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Signs You Hate Your Job

Updated on March 1, 2017

So many times, we see people do regular 9-5 jobs, wake up early enough to hit the road, get the bus or take the train. It's funny how many mornings you can't help but see long and tired faces, reflective of the lack of enthusiasm towards their day, which of course translates to their job. Here are 12 signs that its time for you to quit that job and find something passionate to invest your energy into:

1. You feel miserable every Monday morning.

Simply put, you aren't excited about going to work, the project on ground is either a bore or you simply can't stand your boss, yikes.

2. You spend a huge chunk of your working hours searching for other possible jobs.

Every opportunity at your desk is one to cherish as you're seriously looking into other opportunities and you don't always pick the most perfect applications.

3. You get so angry at yourself whenever you remember how happy and proud you were when you initially started working there.

Like what the hell, was I crazy? What was I thinking? I'm so stupid!

4. You intentionally drag any job given to you.

There's this consciousness of just wanting the day to speed up, so you take your job extra slow, in a way to kinda like the day pass by.

5. You careless now what your boss thinks of you.

You started out trying to lick his shoes, as far as office politics go. Now, you'll rather not live to expectations.

6. You literally just get by at your job.

All you do daily at work is what's necessary to keep you on the job and not get fired.

7. Every chance out of the office is a breathe of fresh air

I mean from breaks to meeting a client to closing time, are one of your most cherished moments of your working day. And you're never late when meeting up to that time, not one minute extra is going to meet you at your job.

8. You're perfected the act of pretense

After all no one needs to know how you feel inside, so you chin-up, put up a fake smile when truly what you wanna do is knock their heads and you always trying to look busy (part of the act).

9. You are always looking out for shortcuts

Who doesn't want to cut corners, if it'll get you to your destination faster, hell yea. But you are an activist for cutting corners, in fact every possible way to get your job done quicker, faster not necessarily better, you're game.

10. You've become great friends with the unlikeliest of people over your mutual distaste towards your boss

Lord have mercy! Is there a way to get him off. You've practically turned your chats to backroom gossip, about what he did and didn't do, how awful he is or selfish (whichever works). Sighs, you just tired.

11. Any little thing makes you want to cry

At this point you're so done, that even the copier running out of ink hurts your feelings.

12. Work stress seems to be affecting your health

Hating your job has a negative impact on you physically and mentally, its simple psychology, you're not in a good place mentally and so it affects you physically. You're always too tired and exhausted, thinking a lot resulting in headaches; it’s consuming. When work starts affecting your health--physical, mental, or both--it’s time to get out.


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