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Reasons why women should not join the military

Updated on October 25, 2013

Military is supposed to be the men's world. It was so for thousands of years. But these days this state is starting to change. More and more women, applaused by the media, join all branches of the military. One would say it's natural evolution and that the world is changing. I can't disagree with this claim. But are those changes going in the right direction?

There are quite a few reasons why military should remain a "male business". Some are more important, other are less, but all taken together create a full spectrum of issues on all possible fields of military service. It has a significant impact on morale and safety of all soldiers nearby. With all those negatives it isn't easy to find a single argument to counter them. This subject is hard to write about without being accused of sexual discrimination, but I believe that credible criticism has nothing to do with it.

Physical fitness

In the uniform we should be soldiers, right? Our rank and position should be the only things diversifying us, right? Well, it should be like that but the reality shows something different: the army and all other branches of the military are the place of two standards: one for men and other for women. What should bother you is that in most armies and most military branches women have lower PE standards than men. Why woman-soldier can be weaker than man-soldier? Rationality tells us there should be only one standard - the soldier's one. The enemy won't ask if you are a man or a woman. The hill won't be lower, the mud less wet nor backpacks lighter if you're a female. The idea behind PE is to make sure that one soldier will be able to save life of another soldier, no matter how heavy he is. In the military everything has its purpose. It's not hard to imagine a situation where a woman have to help a wounded male soldier, especially if keeping in mind what's going on in Afghanistan. What if in such a situation she don't have enough strength to carry him to a safe place?

If women want to serve in the military, let them serve under the same conditions as males do. One should remember - the chain is as strong as its weakest part. Women are often bullied in the military, but it's not only about them being females, but about them being physically weaker. What would you do as a commander, if you had to choose between talented woman and equally talented, but physically more fit, man? The male soldier is understandable choice. Not because of the gender, but because he simply has more values.


Health is a very important factor when talking about women. One can't disagree - women's physiology is different than men's and it has a serious impact on their performance as soldiers. First thing is the period, which requires more hygienic conditions than usual. While in the field they not always can be met. Sometimes periods are painful and limit woman's mobility, sometimes hormones can also have influence on woman's ability to make credible decisions. It doesn't have to happen but it might and stress can only make things worse.

Another thing is pregnancy. One can imagine, that pregnant woman isn't able to conduct a regular military service. That can't have no influence on morale in the unit. Things go worse if the given woman is a commander. Going on maternity leave would leave the unit without commander for a longer period of time. It can't be good for commander - subordinate relations.

Sex and sexual harassment

This subject is a taboo in the military. Everyone knows it happens but no one wants to talk about it. But silence won't make the problem case to exist. What's worse - there is probably no way to solve this problem because it lays in human nature. If you put males and females together in the closed area, far from home, for a longer period of time one can't expect them not having sex. It happened very often in Iraq, it happens in Afghanistan. This is a big problem because sexual relations have a serious impact on morale and relations between soldiers. Sex with co-workers always generate problems, now imagine what problems it generates if those co-workers have firearms and are in the war-zone. They want it or not, it breaks the soldier - soldier relation and replaces it with male - female one. It's nothing desired.

Another side of sex problem is sexual harassment. It happens quite often. As much as it is condemnable it's not something that can be entirely eliminated. Females will always be seen by males as sexual objects, regardless of them wearing uniform or not. If you place them in an isolated environment of military bases, there will always be some twisted mind that will try to take advantage of the situation. He can be sued and sentenced, but sooner or later another one will come. The only way to prevent it from happening is not to give soldiers any occasion for sexual harassment by not putting women among them. It's similar situation to dark corners in cities - one can't make all of them safe, so possible victims should avoid them.


This article addresses only the most important reasons why women shouldn't join the military. I'm sure, some more can be found. For sure none of those reasons are intended to offend women, especially those who proudly serve their countries. Simply, just like not all are designed for men, not all jobs are designed for women. There always are some exceptions but they only confirm the rule. Wrongly understood equality of sex shouldn't be a reason for ignoring facts. For the greater good some things just should not change.


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    • profile image

      Spert 2 years ago

      Great article my thoughts exactly. I am currently enlisted and a female. Knowing what i know now i do not think women should be in the military.

    • profile image

      Raven Bishop 2 years ago

      Hey, so what do you have to say for the women that just passed army ranger school? Oh and theres things called tampons and birth control that stops periods entirely so your point is?

    • profile image

      Guest 3 years ago

      Since 6th grade I've wanted to be a marine and I'm currently in highschool...I'm a female and I admit that I am not as strong as the men. Yes I can build up my strength and yes I have motivation to do what needs to be done however that doesn't make me equal. Women are different than men we can't do all the same things and we never will be able to... It is time we realize this, grow up ,and move on! I disagree with the article that women shouldn't be in the military at all because when the men go off to war someone needs to be able to do the other necessary roles (ex: aircraft mechanic, administrative, intelligence, the list goes on...). With this being said women shouldn't be allowed in combat roles because we cannot reach the same standards. YES I UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE SOME WOMEN WHO CAN MEET THE REQUIREMENTS BUT... The majority of women cannot! If the majority of women in the military can't even do two pull-ups then they have no place in combat! For anyone who believes that we should be allowed in combat I ask you why? What reason do you have that shows women perform satisfactory in combat? Show me the proof! I come from a military family and value my country and its freedom highly with this said I would go into combat if necessary. If it meant America would be better protected with women in combat I would be all for it but as I see it it is risking more lives that way. I understand where the people on both sides of this argument are coming from and I respect your opinions all I ask is that you are open to mine.

    • profile image

      farmboy94 3 years ago

      Im not going to be quiet as gental as everyone else ive seen on here because one i dont care what anyone thinks of me and two because this is a serious subject but everyone just wants to take offense instead of looking at the big picture.

      So here is a hypothetical situation, were under attack 5 soldiers 4 male 1 female. Were looking for a place to take cover but we have to be quick and were weighed down with all our equipment. We all take off for this certain spot in line with the order of male male female male male. The first two make it to cover unfortunatly the other three did not make on the acount that the female did not meet the physical requirements to carry all the weigh up hill over rough terrain so the other two stayed with her to assist but that slowed them down and made them vulnerable. So now we have lost 3 soldiers on the account of one. Doesn't make a lot of sense if she wasn't equally qualified why did we send her in?!?

      Now to the whole men are pigs yatta yatta. Sorry to inform you ladies but your just as much of horn dogs as men you may not display it in the same way but you are no better.

      And here's another thought for you back in WWII how did the women help with the war? O ya they replace a lot of men in the steal factories on account of a draft. But you know what if y'all weren't there to take that role we would have been f#-%&+ because we wouldn't have had supplies. And i would say that is one of the most important aspect of a war.

      If women were so essential to the military with there ability to multi task, etc. Then why dont they have to sign up for the draft when they hit the age 18. Meaning that if war had broke out to the extense of a draft i would have to go to combat against my will wheather i was more qualified or not. Doesn't seem too fair coming from women wanting equality.

