneurs start the business of their own, they will do all the tedious work from paper works, marketing, advertising, appointments, even accounting at some point. But as the business grows, more time is being consumed towards other things, that one person cannot bear the load needed to accomplish everything.

This is the time that as an entrepreneurial startup you have to hire someone directly or better go with outsourcing. With all these busy tasks and schedules you preferably need someone to remind and work for you if you’re not around, which a personal virtual admin assistant aim to do for you.

What Are Virtual Admin Assistants?

Virtual admin assistants are professionals that are offering services that varies from administrative works for different employers or client. Some personal VA’s have more than one clients that are being split up through the day. There are also full-time dedicated VA’s that are only focused on one client for the whole day throughout the project. As a startup, you can choose which kind of virtual admin assistant you would prefer on your project depending on the kinds of tasks, time consumption, and the budget for the employment.

What Can Virtual Assistants Do For You?

There are a lot people with different skills/knowledge, under the profession of a virtual assistant. There will be virtual assistants that are focused on administrative tasks like reports, appointment settings, transcriptions, and bookkeeping. Also, there are the kind of a more technical type of virtual assistant like social media marketing assistants, website management, and PPC managements.

When choosing from a pool of highly skilled virtual assistants, consider the best fit for the job and the personality that will suit you.

How Much Does It Cost When Hiring A Virtual Assistant?

For every kind of task you get what you pay for. There are those who are offering an hourly rate for the time being consumed on your project, there will be charges like $7 - $20 or even more depending on the quality and the skills needed for the job. Prices may also be varied depending on which location they are settled, you can expect lower rates with the same quality from offshore services that has lower cost of living compared to countries that are on the top of the economy.

Simple factors to consider when hiring a virtual staff. If you are considering on having a virtual staff to help you moving, think of the assistance they can offer you, splitting the workload can help you stretch out to other better things.


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