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Should Sexy-Images-of-Women used in Advertisements?

Updated on February 20, 2014

What is an advertisement?

Basically, advertisement is the foundation of mass media and its main purpose is to promote and sell goods/services. Besides, it also sells values, concept, images and many more.

Advertisements nowadays

Advertisements of goods and services are increasing day by day. Since many years ago, advertisements love to emphasize and exaggerate on the appearance of women. It is very misleading as it gives the wrong idea that women have to be unnaturally and painfully thin in order to look great. To attract the attention of the public, advertisers love using the body parts of woman to advertise.

Is it suitable to use sexy images in advertisements?

Some people say that all of us need to change our attitudes towards the image of sexy women in advertising that run deeply in our culture.

Some say that it is not a big deal since the women in the advertisements are not forced to do so and everyone is happy about it.

Personal opinion

In my humble opinion, I agree that it is okay to use sexy images in advertising.

Calvin Klein company loves to use hot models to advertise its products.
Calvin Klein company loves to use hot models to advertise its products. | Source


It is inevitable to have sexy images of women in advertisements since it is a really efficient strategy to attract attention. Actually, it is all depends on how the public think about it.

For instance, the Calvin Klein loves to use sexy male and female models to advertise the products. Some of the people think it is inappropriate because the models are normally dress up very revealing. In my opinion, people should change their way of thinking towards the advertisements instead of blaming the advertisers. The advertisements actually deliver messages and values other than just the bodies of the models. It shows the elegance of their products and also the beauty of modeling. Audiences should have right attitudes towards advertisements. Therefore, it is really important for the public to identify the messages advertisers try to deliver. The public should not lay all the blame on the advertisers or the company.

‘Do not judge a book by its cover.’ For me, inner beauty is what matters. Everyone should try to understand this concept; it does not matter if the advertisers use sexy images of the models to get attention. Everyone should understand it is just part of our life; we should not force ourselves to be like the models in the advertisements as it is impossible. Outward appearance is not everything.

We have to accept the fact that we cannot change the ways of advertising. However, we can change the attitudes of ourselves.

Do you think that it is suitable to use sexy images of women to advertise?

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On the contrary, advertisers can use any sexy images they want as long as they are suitable. However, they should not be acting too bias towards certain body types like overly skinny as it will give the wrong idea to the people that skinny is equivalent to beauty.

Some advertisers are trying to normalize unrealistically skinny body figures to create unattainable desires of the customers for the products they are trying to promote. According to Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the majority of female teenagers faced the problems of stress, dissatisfaction and even depression due to the so called skinny beauties shown in advertisements. It may lead to some bad eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

There are always limitations for everything. Advertisers have the rights to advertise in their own ways but they should not overdo it as it affects many people lives indirectly.


The advertisers have their right of using images of sexy women in advertisements as long as it is related and the models are not too revealing. Everything has its own limit. As for the public, men or women should not be too obsessed with the appearance of the models in the advertisements. In fact, all of us should try to accept the right messages and values the advertisers trying to deliver to the audiences.

Feel free to give your opinion at the comment box below.


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      4 years ago

      i accept tha it ok


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