      Being a male i could literaly go a month or more without bathing if i had to and you know wat would happen...i would smell awful and probably have swamp ass. If a woman were to try going this long without showering wat do you think would happen because first thing i would think is UTI and maybe im wrong but being an infection i believe it could be lethal, there could be more or less to this but im not sure.

      Ive been raise on a farm all my life and one special rule ive learned is that female animals are the most prized possession, if you lose a male ya it sucks but hell theirs always another breeder but wat goods a breeder without something/someone to breed.

      Wish women would realize that MEN have sacrificed themselves for centuries for the greater good of repopulation. Men have lost their lives for you so you could live yours the best thing you could do to show men respect for their sacrifice is to stay out of harms way and live your life and do as god made you to pass down a line of genetics not dying in combat on the account that the world is beyond fucked up and we cant get along

    • profile image

      Hannahkay 3 years ago

      when I first stumbled across this article, I expected to amuse myself with some chauvinistic He Man crap, but I was pleasantly surprised. You made some really great points. I agree that all soldiers should be held to the same PE standards to be able to protect themselves and other members of their unit in the case of conflict. I woman like myself (5'9" and 160 lbs.) would never be able to drag, much less carry a full grown man to safety under fire.

      And do not even get me started on the stress of the health issues you listed. I can barely function while on my period, much less handle a firearm, carry gear, and give or receive orders. As far as sexual harassment goes, I have heard stories from friends that would blow your mind.

      You have made your case using facts and respect for all, and as a woman, I see nothing offensive in this article. I did notice some comments attacking your grammar, but I do not feel that it took away from the points you were making, and I feel that the commentators were simply grasping at straws for a reason to be upset about a controversial post. Kudos to you!

    • profile image

      Bob 4 years ago

      I'm sorry to let you down girls, but physical tests have shown that women are incapable of doing certain jobs. And first off women should defiantly not be allowed in Special Forces, their nickname is long beards for crying out loud.

    • profile image

      pawan 4 years ago

      I congratulate author for having courage to speak the a world where confirming to an idea is seen more imp than originality and courage to differ....good article...

    • profile image

      Keepcalmeveryone 4 years ago

      I just got out of the army 5 months ago. Everytime we did our morning pt and everytime we did a ruck march we automatically put the female soldiers in the front because we new that they would be the first to fall out and slow down. If you go to any army base in the Great USA at 0730 you will see the same thing. Every platoon puts the females up front. I have met a few female soldiers that where badass. I mean class A soldiers. But they are extremely rare to see. And they mostly existed in the officer side of the military. I don't remember meeting a female Class A soldier in the enlisted portion. I've met thousands of soldiers. I think we need to listen to the soldiers that have come before us and see what they think about the effect of introducing females into the army. But so many have been removed from voicing there opinions that many are afraid to saying negative towards the effect of females, fearing that they will lose there position. Most of them will say it's been a huge downward spiral. Now units are soo focused on equal opportunity that they don't even train as much as they used to because of all the sexual assault classes they drag everyone through. Everyone should have to pass the same standards. If the females could keep up and do everything males could do then males wouldn't have a problem with them joining. Simple as that. I think it's unfair because it seems that the few awesome female soldiers are being dragged down by the reputation of all the rest of the females. I think females should be able to join the airforce and navy under the current standards in place. The army needs to make female standards exactly the same as male soldiers. And that does not mean for them to lower the standards in place. Personally I things all male standards need to be harder. I saw to many sloppy Jo's out there as we'll. If anyone male or female doesn't pass the test don't let them in, or kick them out!!

    • profile image

      Blablabla 4 years ago

      Women way be physically weaker but if u piss us off then you will defiantly regret it. And a woman's period does not always effect us I am perfectly capable of anything while I am on mine. The fact that u think it effects us is stupid. I know many women that are in the military and nobody has the right to judge them. We are not stupid and sleep around while we are over seas. So there for please don't judge women by our physical, mental, or emotional capabilities.

    • profile image

      james 4 years ago

      Truth be told; women in the U.S Arsenal have a wide rage of skills. They also have an independent demeanor. This poses a problem among the relationship status between female and female enlisted. The Truth is males have different relationship encounters with women among the different branches of military personnel.

      When deployment comes down that relationship changes, and so do the men. Combat stress, home sickness, battle fatigue Ect. will trigger aggression in their male counter parts, along with sexual frustration.

      I rolled over one night in my sleep, asked my Wife "where the rest of the fuckin Ammo was" had the muzzle in her mouth; she pissed herself and she was military.

      I understand ladies you wanna be treated fairly, we get it!

      To piggy back on the whole period topic. The operational tempo of an Infantry man. is something's serious. Above that of an infantryman we wont even touch, because that wont happen. But when on your period in the field or deployment, animals may pick up that sent and can track it diverting to your position. In that time you put your whole squad in jeopardy. Dogs may be able to track you in which patrols and centuries equipped with k-9s, well seasoned k-9 handlers will tare your whole squad apart.

      The Very presence of females on the battlefield makes males mentally unstable. That's proven fact it lowers the rate of combat effective engagements. It weakens a mans resolve and mental capacity to process mission details.

      In addition a woman's brain works completely different then a mans. I'm sorry ladies but we are two totally different animals that's a biological, and neurological fact. Going to a MOUT site does not prepare a woman for the psychological obstacles of Close Quarters real world Combat. If you want it ladies Go get it. We will see how you feel when a 200 lbs monster is on your ass during real world hand to hand combat.

      My point here is we get it ok, but If you want to be men, Blame God Do not blame us. We are doing his will by protecting you. How dare you get Angry at us for being made men and following Gods Orders. Very fuckin selfish, and ungrateful of you.

      Pt n everything else doesn't matter, Iq doesn't matter... Aggression, brutality and strength; that what it comes down to pups.

      Why are you ladies so hyped on killing a man. That should tell you something about what your fighting for ladies. your whole motive is to murder, Why would a mass load of women beg to be able to kill. I am truly seeing how fucked up yall feminist really are.

    • profile image

      Ali 4 years ago

      I agree that the physical fitness tests shouldn't be lowered. But if a woman CAN pass these tests, she should obviously be allowed to join, right? Why not let women strive to achieve these standards?

    • profile image

      Chris 4 years ago

      rory is right....women should not be allowed in the military, combat or support roles. All the women i know in the army are a distraction in the combat zone. Most females only join either to meet another girl or meet a guy to marry them. I haven't met a female soldier yet to marry a guy outside of the military. They can't physically keep up with men, maybe in situps but nothing else. Just because they can do desk work as good as a male does not mean they should be able to join, when we go to combat, big distraction in the office also.

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      You’re giving a very, very basic idea of how the military functions, and your points don’t hold up to scrutiny once you delve father into the issue. Here’s why.

      First, you seem to be making the assumption that the PRT is the highest level of physical testing in the military. It’s not. In fact, it’s the lowest. The regular PRT only determines whether or not you will be granted entry to service, or continued service thereafter. It is the most basic requirement for military service, aside from being able to produce a clean cup of urine.

