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Should You Use An SEO Agency? Or, Attempt To Do Your Own Website Optimization?

Updated on December 20, 2013

In the online world there is much debate about SEO agencies and whether or not they deliver value for money. With an increasing number of internet users becoming versed in search engine optimization, it is no surprise SMEs are attempting to optimize their websites themselves and save money on hiring an agency. What many firms do not realize is that there is much more to optimization than dropping in a few key words and posting dozens of links to their site across the web. Here we take a look at five reasons companies of any size should not go it alone.

1. Experience

The first and most obvious reason is that an SEO agency will have years of experience in optimizing websites and ensuring companies can be found on the net. They have access to the latest trends in website optimization and are quite possibly pioneering new methods on top of that. The staff at an agency will have an understanding of the entire spectrum of search marketing between them, something one or two members of internal staff cannot provide.

The experience an agency can offer your company will dwarf that of an internal employee or new member of staff brought in for the purpose of undertaking this task.

2. Resources

Links form a lot of search engine marketing and online marketing companies have the resources to build up vast networks of links across blogs and industry relevant websites across the net. Moreover, agencies have access to the very latest analytical and statistical packages that enable companies to monitor exactly how effective their work has been.

Content marketing is a huge part of internet marketing and is something that takes time and resources. An agency has access to an entire team of educated writers, able to produce quality content that your business will simply not have the time to produce otherwise.

3. Head Count

On a similar note, the head count will far outweigh that of a business. Moreover, staff at the agency will be dedicated to the online improvement of websites whereas internal employees will likely be juggling other responsibilities. So using an outside resource gets everything done faster and more effectively.

4. Contacts

The contacts an agency builds up over its time in operation can and will be called upon in the work they undertake on your website. Contacts in media, content generation and professional bodies will be called upon to bolster your company website’s performance. Most businesses simply do not have access to such contacts making an agency an extremely attractive choice.

5. Cost

Finally, the cost of hiring a ‘director of SEO’ or an employee to that effect is likely to cost your company far more than actually employing the services of a dedicated agency. Whilst a contract can be negotiated with an agency and stopped after a certain period of time if necessary, an employee must be taken on full time to deliver the same results.

In the long run it is simply cheaper and far more effective not to go it alone plus you can set the targets, the budgets and the type of contract linked to results you want.

Developing An Online Marketing Profile

How To Structure Your Online Marketing Profile

As any expert or marketing company will tell you, there are a whole host of frameworks and processes developed by industry experts and academics over the past century with a view to developing a successful marketing campaign. What constitutes a success is largely a case by case, company by company debate although there are certainly a number of themes that run through every successful campaign.

1. The Marketing Mix

Whether or not the campaign includes the additional 3Ps of the extended marketing mix, almost every successful marketing campaign will have considered product, price, promotion and place.

With competition online so fierce, companies must carefully consider their product’s USP, how they price their product and the tools they plan to use to market it in the digital world. Search engine optimization, social media marketing and online advertisings are just a few examples of such promotional online tools. Finally, companies must consider their distribution channels and how exactly they plan to deliver to what may well be a global target audience.

2. The External Environment

As so much of the world is now connected by fast speed broadband, markets can change in a matter of seconds. Moreover, as the internet allows companies to operate in overseas territories with ease, what is happening around the other side of the world now really does matter.

Customer requirements are, of course, influenced by the environment which in turn dictates the market. Any successful marketing campaign, online or not, must be adaptable and able to respond to changes in the market and the environment around it.

3. Performance

Exactly how a product, service or marketing campaign is performing is now fairly straight forward to monitor. With web analytics tools, companies can measure the traffic to its websites and determine exactly how many visitors are converted into sales.

Again, a successful marketing campaign must be able to adapt and respond to changes in trends and performances in the marketplace.

4. Customers

The lifeblood of any company is its customers. With the web putting even the smallest companies in touch with millions of potential customers it has never been more important to understand exactly who your customers are and what it is they require and desire. A marketing company can optimize your websites and run an incredible marketing campaign in vain if you do not understand your customers.

5. Selling

Finally, what is a marketing strategy if it does not include a comprehensive and effective sales strategy?

Online, your competitors are only a click away, meaning you can conduct extensive market research in order to get your pricing and sales strategies just right. Once you have begun selling, use the aforementioned web analytical tools to monitor exactly how effective your sales strategy is and how you can improve it month upon month.

For the small business owner cash flow is the life blood of a business and sales is the generator of cash - marketing is attractor for customers and these days the internet and marketing online must be an effective part of the marketing arsenal a company utilizes.


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    • jabelufiroz profile image


      5 years ago from India

      Impressive hub on Website Optimization. Voted up.


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