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Signs you are getting promoted shortly

Updated on April 27, 2016

Just imagine one fine day as you enter your office your boss gives you a promotion letter, that moment would be the most precious moment in any employees life. Promotion doesn't only means your pay scale is going to rise it means that you have been successfully climbed the ladder of towards your goal or ambition. You will be entrusted with new roles and responsibilities in your organisation and will have an ambition to do something better each day. So how can you predict that you are going to be promoted very soon. So here are some of the areas which you can examine to predict about your promotion possibilities.

You are a favourite one of your boss

Being in a good relation with your boss is always fruitful. There is a good understating between you and your superior and he appreciates your work means you are making a good impact on your boss. There may be situations when your mistakes are ignored for no reasons or your idea on a topic is accepted by your boss without having a second opinion on it are the signs of good bonding with the boss and this can be beneficial in long run mainly when issues such as promotions are considered. It's obvious that whenever he will get the files of employees for the promotion purposes the employee in his good books will get the reward while other who may be more efficient will have to pay the price. So interaction between you and your boss decides your future in the company, so it's better to make your good impact on him rather than parting ways with him.

Your workload have increased

Your desk have been swamped with files and paperwork that needs to be completed or your opinion is been taken on key management decisions. Your email is flooded with lots of mails to be answered and slowly you are given the work load of your superior are some of the ways the management test the employees performance if he is assigned with the responsibilty of his superior before actually putting them in that situation. Suddenly more responsibilities are being put on your shoulder instead than your colleagues means that management have more faith in you and can officially promote you anytime. Management may test their employees by giving similar responsibilities that of his senior level so that they can assess their performance and promote the employee who is deserving and justifies that position.

Sudden performance review

Every organization have a performance review of its employees yearly or after a fixed time period, but if a notice is received suddenly for performane review at the time of year when generally such things doesn't happen, pull your socks up and get prepared for it quickly because the management might be considering to promote some of its employees on account of vacation of office at superior level or otherwise. Many employees are also not totally prepared for this sudden review so if you put in good efforts there are chances that you can get ahead of others. A positive feedback from the review team means you are just one step closure of being promoted. Here being in good books of your employer will help you in getting across.

Sticking with company's policy

The company's policies and procedures are made with utmost care to assure its progress and growth. The policies and procedures differentiate the organisation from its competitors and how it takes up its work. So never try to override it or you may land up in absurd situation when you are questioned about its breach by the management. If you stick to company's policy and procedures while doing your job your credit worthiness will improve in the eyes of management and the chances of your committing an error will also be reduced. This all will have an impact when it comes to choosing a person who is well equipped with the organisations vision and mission and who can take the organisation to achieve new heights when given a chance.

Management's offer to take up additional qualification

If you are getting an offer from the management to take up an additional qualification then it may be a hint that the management has planned for your promotion. Generally the top levels in an organization work culture requires specialised set of skills which one may not gain just by experience. So in order to get those skills one may be required to undergo an academic or professional course. For example an simple accountant in order to get a good post in an organisation have to undergo a charred financial course which not just only enhances his knowledge in the field of accountancy but also in other areas of business management such as audit, taxation and other similar areas.

Setting up of new unit by company

In order to expand its business companies tend to set up new units in near or far places. Such newly set units needs experienced work force to start its operations immediately. So if you are among the most appreciated employee in your organisation there are possibilities that you will get an invitation to go to newly setup unit and begin its operations. Generally when an organisation shifts its employees to another location or unit they are given promotion as a compensatory procedure or due to need of the time. Other thought of giving promotions when shifting to newly setup unit is that the world load there is very less and the promoted employee can easily get into the new position. So if your organisation is planning to setup a new unit it you may start packing up your bags.


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