      After you’re done with boot camp you go to your school. Each school determines your ability to do a job. There’s a mechanic school, a secretary school, a doctor school, and there’s an infantryman school, among others. There are even specialized classes for all kinds of jobs within each of those jobs. A corpsman (doctor, basically) might go to one school to be qualified to be a pharmacist… or he might go to another school to be qualified to run around Afghanistan plugging up bullet holes like a badass. Clearly, each of those people has different requirements for their job.

      If you pass your school, or schools, you have been certified as able to do the job. Let me stress that point. If you chose a physically demanding job, you’re about to go to a physically demanding school. They set these schools up specifically to push you to the limits of what your job entails. They have seen whether or not you can carry around a heavy rifle all day. They have judged your ability to carry a comrade out of harm’s way. They have studied your reactions under pressure. They have determined you are fit and able to perform your duties.

      What does that mean? That means if a male is not capable of doing the job, he does not get that job. Likewise, if a female is capable of doing that job, she gets to have that job. I am a female in a very male dominated job rating in the Navy. The ratio is about 1 female for every 10 males. That means that many, many females were filtered out of my job field. I am capable of doing my job, and I perform it well. Should I still be disqualified because I am a female? The answer of hormones and periods doesn’t cut it.

      Periods are not some crazy disease that causes a woman’s world to shut down every 28 days. Most women don’t bat an eye or change their behavior when on their period. They grab a pad or a tampon and get on with their lives. Estrogen does not inherently make you a bad decision maker. Testosterone does not inherently make you a good decision maker. You are either a good decision maker, or a bad decision maker. Hormone fluctuations are natural for both sexes, are should not be difficult to control once you’re out of puberty. If a female can’t control herself when she’s are on her period, it speaks more to her maturity levels than anything else. After all, men throw temper tantrums too. Maybe they shouldn’t be doctors because their testosterone could compromise the level head they need in the operating room?

      What hygienic conditions are you talking about? The fact that a pad might need changed? In the same way that, say, someone might need to take time to wipe their ass after they shit? Enough pads for weeks only takes up as much room as a rolled up pair of socks. There’s not a whole lot to a period, believe it or not. It doesn’t take some complex set of tools to cleanse the area or else some kind of weird period rot is going to set in. It’s just… a period.

      Your third point is sex and sexual harassment. First, you’re wrong that no one wants to talk about it. We talk about it all the time! It’s mandatory training, so no one gets to skip out no matter how uncomfortable it gets. It’s a moot point to say that females need to leave because sex and sexual harassment exists, because without females around men would just be the ones getting sexually assaulted. It’s an absolutely uncomfortable topic, but it’s the truth. Males have sexual relationships with other males all the time. Males get raped by males all the time too.

      In the end, you’re literally saying that females should not be allowed in military service because some males can’t control their hormones. Being unable to control your hormones was the argument you used for females last paragraph! I think you just lost your own argument.

    • profile image

      Sudha 4 years ago

      I want to become an Army officer because i love my country very much.I want to say this to every girls of my country India that we must have to spend our whole life for our country.we should do something for our mother India. '' I LOVE MY INDIA''

    • profile image

      californiagurl117 4 years ago

      I also just wanted to point out that for army BCT the PT is co-ed so the guys and girls all have to do their push-ups and running together. And the author of this obviously isn't the most educated fellow in many areas as far as grammar mistakes and his views. Girls want to proudly serve because they love their country just as much so why should that stop them from serving, that's exactly the type of soldier our country needs. Also, having to do with the physical strength portion and combat roles, those jobs that are too physically demanding or front line are closed to women anyways so it's not like the guys on the front line are that distracted by women.

    • profile image

      Kat 4 years ago

      Man or woman, a gun is the ultimate equalizer.

    • profile image

      Annette 4 years ago

      First off, the PRT/PFA is not an objective measure of fitness to begin with, so let's not start making assumptions that it can actually judge whether any male or any female is strong or fast enough to serve in the military. Think about it this way. You have all types of males: short, tall, muscular, wiry. Let's say that they all run the PRT together and the short guys fall behind because they are not as fast. Would you say that these men should not be able to join the military because they are not as fast? Who determines these standards? Who is to say that a man who runs a mile and a half in 13:30 is fit enough to be in the military, but the man who runs it in 13:31 minutes is not? It's only a second difference. And yet, in the passing times, which are 13:30 and up, you have a wide variety of ranges. If you have a group of guys running together obviously the guys who run 6 minute miles will leave the 10 minuter's in the dust. You see how this does not make sense? So how idiotic to suggest that women should be excluded just because they generally can't run as fast (which is untrue, btw). If we changed the standards to squats and lunges I'm pretty sure the men would be the ones who would not make the cut. It's simply narrow minded to think that these randomly selected physical tests are good overall determiners of someone's ability to perform in a stressful situation.

      Secondly, I would like to say that the very fact that some women go through hell on a monthly basis inside their own bodies makes for a stronger, more determined, more weathered person. A military women handles her monthly cycle in the same manner as all challenges: with unrelenting strength of character. It is naieve to think that a period causes hygienic problems. As some have mentioned, it is possible to control bleeding to the point where you don't even have it with certain birth controls. Secondly, there are Diva Cups, which do not create any waste at all, but I won't entertain you with the details on how those work, because you will probably be too grossed out. Case in point.

      Also, I could point out that men need to ejaculate for biological reasons and women do not. This is definitely a downer if you want to be a peak performer in a long and stressful deployment without your wife. The irrational frustrations, demeanors, and downright lazy decision making of men who have not ejaculated since who knows when is just not something fun to be around.

      Thirdly, it's demeaning to say that women cannot handle their hormones. True, men are mostly dominated by the fluctuations in testosterone, and fluctuations you do have, believe it or not. Men's testosterone is highest in the morning and lowest at night, which is probably why my senior chief always wants to PT at the ass crack of dawn. I go could on about how men fighting at night could be detrimental to the success of the mission, but that would be just stupid. Also I could go on about how rashly and immaturely men act sometimes because of testosterone, but that would also be pointless. All of these hormones can be overcome and managed if one puts one's mind to it.

    • profile image

      rory 4 years ago

      you're a fucking idiot if you think women should be allowed to fight. ive been deployed as an airborne infantryman and spent more than two years fighting it out in Baghdad. There isn't a woman alive who could keep up with the op tempo we had. sorry, they are weaker and a liability. society is so fucked up they would rather be politically correct than effective. id shut my mouth if just one of you stupid women could make me. but sadly you cant. you cant run as fast as me, carry as much, or fight as hard as I can after a 20 mile ruck march. you cant sleep as little or eat as meager of a meal as you regularly get in the shooter community. if they were going to keep the standards the same for both genders ( which they wont) you'd see how silly and dangerous your making it for real warriors. id doubt any woman would pass ranger school with the same standards as a man, let alone survive a whole combat deployment with a real combat unit. sorry ladies but taking mortar fire, or getting ambushed in a convoy doesn't count as real combat unless you hunted down the assholes who started it and killed them in close combat. which you never do. you get to wear a cab, and get to tell everyone at home how badass you are. but that doesn't make you a warrior or a shooter. think about it, who do you want going in a room full of bad guys, some woman or a 185 lbs killer with a machine gun and anger issues? exactly... war isn't fought and won with political correctness, its fought by violent men willing to do brutal things so stupid liberal feminist assholes can be who they want and burn American flags without being dragged away by secret police. wars are fought and won by men. we come home to our women. not the other way around. alas, America is fucked, the women are going to eventually be allowed to serve in actual combat units, thereby destroying the last actual institution in America that's kept the wolves at bay for so long. the American warrior is no more. fucking idiot liberal feminist brainwashed college graduates think they know about the world. you'll all see. im glad im not a commando anymore. it would be too embarrassing to be a part of that community now that the brotherhood is no more.

