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Should America bring back the Main Street Shopping District?

Updated on August 7, 2013
Dress well for less!
Dress well for less! | Source

With the spiraling down fall of the World economy, especially in The United States, ones needs to ask, how did this happen? One obvious economic eye sore is the Main Street Shopping Districts in America. Individuals who owned and operated their own establishments were the economic power house of large and small towns in middle America. Local manufacturers, craftsmen and farmers produced their wares to be sold at the area Main Streets. Not only did these local retail establishments sell much needed items to their customers, great sales meant hiring more help. This enabled the economy to circle and form a loop of wealth locally.

With the advent of large box retailers this loop of wealth changed. The Main Street Business Districts found out quite early on that they could not compete with companies outsourcing manufacturing in third world counties. In the large corporate world of business, it became a rage to have items produced half way around the world and shipped into the United States for a profit greater then locally produced items. The cost of labor was so cheap that with the additional expenditures of oil for shipping did not matter. The idea was still worth the venture.

We as citizens of our local economies need to realize that our best days forward for a better way of life is maintained through the community where we live. The great business experiment that we have all just lived through is a testament to global economic failure. Commodity shortages, high oil prices, unemployment...etc... These issues are everywhere in every country. However, there will always be some items that are most appropriate if produced in a distant place.

The local people in these Main Street communities need to express their concerns with their dollars. This is the only way the corporate minds who run the business world will get it!

Many good local sources are in your community downtowns

Dress well for less!
Dress well for less!
Dress well for less!
Dress well for less! | Source


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