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Should You Use Decorative Trim Plates for Your Products?

Updated on September 6, 2014
Decorative Trim Plate
Decorative Trim Plate

If you do not know what decorative trim plates are, you might just be missing out on a good thing. In a nutshell, these metal nameplates are used for a number of things, with it being decorative being one of the reasons why people use them. You will find companies using these plates to not only create metal brand tags that are, well, decorative, but also when they want to add a decorative metallic element to a product that they are selling.

For instance, if you have a store that sells wooden items, and you want to add something different to your products, why not have metal plates etched with scrollwork and attach these to some of your products for additional decorative flair? How about when you sell home-made jams and jellies, and you want your bottles to stand out from the rest? You can have decorative trim plates created for these and you can have these plates curved in such a way that these can go around these bottles of your products?

Decorative Trim Plate for Branding
Decorative Trim Plate for Branding

For Branding and Labeling Purposes

Aside from decorative uses, these trim plates can also be made to carry your brand and your company’s name on them for branding and labeling purposes. Forget those paper labels that people can easily peel off your bottles and throw away. Why not use metal plates with your brand stamped on them for labels instead? Use these the same way we mentioned above, with the decorative elements being your company’s brand name embossed or stamped into the metal and wrapped around the bottle.

For those who use drinking bottles for their products (appel cider, natural juices, home-made sauces), you can also have these metal plates customized and you can either wrap these around these bottles too, or hang these from the necks of such containers with the use of ribbons or twine (for rusticity). These are bound to make people do a double-take when they see such products. These tagging ideas are also great when you are selling organic products and home-made foodstuff.

Aside from being eye-catching and decorative, these tags can also be repurposed after whatever is in the bottle is consumed. The flat tags can be used as bookmarks, and the rounded ones can be used as napkin holders. Since these are usually made out of aluminum or stainless steel, these can also be sent for recycling, or used for other things, with your imaginations being your guide.

Decorative Trim Plate Badge
Decorative Trim Plate Badge

For Marketing and Promotional Needs

Aside from branding and labeling, these tags can also be made into items that are used for marketing and advertising purposes. You can have plates made for your company, with your company name or logo on it, and then have magnets attached to the back for promotional refrigerator magnets. You can also have these tags made in such a way that they can be attached to a chain to make these into key holders. Another use for these metal tags that can make them useful for marketing and advertising is when you create badges out of these. Simply have these made the usual way, then have pins attached to these for an instant badge that can be pinned anywhere.

For your promotional needs, you can have these made ahead of time with a heavy duty adhesive at the back of it, and you can attach these to any item you feel would make a great promotional giveaway for your company. For instance, if you want to give out leather binders to some of your loyal customers, you can buy unbranded ones and then stick these self-adhesive metal tags onto these binders. Voila! You now have custom giveaways to hand out to your customers.

This same technique can also be used for creating branded products that you wish to sell to customers. You can order specially made items for your company, like pen and pencil holders, bags, tumblers, and mugs, and then attach these self-adhesive metal nameplates onto these items to give you “branded” merchandise. These not only help promote your company’s name, but will also help you sell items that you don’t really manufacture but can brand as your own. You can also use these “branded” items as giveaways for special events and promotional packages that you may sell.


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