    • profile image

      rick 4 years ago

      I have no problem with women serving in the military in any capacity, but the author of this article is correct, there should be one standard and one standard alone for EVERYONE.A group of friends and I( both genders) were discussing this topic and she brought up a famous, important and relevant quotation/saying and I'm glad she did. She asked everyone (directed more towards the males) if any one had heard the quote, women should be treated as equals, in the boardroom ,courtroom and classroom ? I spoke up saying not only that I had heard it but that I completely agree with it, but I then told her that the military esp. combat is not is not the boardroom, courtroom or classroom, it's the WAR ROOM. Affirmative action, double standards, gender norming, quotas have absolutely NO place where lives are at stake. It's bad enough that law enforcement and fire fighting have this nonsense, it should not exist in the military.

      Oh f.y.i Jen, and I'm sure she'll probably never read this ,after all her comments posted 2 years ago, women have proven better in some areas in the military and marksmanship is NOT one of them. Women in general continuously have very poor scores on the range and have to repeat that phase multiple times just to get a qualifying (barely) score.

    • profile image

      Courtney 4 years ago

      I have a lot of friends in the military, some male some female. My female friends in the military push themselves daily to prove they can handle more than their share of the work. They actively make sure that they wont be a drag on the unit, they keep themselves in their top physical condition. Also, just because women *can* have children, doesn't mean that they want to, or will while serving. Every women in the military that I know personally claims that they will never have children. Physically women are weaker, but the gap has been closing over the years as more and more women are participating in more active roles, and you under estimate the personalities of women who join the military. Furthermore, if you've never had a period you can't really say how it will affect a woman's mind. I am more easily saddened while on the period, but I can still detach myself and make rational decisions when I need to without my emotions meddling. You talk as though periods are a phenomenon that turn women into inhuman creatures who succumb to mindlessness while on it.

    • profile image

      Jim 4 years ago

      The truth is that we no longer have a viable military force, god help us.

      Maybe the civilization after this will learn from our mistakes. Women are women and men are men are men and no stupid government official can change that.

    • profile image

      Guest 5 years ago

      For everyone here talking not from the experience but from the "heart", please read this advice for women that want to join the army.

      Written by an Army woman, and written from her experience and as it is.

      PS: note when she talks about different gender standards.

    • profile image

      Guest 5 years ago

      Every woman here is saying that she thinks there should be same standard for physical fitness and abilities but forgetting that standards were lowered because almost all women couldn't satisfy those standards. Come on women be rational and logical: "Standards were lowered because you can't meet them and not because someone is soft towards women."

      If you can meet those standards feel free to join, but don't tell me that every "delicate flower" that isn't a butch can do whatever she imagines. American princesses please get of your high pedestals.

    • profile image

      Steff 5 years ago

      This a disgustingly sexist article. Basically what you saying is because there are sexist men in the world that don't believe women should be in the army... women shouldn't be in the army. What a lot of bull shit. And to elzhi1... what the fuck? so women are supposed to be protected are they? Then why are there some extremely weedy guys in the world and why are some women just naturally athletic? People are built differently, it's not... women are made to have babies and be protected by men. I can easily perform the men’s standard of push ups, however I suck at sit ups... just like a guy in this situation, I worked my ass off to try and get my physical weaknesses up to standard. Yes there are differences between males and females, but there are also differences between females and other females and males and other males... open your eyes and stop being such a sexist pig.

    • profile image

      Ashley 5 years ago

      You are a sexist pig. I thought this article might have some value. I am a woman and I understand that men and women are different. I am an Army brat so I know all the ins and outs. I do think men and women should be helo to the same physical standards but none of your other points are valid. Men have hormone changes monthly just as women do, look it up. Hormones do not effect all women's decision making skills. "Periods" are not that hard to manage. As for the sexual aspects, men need to grow up and have some self control. The problem is not always the women, sounds to me like these douche bag men need to be taken out of the equation, not the women minding their own business. You sir are a disgrace to the uniform you claim you wear.

    • profile image

      k. 5 years ago

      I do agree that women should not serve in military, and I strongly supports the part from the author when he/she talks about 'sex and sexual harrassment'. It's a human nature-to have an interest towards different gender. If one's interest is so strong, and then, there would be sex and those bullys. There's no way that army or commander can solve this problem-once, they would have experienced those interests. Especially, army is a place where you are away from home-sometimes(usually in Korea)quite far. There's almost no way to prevent this, except one. That each other should respect each other and remind themselves about this.

    • profile image

      Rachel 5 years ago

      You may not have intended to be sexist, but you were. It is the military's decision to set the PE standards the way that they are. Women are perfectly capable to become as physically fit as a man and some men in the military are not capable of on their own carrying a wounded comrade. As for the periods, if the women is not capable of dealing with that then they certainly should not be going out to battle. The good female soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines should be capable of dealing with the personal hygiene part of their periods. And the sex/pregnancy thing, she should have enough self control to keep her pants on if she wants to serve our country, so that shouldn't even be an issue. Finally, sexual harassment will occur with most any job a women performs and especially going into a career that is classified as a male one, the women should brace herself for the harassment that is sure to come.

    • profile image

      anon 5 years ago

      Seems like this is here simply to rally sexist notions. Please refer to thousands of years of history where women have been known to not only fight alongside their male counterparts but LEAD them into battle as well, and re-evaluate your take on women and warfare. The Amazons were superior archers who aided in the victory of the Trojan War. Thirteenth Century BC, Fu Hao of China served as a very capable military general during the Shang Dynasty; she served over thirteen thousand troops making her THE MOST powerful military commanders of her time. Saint Joan of Arc commanded a nations ENTIRE army at SEVENTEEN years of age and was later martyred for her cause. Amage was a Sarmatian queen who ruled as regent for her incapacitated husband in the 4th century BC. She was very warlike, and once sent a letter to a Scythian prince warning him to stop his incursions on her protectorates in the Crimea. When he ignored this warning, Amage rode with 120 men to Scythia and attacked him, killing his guards, killing his friends and family, and personally killing the prince herself "in a sword duel". She allowed his son to live and rule his people on the condition that he obey her edicts.

