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Shreveport LA - Open For Business!

Updated on July 16, 2015

Open For Business - Just About Any Business

Northwest Louisiana and Shreveport in particular use the slogan Open For Business to promote the upswing in local economic growth in the first decade of the 21st century. It is few cities in which one can find ready work as hunter/trapper, actor, computer expert, or lawyer!

Films and Entertainment

$380 million has been added to the Greater Shreveport Area local economy by the film and television industry between 2005 - 2008, just three years. This is because NW Louisiana can portray just about any major city in the US, at a lower production cost. Movies have included Mad Money and Mr. Brooks, both of which I have reviewed and never realized their filming in and around Shreveport until the closing credits.

Local residents are hired as film extras and for TV roles with increasing frequency, indicating a growing occupational cluster in Film and Entertainment.

The Robinson Film Center of Louisiana (RFC) is the such facility in the South, located in downtown Shreveport at 617 Texas Street, Shreveport, LA 71101 (318) 424-9090.

Regions Tower, Downtown Shreveport
Regions Tower, Downtown Shreveport

Top 10 Fast Growing Occupations in Shreveport

  1. Hunters and Trappers
  2. Computer Software Applications Engineers (IT)
  3. Veterinary Assistants and Lab Animal Caretakers
  4. Paralegals and Legal Assistants
  5. Surveyors
  6. Veterinarians
  7. Home Health Aides (HHAs)
  8. Tax Preparers
  9. Database Administrators (IT)
  10. Network and Computer Systems Administrators (IT)

Largest Employers in Shreveport

  1. Louisiana State University - also #6 statewide!
  2. Willis Knighton Pierremont - Medical and Health
  3. General Motors
  4. Christua Schumpert Health

Other Large Employers:


Cohen Stadium


Additional Occuations That Need Workers

Quite a variety of occupations need additional workers to fill slots in Shreveport and Northwest Louisiana:

  • Legal Secretaries, Medical Assistants
  • Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts (IT)
  • Earth Drillers
  • Title Examiners/Abstractors
  • Environmental & Health Science and Protection Technicians
  • Architects - Buildings/bridges
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Construction & Building Inspectors
  • Civil Engineers, Lawyers

Mudbug Madness Festival

Ark-La-Tex Attractions and Events

Northwest Louisiana and the Greater Shreveport-Bossier Area contains 10 parishes (counties) that are home to 600,000+ people. It is the cornerstone fo the tri-state area called Ark-La-Tex. Shreveport is in Caddo Parish.

Regional & Indigenous Festivals in Shreveport

  • African American Let the Good Times Roll Arts Festival
  • African American History Day
  • African American History Parade
  • ASEANA - In honor of new Asian immigrants and businesses
  • Cinco de Mayo Festival - Fifth of May
  • Holiday in Dixie
  • Human Jukebox Mardi Gras
  • Louisiana Jamboree
  • Louisiana Film Festival
  • Mardi Gras Cajun Dance
  • Mudbug Madness
  • Native American gathering - Twin Eagles Pow Wow
  • Poke Salad Festival
  • Shreveport Blues Festival

Mardi Gras Shreveport - Human Jukebox

Higher Education

  • Career Technical College
  • American Commercial College
  • Ayers Career College
  • Southern University At Shreveport
  • Pat Goins Shreveport Beauty School
  • Louisiana Technical College
  • Louisiana State University
  • Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
  • Guy's Shreveport Academy of Cosmetology
  • Centenary College of Louisiana
  • Blue Cliff College
  • American School of Business

Popular & Historic Shreveport

Northwest LA Sports

for entertainment and job opportunities:

  • The Shreveport Sports
  • The Shreveport Captains
  • Shreveport Steamer - WFL
  • Shreveport 'Shockhers' - NWFL
  • The Mudbugs - Hockey
  • Battlewings Arena football

The Caddo

The Caddo Nation lived around the Shreveport area for centuries, until around 1859. Many simply migrated toward Texas on their own and had been friendly with the whites settling in Louisiana. The US Government relocated a few others to Western Oklahoma as the Native American Nations were dirven westward to make room for settlers. The Caddo inteacted largely with the Wichita Nation and theri numbers were only about 500+ by 1903.

A Caddo Foundation Story heard at a Pow Wow.

When The People first came out of Mother Earth, a boy was taken out by poor grandparents. Boy was fed by other boys and grew quickly and became a great hunter. Grandparents died and Boy wandered into the forest to weep. A man came and embraced him, saying he was the Moon and would be Boy's father, protect him, and give him power. Boy returned home and was content.

Girl came and asked to marry Boy and he accepted. Wife saw great power in her husband. She asked him to watch her sleeping child while she fetched water. Wife left and Boy woke Child up and cut off one of its legs. Wife returned and saw that Child was dead, and Boy was playing with the leg. Wife called The People together and they killed Boy.

Boy rose from the grave and looked just as he had before death, and he had a war club. The men of the tribe went on the war-path except for one known as Cowardm who was Boy. When asked by Chief why he stayed behind, Coward took a war club and followed on the war-path.

Arrows flew off Coward and enemies knew he could not be killed. Men ran away as Coward killed many with his war club. Next day Coward was sick, vomiting arrowheads from the battle, but he bathed and was well.

Many years later when he was an old man, Boy told The People that Moon is his father. Then he rose up to join the Moon in the sky.

Other Nations

The Choctaw-Apache nation lives in Northwestern Louisiana beside the Toledo Bend Reservoir, including just twenty-one families dating back to the beginning of the 1700's. They had been forced into Texas by the Spanish government, but returned, having 1100 local individuals registered in 2008 and about 2,000 elsewhere in the country. They host an annual Pow Wow the first weekend of May in the Shreveport area.


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