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Should You Be Happy About That New Job?: Part Two

Updated on June 20, 2012

So, another year and another new job. And after what I've endured thus far with this new job, I thought that I should write a follow-up to an earlier hub that I wrote aptly titled Should You Be Happy About That New Job?

First off, I can't mention what company I'm working for, but it's one of those companies that are currently running commercials about tending to your lawn or garden, or mentioning that new project for your home.

Now many of you also know that I have an online business called KeyWords Media which I started last year, so you may be wondering what went wrong? Well nothing really, but the bills were still piling up and the business was not doing a ton of business, so I had to try to find some sort of traditional job to get a weekly paycheck.

Now again, why am I not ecstatic about having this job? Well, it was the thought that I would have the opportunity to actually build a new career with this company that so far has not afforded me any opportunities for advancement. No chance to move to another department, and just what department did I get hired for?


A department that requires you to load heavy pieces of wood, and heavy bags (40lb bags are the lightest and 90lb bags the heaviest) to customer's vehicles.

In the time that I've been with this company thus far, I've gotten into disagreements with my supervisor about how to manage his people (never a morale booster to hear "why wasn't this put away?) the moment he comes onto the lumber floor, plus no encouragement to even try to have a career there from said supervisor.

Another thing that has bothered me is the fact that when sales are down, so are my hours!

I've already told these people that I have bills to meet and that I can't afford to only have a three day paycheck, and what really burns me is that I'm at the job early. I check who I'm going to be working with, I try to actually care about my job and how I do it...but not anymore.

And it only took a whole three months to get me to this point of totally hating this new job, especially knowing that I gave up the opportunity to actually get a final interview for a much better career oriented job, but this company offered me a position first, and me being the total idiot that I am took it instead of waiting for that final interview for what may have been a career that I could have retired on.

I started this hub last night and I'm finishing it this morning....I read the local paper this morning and the news in the county where I live in upstate NY is that unemployment has risen again to 8.3 percent, and that figure gives me cause to wonder what's my next move.


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