      Go do some research, you'll see that women have been fighting for ages and we aren't stopping any time soon. I'm sure there were numerous others over looked through history who had to disguise themselves as men to avoid prosecution. It's no secret that men are naturally more physically capable than women but to completely rule out women's ability at physical combat is not only absurd, it's insulting. There is nothing our hormones could do to interfer with proper military training and conditioning that a man's hormones couldn't do to him--if anything, I think if our military consisted of primary female soldiers we would see a MASSIVE decrease in unnecessary brutality over seas. The stories that escape the military's keen cover-up tactics of senseless killing of unarmed civilians for sport, sexual assault and physical assault upon unarmed civilians performed by AMERICAN MALE TROOPS isn't just disgusting, it's downright shameful.

      Not only is there a surplus of tasks women can perform in the military that do not require them to be involved in front line combat, not that I see a damn thing wrong with a woman bearing arms, but I believe we just like any man in our country have a god given RIGHT to defend out nation as we see fit. You need to realize that there was NEVER a barrier between what women could not do that men could, sexist bastards who think like this just like to pretend there was. God forbid the sexes ever become equal; men would become totally unmanageable.

      And hell yes to the Marine Corps becoming more readily available to integrate our competent women in fighting alongside their male counterparts.

    • profile image

      Tim 5 years ago

      elzhi1, you are blind. Homosexuality IS the natural sexual preference for some people. Also, I'd love to see you thoroughly explain the statement 'women are supposed to be feminine' - you'd have to define feminine as a concept that exists externally of and came prior to 'female', which it does not. In the contemporary world, 'feminine' simply means to have qualities of a female. Therefore, whatever a female is or chooses to be, be it a soldier or a baker, defines feminine. Maybe not in the dictionary definition, but through logic. Sally, I'm glad we were all able to help with your essay.

    • profile image

      elzhi1 5 years ago

      It's simple. Women are supposed to be feminine, when they start to take on male roles, it diminishes their proper role in society and ruins natural relational dynamics within society. Women are meant to be protected, not protecting. The only protecting women need to do is to protect their children. Nature has evolved roles for the male and female for a reason. Follow natural instinct and stop being brainwashed into the idea of male/female equality, because we are not equal. If we were meant to be equal, then we would all be the same. It's also sickening the way the media tries to make it seem normal and natural for females to take on male roles and to make it seem normal for us to abandon our natural sexual preferences and live lives of homosexuality. Women and men don't have the same natural abilities and talents, and it's not even about if you can perform the same task required of the opposite sex, it's about embracing nature. Don't go against the grain because you believe in the bullshit idea of equality of genders.

    • profile image

      Sally 5 years ago

      I must say, I'm researching for a school essay that debates whether or not women should serve in the military and this page alone has been my most helpful resource thus far.

    • profile image

      Abby 5 years ago

      Well as a female I do agree with you that females should meet the same physical requirements as males! If us females are looking for equality in the military branch, we better be able to do the same amount of work the males have to put into it. I am actually a naturally strong female and my brother and dad always ask me to help them physically lift stuff, and I am also good at shooting. So really it all depends on the person who wants to be a soldier, not the sex of the soldier. Because I have seen some pretty scrawny male soldiers, and I have a lot of skinny guy friends that I would never trust my life with because they are clumsy and weaker than my little sister. All in all I think feminist females and sexist males are the ones who need to meet in the middle. If us females want to be considered equal to our male counterparts we better be able to meet the same requirements, and the females that will meet those requirements deserve respect from the males that complained about the past incompetent females. Which yes, I as a female am embarrassed at the other inadequate females who would ever try to get a combat job. So males please stop stereotyping the few hardworking females into the group with the lazy ones. And feminist girls, please don't try to get into infantry if you are naturally weak and ditsy.

    • profile image

      kna 420 5 years ago

      Okay this entire page is just ridiculous this is basically just to attempt to drive females away from the military if u want to be sexist that's your problem but a female can be just as good of a soldier as a man. first off yes a female may not be as physically capable as a male however that does not mean there not capable to function as a soldier . on your statement about females not being able to save a male soldier do to there wait is not necessarily factual not only can they rescue the men from the situations but in most cases they wont even need to when you put into account that females are not allowed on the front lines. And periods and hormones are irrelevant there are plenty of simple solutions to that. A female dedicated to the military wouldn't even take the risk of pregnancy if they were truly dedicated to the army so thats a horrible excuse as well. Believe u should quit bitching about females in the military because they are perfectly suitable for it. Get over yourself

    • profile image

      GINA 5 years ago

      While I agree the Physical Fitness Standards should be the same as the men, I disagree that woman are no value to the military. Any woman or man that claims that they are the same as the opposite sex are disillusioned, we both have our strengths and weaknesses. I have never failed a PT test, yes my min. pushups are low, but I would be embarrassed to do the min. I have a pull up bar at home, I run and do pushups and situps. There are people in the military that can not pass their pt test but still are able to be in, now that's sad.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Why not have a branch just full of women?

      All the standards could be the same. It would all be fair then.


    • profile image

      Slyfox 5 years ago

      The is very one sided and opinion based..

    • profile image

      Tim 5 years ago

      I'm a male and whilst I acknowledge the facts of pre-disposition to more easily obtaining physical fitness is often skewed in the favour of males, I completely disagree with this article. I do agree that the targets for male and female soldiers should be the same,and women who meet the standards set by men should be permitted their position, but as for the idea of us men wanting to have sex with them or not being able to 'bond' with or around them - that is horseshit. Some men who have been raised in wrongfully tawdry, traditional environments may view women as somehow different to them and thus suffer from such desires, but if this is the case then THEY who need re-educating and it should be THEY who are removed from their position - in the same way, if a female soldier was distracted by her attraction to a male soldier and then demanded that men shouldn't be allowed, it would be absurd. There exist homosexual men in all positions in the army and yet they not excluded, nor should they be.

      You have no malicious intent, but you are suffering from the same blindness that once existed and are using the same arguments that long interfered with the integration of African Americans and gay people into the military.

      My opinion is that in a better world no army recruitment establishments would even exist, as ultimately they are institutions which prey on and take advantage of (typically) unwitting working class school drop-outs or the unemployed, take away their individuality, put them in positions that sometimes cost them their limbs or lives, all under the glossy, culturally-constructed manipulatory concept of 'pride'.

      Which is why, because the times exist as they do, and almost every country has an army; I fully commend and appreciate every person who acknowledges this and yet still feels the calling to risk their lives to protect the innocent (providing they don't consent to invade other countries for the gain of their own or start wars, of course. That's another issue.)

      That means I commend you - the person who wrote this article. You are the a product of a place with awful gender politics, but if your reasons are the right ones and you want to save people, not shoot them then you're a good person.

      It also means I commend anybody else who wishes to defend and save - of any gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation or age. Exclude nobody, except those who demand the exclusion of others.

    • profile image

      Jose 5 years ago

      I think the only jobs women should be doing in the military, are behind the scenes administrative work. Most women in an infantry unit would not be able to keep up with the men during very long ruck marches and other stuff.

