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Signs to look for before you quit from your present job

Updated on May 6, 2012

You may not be satisfied with your job and hence you have decided to move. The decision has not come because of a great monitory offer or other benefits that the prospective employer offered you. But it was within you. You have worked with the current firm for considerable time and now it’s the time to evaluate your “worthiness”. Every year, companies conduct job reviews and appraisals for the understanding of the employee and his/her immediate boss as to how the year has gone by and what needs to be done next.

At the end of the review, a person is either promoted or gets a hike considering all the factors like economy, industry performance, individual performance, team performance, profitability of the company etc.

So now you got a promotion or a salary hike. But even after that you decide to move on. And it is obviously based on the evaluation of your current status within the company and also anticipating what’s there for future.

Here are some of the points which you might have considered to arrive at a decision:-

  1. Zero Corporate Training: - It is said that an efficient worker sharpens his tools for 95% of his time and uses them for only 5%. On the other hand, a normal person contributes 100% for productivity without checking his tools. The result is much more in the first case. Hence companies must provide training to its employees at constant interval to sharpen their tools. If your company doesn't, it can be a sign to quit.
  2. Unclear Career Graph: - You are working at a particular position for X years and you realize that this route will lead you to nowhere. The company structure is such that you do not have any chance of moving up the ladder. Even though you are given salary hikes every year, you still crave for a position to move up. Then it might be right for you to call off.
  3. Boss Micromanaging you: - You have considerable amount of experience and is at a mid level managerial position, still your boss micromanages you, prepare your resignation letter and hand it over politely. It is a sign of non-trust and also indicates that your boss do not respect you.
  4. Under-Utilization of Skills: - You have ample experience in distribution network in sales and marketing and your company does not provide you with an opportunity to handle the channel sales but instead asks you to look after the project or institutional sales. If this is going to be temporary, then stick on to it as you are expected to get a lot of experience. But if you are good at handling distribution and company do not provide you a chance, it’s time to look out for someone who does.
  5. Communication Gap: - Suppose you are working at a remote office of the organization and after 6 months you got a chance to visit the head office. Alas, you find it completely different. New people, new policies, new procedure etc. And you are not communicated about it. This remains a common problem in most of the companies and if you feel that this can affect your job or promotion prospects within the company, it’s time to move on.

Above mentioned are some of the “Other Factors” besides the common ones for a person to quit his/her job. It is believed that most common reason to quit your current job is because of your “BOSS”. Hence nowadays 360 degree appraisals are in place and help to evaluate an individual in all respect.

Now you have decided to quit. Make sure that you hand over the resignation letter professionally as possible. Try to have a personal discussion regarding the resignation and always insist for a feedback review with the HR department. Tell your boss clearly that you need X days/weeks as notice period and explain your plan for the transition of your works to other people as directed by your boss. Stay positive during the last few days within the company. It will not be a bad idea to exchange your personal communication details with other colleagues so that you still have “Friends” within the company after you leave. Anyway, world is so small nowadays and you may end up having them in your team again.

What is the reason for you to leave your last job?

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    • ksknair profile imageAUTHOR

      Sanath Nair 

      6 years ago from Kochi,India

      Thank you slcockerham. I am in fact planning to write more article regarding job change, new skills, marketing and sales.

    • slcockerham profile image


      6 years ago from Tallahassee, Florida

      Hey ksknair, Excellent hub on a very relevant topic in this economic downturn. I'm trying to upgrade and polish my skills. Thanks for your tips on jobs!


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