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Should I Sign up to Sell Avon?

Updated on October 24, 2012
Join My Avon Team, Sign up to sell Avon with me!
Join My Avon Team, Sign up to sell Avon with me!

Should I sell Avon?

Is direct selling a good choice for you?

I have come across this question on the internet in various forms: "Why should I sell Avon?"
Often answered by individuals who have had a bad experience with Avon, or direct selling in some way. I have also seen incorrect, or very out of date information posted in response to this question.

I'm going to begin my answer to this question by starting back a bit. Lets re-writes the question just a little and ask "Should I enter the Direct Selling arena?" Many individuals who are not successful at selling Avon, or any other product through the Direct Sales market have not adjusted their thinking, or behavior for this new career path.

By choosing Direct Selling you take a different path. For those who have a job, there is a pre-determined number of items for you to do in any given day. These items are small pieces of the total function that make up the company you work for. You, for example may work in the billing department, where you send out invoices, or enter payment amounts into the accounts receivable application on the company computer system. You work 9-5 or somewhere about that, and what is not done today, will be done tomorrow. Your company may provide a service, or make some item for another industry, and its entirely possible you may not even understand what your company does, or makes, and you don't really need to know what it does in order to perform your roll in the best way possible, and you are a valuable member of that company.

In a Direct Selling setting like Selling Avon for example, like I do, you are responsible for many more rolls than you would have with the average "job". While Avon makes the products, tests, packages, and delivers them, you are responsible for a number of functions to ensure you make a good living.

As an Avon Independent Sales Representative you place orders, communicate with customers, plan deliveries, demonstrate products, have samples available where appropriate, you are the local marketing and promotion person, and in the case where you have other Avon Representatives selling on your team, you are the Sales Manager! Its very much like running your own company. And this goes for just about any Direct Selling Company. Many are based on Avon's 125 year old model, with some variation. The number of responsibilities a direct seller has is far greater than just getting up and going to work.

For some people this is overwhelming, if they realize what they have just gotten into, or they miss it completely and fail, and blame the direct selling company.

Lets say for example, that you just signed up to sell Avon. And I am going to use Avon exclusively here because that is what I do, and have my experience with, and I am hoping to guide those who are interested in selling Avon, so sorry if it seems like I am a one note song....

As a new sign up, you are just getting to know the product line. This is important. Many of your customers have experience with Avon, and may ask you specific questions assuming you know your stuff! So Know The Products! And guess what; you have just added a function you did not have, if you had that billing position I talked about earlier.

Then Meet your customers! Hand out the brochures and remember to ASK for the sale.

As I remember starting my Avon business was an exciting time, and my up-line did not help me much, and did not go over building a sales team with me, so all I really was thinking I was going to do was sell products.... A week into the business my work friend said she wanted to sell Avon too, so I got her signed up, she was my first recruit. I had not thought about her as being a recruit, and it was not until I got a few dollars from her sales that I began to see the potential there.

At this point I had a regular job, and Avon was a lunch time activity once every two weeks. Its nothing like that now because I have many more representatives under me now. To begin a business like this at first you don't really have all the pieces to the puzzle there, and as you grow your sales and learn about growing a team, you begin to have the need to learn new things so you can help a person sell like you do, and maybe help them sell at work during lunch, make a flier to hang up at the grocery store, or place a news paper ad for the first time.

As you become a team leader, you direct selling skill set is growing too. And if you stop to think about it, you realize you have grown quite a bit, and begin to have an understanding of how the company you work for runs, and how your department contributes to the company as a whole.

To be a successful Avon Representative, and Team Leader you really have to give it time, and you will be learning how all aspects of most large companies work, even if you don't realize it. By now you also realize that this can apply to any Direct Selling Opportunity, not just Avon.

So before you ask "should I sell Avon" you really should ask "Am I willing to get a home based business education?" Think about it, if you fail at direct selling you just took a home based business course for whatever the start up costs are, and if you pass, you get a great income, set your own hours, and all the other benefits you may have herd about, but if you fail, you are out those start up costs, and you had better keep your day job.

On another hub I plan on expanding on the sales and leadership points, but I think this here contains a few good items to think about.

Have a good day!

Avon Cindy.


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