    • profile image

      MookieBabe 5 years ago

      Let's see I'm offended. I'm from a military family and I want to join the army and of course I'm a female. The only thing I agree on is the Physical Standard requirements. But the periods that has nothing to do with how we can handle situations not all female are the same. For the pregnancy it happens to all female, and for the female and men soldiers who have intimacy with co-workers and cheat on their own wive's, husband's, girlfriend's, boyfriend's are simply because they don't trust their own mate's and can't handle the situation of being apart. If you are married in the military you must be able to be strong and willing to wait for each other, if not then why the hell did you get married!!!???Or get in a relationship!!!?? Marriage is all about being able to trust each other, respect each other, being able to wait for each other no matter what, support each other,and distance should not make you do stupid decisions such as having sex with co-worker's, and the same applies to when you are in a relationship!! So if you can't handle it don't get married or get in a relationship. And overall some woman and men act the same so I don't want to hear this B.S about woman should not join the military! You don't see us saying men should not join the military!!! We all have equal right's!! This is not a communist country!! I'm very educated and I despise people who try to judge other's because of their gender's.

    • profile image

      SGT W 6 years ago

      I myself being an active duty Army Infantry man having served 7 years believe Woman can contribute in the military but should NOT what so ever play a role in combat at all! I think it is b.s. that the p.t. requirements are different... They should be the same for male and female, just because you're a woman doesn't mean they should get it any easier... You have to earn your title!

    • profile image

      Guest 6 years ago

      There is so much I could comment on, but quite frankly you're credibility is shot. You said that sex and sexual harassment is taboo in the military. While I might add that this is not just a female issue, I'd like to point out that your information is simply wrong. I am in ROTC and lived in a military family all my life and the simple fact is we get a sexual awareness briefing every semester. If that's ignoring the problem and making it taboo than I am completely unaware of how the world functions, but I'm pretty sure it's not.

    • profile image

      Sirana 6 years ago

      I mostly disagree I understand the seals or if u r in a submarine but there lots of women in the navy, army, air force , and lots of times in the marines there hasn't really been a problem and what u said really offensive i can understand some of the points well no I can't I hate everything u said I completely disagree !!!!

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      Really ? What is your education level??? I agree with one thing thats about it in that blog ( women should be held to the same standards I would still make it in no problem !!!! As for the period thing you can get a shot if need be that takes it a way if its such an issue !!! As for PSM and being more senstive men get that more then women ever do !@!!!!

    • profile image

      fochriwbabe14 6 years ago

      have you ever severed in the navy? if not you haven't got a clue what your off about. so what if women can have babies and we bleed once a month. what does that change. it happens to ever women not just the women in the navy. if it was such a big issue the navy wouldn't of except us girls in the first place. i also think women can be just as strong as some men. what people should look at is all the women that do serve put there lives at risk every day. i don't see you doing that. there the people who fight our wars so don't slate them, you should praise them.

    • profile image

      ML 6 years ago

      I'm a woman and I fully support the article and the statistical data given. I'm against the low standards the military gives to women. One of the several fitness qualifications to serve in he military are push ups. Women are require to do 12, while males are twice as much. Isn't there a clear deviation? It would only be equal is the numbers would match, but they don't. As mentioned, women are highly skilled to other plenty of tasks, but maybe this is not the best one. I'm sorry but statistics are everything, and if you are a female that thinks you can do the men's work, then play it with the SAME standards, not the inferior ones. Females should be the ones to get offended to be considered weaker by the MILITARY, and they should be the ones demanding equality. Well, there are some good arguments that can explain it better than me... in short, is no the biggest or strongest, but the fittest who will survive.

    • profile image

      roadyjane 6 years ago

      As a woman, I think it's simply silly to suggest that our periods somehow hamper us from functioning. Few women, if any, experience that. Furthermore, when a life-or-death situation is present, people push through whatever they are going through. A woman isn't going to lie down in a battlefield and give up because of a menstrual cramp while a man who has been shot through the leg runs around like Rambo rescuing his fellow soldiers. For Pete's sake.

      As for the effects of hormones, this quote was interesting to me (from one of the comments):

      "Hormones make women less able to make rational decisions? Testosterone gets men into trouble and is the reason why more men are killed at a younger age."

      Very good point. I would dare say that a testosterone surge creates a much more volatile person than estrogen ever could. Men in a testosterone rage wouldn't make better decisions than women who are "hormonal" would.

      As for pregnancy, I think it's irresponsible to have relations of that sort with your fellow soldiers because it's unprofessional and distracts from the job. But it does take two to tango, so let's not just blame the women when someone winds up pregnant.

    • profile image

      yodawgdathsexualharathment 6 years ago

      mssmith: there may be plenty of ways women can contribute to the military, but the only way male soldiers can see that "contributing" happening is by the women being cum dumpsters. I can only imagine how many married soldiers cheat on their spouses from abroad. but it's all gravy right? shhh... don't ask don't tell :)

    • profile image

      Hellion2012 6 years ago

      I'm going to admit, i didn't read all the comments, honestly. The one thing I don't understand is, why it's assumed all women suffer monthly pain. we don't. I've only once in all my life and since then I've been on the pill which reduces the amount of days it lasts, and I feel no pain. And I don't get hormonal and spastic.

      Just thought I should point that out. Personally I believe any woman not planning on having kids anytime soon should go on it.

      And I'm sure some women can meet the male standard for the fitness. I can for the navy. I don't believe they shouldn't just that it should possibly be more difficult for especially the army, not so much the navy or airforce, but more difficult for women to join. I agree the physical requirments should be the same. If you really want to join the military anybody can reach those goals...well most,it just means hard work.

    • profile image

      macey 6 years ago

      I have been reading an article in school about gender roles in the army. A man said a very good quite out there "there is no gender the gender is solider." It is all about your own opinion and perspective. Some women may see that serving in the army is a males job and that you should stay away being a female but also another female may look at it and say i think i should be able to serve my country. Females can do stuff out there that males cant and also there are lots of female who are more physically fit then some of the men serving in combat now. There for there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument.

    • profile image

      Alex 47 6 years ago

      Enjoy that and don't be ignorant! :)

    • profile image

      CryMeaRiver 6 years ago

      Hormones make women less able to make rational decisions? Testosterone gets men into trouble and is the reason why more men are killed at a younger age.

      This is obviously written from a male only perspective, which is fine because it's all you have I'm sure.

      It seems that men desperately want/need to be super strong defenders, and love being able to protect less physically capable women at home. Newsflash; women don't need men to protect them, sorry guys. You cite history..well, there is a lot of evidence now that women actually ran prehistoric societies; they hunted, gathered, raised children, defended colonies. Men were used just for breeding. Unfortunate, but true.

      Now how does that make you feel? Pretty useless? Good, because that's how women who read this might feel.

      You have been fully indoctrinated into gender role perspectives. It's like saying everyone of a single race is dumber. Some individual women may be weaker, or irrational, but I bet a good percentage of them could out perform you any day of the week. And why wouldn't you want the best on your team, regardless of gender?

