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Should You Stay or Should You Go? Knowing when it's time to quit your job

Updated on August 19, 2016
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Theresa has led teams for top global Fortune 500 companies and loves connecting with others to learn and grow from the human experience.

Making the decision to move on to a new career opportunity isn’t always easy. The work you do everyday isn’t the only factor. Even if you feel less than fulfilled by the contributions you are making, who you work with, the relationships you’ve formed, the security of the known versus the unknown, and, of course, a paycheck you can count on also impact the final choice to switch jobs.

It’s easy to get trapped into thinking a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and stay stuck doing work that no longer leaves you feeling gratified at the end of the day. Being attached to what’s comfortable can make you resistant to change – and to career growth.

However, if you wonder more often than not if you wouldn’t be happier doing something more or different in your daily work, if you approach your work with less and less enthusiasm, if you dream of taking the leap to a new career adventure, you’re probably ready to go and staying to stay comfortable won’t give you the deeper satisfaction you long for. And you won’t be giving your best to your employer.

Time – or a perceived lack of it – can also hold you back. You feel overwhelmed conducting a job search on top of doing your existing day job. And let’s face it; searching for a new job is a drag. Searching numerous job boards, completing applications, uncovering networking connections and tracking your processes is not fun. Doing it day in and day out can be exhausting, making you want to throw in the towel and stick with the path of least resistance: your soul-sucking job that you know deep down is not what you want.

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Fight the urge to give up. There are ways to relieve the stress and time-consuming job search activities. Setting up job board alerts may help some to get results delivered to your inbox. You can set aside early morning or after-hours time to complete applications, but that will rob you of time better spent on other activities, such as networking, career development or balancing your life with more enriching, personal pursuits.

Another outside-of-the box option is to “outsource” your job search. You can offload job search and application processes to emerging companies that are attacking the job search conundrum with new technologies and virtual assistant offerings to do the work for you. This can make it far easier to fire up your career and move it to the next level.

One company, Fridayd, searches for jobs, completes applications, discovers networking connections, provides job search support and gives the job seeker an at-a-glance dashboard to track results. Fridayd claims that they are saving job seekers on average 40 hours month in job search and application time. The company serves both passive and active job seekers and gives customers a subscription-based option for as long as they need it.

This new approach to job search is making it easier for the job seeker to break free from job search tedium and time-draining processes so they can explore and secure better employment with less stress and work.

Time or lack of it should not be a reason to trade off happiness or peace of mind.


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