    • profile image

      Michele 6 years ago

      Personally, I think you need to worry more about your grammar and spelling before you make a statement such as this. If men are bothered by women in the military, it just shows how much more immature those men are. Women are able to be as equally qualified as any man in the military. While I was enlisted, I knew several women who were stronger and more capable than most of the men in our battalion. These women weren't "butch" either, just more capable physically and mentally. You stated this is not to be a sexually discrimitive statement, but it is exactly that! If you don't like women being in the military, just try to do something about it! I dare you!

    • profile image

      Redmeck1 6 years ago

      It is true. Women should deffinately not be allowed to serve in direct combat. As far as other parts of the military that are not in combat?. I beleive that if someone can't serve in everypart of the military they should not be allowed in. Feminists have ruined America. They have made men wimps, just look at a cloths catalog. In the world wars every man was able to join the military except those with health issues. Now only about 5% of Americans can enter the military. Why? Because feminists have weakened men to be able to have their own way. They claim it is equality and they have not done $x%& to bring about equality. As far back as greece and farther back than that, men have served in the military and NOT women. Somethings do change for the better. But women have no business being in the military. I am not accusing all women of being feminists and I am not doubting your patriotic desire to be in the military. but their are many other ways that women can help America rather than serving such as becoming decent school teachers and bring God and morality back to America so that their will be leveled headed American men to serve then their wont be the issue of raping and and having sex in the military. In the American Revolutio for independence, how many women were fighting. Yeah you can probably count them all on one hand. We did not need women to fight then and we sure as Hell don't need them to fight now. we need them to bring up their children while following american principles and not putting in the FXXX day care centers. We do not need women to fight we need them to be in the homes to give the men fighting something to look forward to when they get home so they can go over to Iraq and kick those basttars

    • profile image

      Pro Masculine for War 6 years ago

      There are numerous scientific facts supporting why war is the territory of males. Males, as this is a common fact, produce the hormonal chemical testosterone, which results in aggression and hormones stimulating muscular strength and growth. However, women have minutely trace amounts of testosterone, and instead primarily produce estrogen, which, in scientific opposition, is the radical opposite of testosterone. Estrogen not only makes it possible for women to give birth through a different anatomy than men, but also results in drastically less muscle mass, particularly in the upper body, which is a quintessential facet of the evolved technique, or art, as considered by many, of war in general. Estrogen also causes females to not only be approximately 40% less strong in the upper body than in males, 15% less strong than males in lower body, and to have hormones devoted to making childbirth possible, but to also not only have a lack of masculine aggression, but to have sensitivity. Women are also affected by their female hormones, particularly during menopause, impairing critical judgment correlated with strategic planning affiliated with intense situations provided by the physical and intellectual devastation of wars in general. Also, to contradict Ender's prior comment, male tolerance of pain and female tolerance of pain are approximately equal. To contradict Jen's comments, a study conducted by Science Daily proves that males and females are equal in mathematical and scientific areas, obviously excluding individuality, as adults have matured brains. While it is true that women are generally more skilled at multitasking than men, as they can often times focus more and avoid distractions, one could easily conclude that this minute detail should be disregarded, as men are proven to be far less emotional and hormonal, along with generally being less talkative and social, which could be a major distraction in the seriousness of war. To also contradict another made comment, women have differently shaped and virtually always larger chest areas, as there is tissue which has the capability to produce milk for young children. When males consume excessively large quantities of sugar, their estrogen levels may be slightly increased, as the formations of their upper chests may alter. However, breasts are not supposed to be sexualized; instead, they are literally supposed to feed children, as they produce milk which adapts to the individual needs of the child which consumes that woman's milk. For example, if the child had a lack of potassium, the milk would literally change so that, from the woman's diet, more potassium would be found in the milk. Women are blessings and miracles; their gentleness, which is occasionally virtually alien to men, along with physical and mental abilities to produce and raise children, along with the obvious attributes and characteristics of men, clearly define rigid boundaries between genders. This message was designed to be completely impartial and unbiased, as only resolute scientific facts have been introduced. Therefore, readers could easily state that I do have a formed opinion on this controversial matter, as I side with proven scientific facts. None of these statements were intended to be hurtful to women or men alike. Service to our country is appreciated, and I commend those who are currently serving our nation or aspire to, men and women alike. A thank you is not enough, as some of us may never know of your experiences and personal sacrifices. War is a terrible thing, as people, through geographic borders, age gaps, genderly differences, and other differences, are acknowledged to divide us. I believe that war is a living nightmare, as our own brothers and sisters give their lives due to the contempt of us all. However, war is necessary, as our sins and ignorance create barriers of hatred, causing horrible malignant conflict. However, God created man and woman. Our differences which divide us are supposed to unite us so that we may be stronger together through the bonds of love. Man and woman both have their assigned duties, which strengthens our bonds; men are supposed to be the protectors and leaders of the household, and are supposed to do everything for the greater good out of love. Women are supposed to raise and nurture strong children, and are supposed to soften the wicked hearts of us all, in ways only a woman could on this planet. Therefore, in conclusion, I concur with those who believe that men should be the only fighters in demanding wars; we must protect our loved ones. As stated and derived from the numerous scientific facts above, men are literally genetically designed to protect when necessary through aggression and strength, while women are literally genetically designed to give birth, raise children, and be supplements of kindness and love for all through their gentleness, lack of masculine strength, and differing anatomy. These genderly boundaries, along with beautiful and vital individuality and equality of genders, ages, races, etcetera, allow us to prosper through opportunities and blessings of pursuing our aspirations through strong endeavors and virtues, and to perfect this corrupted world through being who we are, both through genders and individuality. Therefore, although males should possibly be considered to be the only ones in wars, women excel in areas which men are unfamiliar with, such as care taking, or certain areas of fashion design and areas of fitness, such as flexibility. In short, we are all equal, but I personally think that only men should be allowed to serve in wars, as only women may be permitted to do other certain crucial tasks; one cannot deny facts in his conclusions, and instead should positively embrace them. Thank you and bless you all.

    • profile image

      Ender 6 years ago

      nailinthehead, the upper body strength of a female may not beas strong but the pain tolerance is much higher. The mark of a leader is bieng able to properly use the resources you are provided with to acomplish a task. No one cares about how your cards handed to you where not perfect. Use your troops effectivly and stfu. It's not all about physical strength it's about stamina and will and outsmarting the enemy. Brawn alone is the last resort of the weak minded.

    • profile image

      yahairacarrillo 6 years ago

      i know this is random but what do u guys think should 18 year old be required to serve 2 years of military services?

    • nailinthehead profile image

      nailinthehead 6 years ago from Poland

      The thing is women do have lower standards than men. And I mean much lower. Age is completely different matter. I'm nearly 30 and I'm quite a big (not fat) guy but I still can meet the standards for 18 years olds. Can you? I'm partially military, I know a lot people in the active duty and LE and all of them hate to work with women. Even female soldiers hate to work with other women.

      You can call me a caveman but I believe that softening the chain because of political correctness is plain stupid and short-sighted. When shit hits the fan there's no place for weak links. Feminists try change the world but it won't work - women are different from men and always will be. No matter what war will remain ruthless and deadly men's domain.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      I honestly thought this was satire when I first read it. I do agree that most women are smaller and have less muscle mass then males. I don't believe in lowering the physical fitness standards though. If an individual woman can pass the physical fitness test, then why should women as a group be excluded. Do you know that they have lower standards for your age as well? I guess when you hit 30, you shouldn't be allowed in the military anymore because you aren't as physically fit as an 18 year old? "Females will always be seen by males as sexual objects, regardless of them wearing uniform or not". So females should be denied access to a rewarding career, job security, travel, lifetime of experiences because of the males inability to think with their brains! Fortunately, some of us have moved into a more enlightened age and thankfully individual like you don't make those decisions! Semper Fi!

    • profile image

      RK Sniper Ops 6 years ago

      Jen I think you arent aware that in the case of no female being around it is totally fine for a male to search a female detainee. There are protocols in place of course. There is a different way to do it. It must be done with the top side of the hand when searching certain spots such as under the breasts. Let me include that some males have bigger breasts than females. This is all shown in MP training. Gabriel and nailinthehead make good points.

    • nailinthehead profile image

      nailinthehead 6 years ago from Poland

      Gabriel, thank you for your comment! You brought up some very good points and facts!

    • profile image

      Gabriel 6 years ago

      The inevitable result is that training standards are lowered, and then the facts are then ferociously denied. This has already resulted in one pilot death (Navy Lieutenant Kara Hultgreen) [I am sure more have resulted, as this book written in 1995]. Also, David Horowitz offers specifics:

      “Gender norming” is now the rule—women are measured against other women, rather than against men who outperform them.

      Even though West Point officially says there have been no negative effects from the admission of women, the sworn courtroom testimony of a West Point official says that women cannot perform nearly as well as men and that the men’s training program has, for that reason, been downgraded. For example, men are no longer required to run carrying heavy weapons because women are unable to do that.

      Even if a man is willing to lead women in combat, even the thought that it might not be suitable is sufficient to end your career. This happened with Lt. Commander Kenneth Carkhuff who was recommended for early promotion due to his “unlimited potential … destined for command and beyond,” but after a private conversation with his superior officer that his religious views made him doubtful about putting women in combat, though those views also required him to lead women into combat if ordered to by his superiors, he was discharged.

      Due to such threats as the above, career officers do not speak about the performance of women in combat positions, because to do so puts them at great risk of discharge—especially if they mention anything regarding women not performing as well as the men. This is an extremely dangerous policy and will result in the loss of lives and possibly wars.

      In physical fitness tests, very few women could do even one pull-up, so the Air Force Academy gave credit for the amount of time they could hang on the bar. Female cadets averaged almost four times as many visits to the medical clinic as male cadets. At West Point, the female cadets’ injury rate in field training was fourteen times that of men, and 61 percent of women failed the complete physical test, compared to 4.8 percent of men. During Army basic training, women broke down in tears, particularly on the rifle range.

      The pregnancy problem. Navy ships have had to be recalled from missions because of the pregnancy of female sailors. A male and a female sailor on the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, both married to others, videotaped themselves having sex in a remote part of the ship. There had been thirty-eight pregnancies since the crew went aboard the Eisenhower, fourteen of them after the ship was deployed. Only someone who has never been with troops could not anticipate this result or fail to realize that it will be a major problem forever. The troops in question are very young, at an age when their hormones are, to put it mildly, fiercely insistent.

      Effects on morale can be particularly adverse. The presence of women among male troops weakens combat readiness. All-male units in the field experience bonding that enhances unit cohesion and effectiveness. When women are introduced, men stop relating to each other and begin trying to attract the women. Men can quickly become on less-than-friendly terms with a mini-war over a woman. Nor can morale be improved when accusations of harassment are always a threat. An accusation of sexual harassment by the woman, even if unproven, would severally damage the man’s service career, and both the man and the woman are acutely aware of the fact.

      The Israelis, Soviets, and Germans, when in desperate need of front-line troops, placed women in combat, but later barred them. Male troops forgot their tactical objectives in order to protect the women from harm of capture, knowing what the enemy would do to the female prisoners of war. This made combat units less effective and exposed the men to even greater risks.

      Our military seems quite aware of such dangers, but, because of the feminists, it would be politically dangerous to respond as the Israelis did by taking women out of harm’s way. Instead, the American solution is to try to stifle the natural reactions of men. The Air Force, for example, established a mock prisoner of war camp to desensitize male recruits so they won’t react like men when women prisoners scream under torture. There is a considerable anomaly here. The military is training men to be more sensitive to women in order to prevent sexual harassment and also training men to be insensitive to women being raped and sodomized or screaming under torture. It is impossible to believe the both efforts can succeed simultaneously.

    • nailinthehead profile image

      nailinthehead 7 years ago from Poland

      Jen, I tried to stay away from "men are better at this, men are better at that" statements. For the needs of this article I assumed the hypothetical male and female soldiers are equally skilled. One can't say that women are better on the fields you mentioned. One can't say men are better either. But women IMHO have negative impact on male soldiers especially in line units. There are some situations where women are required just like you mentioned. I also won't argue that women should not serve as medics, in logistics or support units. But even there they should go through exactly the same training and requirements as men do.

    • profile image

      Jen 7 years ago

      I think you may have missed some areas of army life. While deployed a female officer or enlisted soldier is needed in several ways. To search another female detainee for example. Also, every job is different. Complex. In my job several men could not handle it. But for me in the army it is too easy. You cannot look at this issue and simplify the response. Gender is not a litmus test for a patriot. Instead of looking for reason why women should not serve. Try brainstorming situations in which a women would be bettter in a certain job. You could easily say women make better docs. Better surgeons. Smaller hands. Better CEO s. We are better at multitasking. Why even the amu will tell you women are better at marksmanship.

    • profile image

      sam  7 years ago

      ok. i am a 14 year old girl raped when i was 13, and i have been perfectly fine.I got over it and living my life to the fullest. Women really can get over things like that. And about the period, is it really going to cause a problem if we bleed through our pants? that is not between life or death. Please understand i want to be in the military serving in full combat and im not going to let bloody pants or being raped affect that. Also the physical fitness could be an issue but im sure there are women who could do the standards and be fine. Women will be in the Navy seals, Special forces and serving and combat one day, and hopefully i will be alive to see that accomplished.

    • nailinthehead profile image

      nailinthehead 7 years ago from Poland

      Nope, this article really is my opinion based on my personal experiences. It's not about contributing or not. Men can contribute in the same ways as women. It's about basic principle - there are soldiers in the military, not women or man. Why someone should be treated exceptionally just because she is a female not a male? It brings nothing good to relations between soldiers. Somehow there are some units/branches where the point of this article has been achieved and everyone goes through the same training and the same tests regardless of the gender.

    • profile image

      msmith214 7 years ago

      What I think you are trying to say is that certain people should not join the military....I almost think you wrote this article just to be confrontational. You made some arguments, but there are so many ways that women can contribute other than picking up a fellow soldier on the battlefield. Just like any "Corporation" people have roles. One women may be equipped to fight in battle and the next may not, but I don't think that women should avoid military as an option period...that's crazy.


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