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Simple 5 Step Daily Plan to Be More Productive

Updated on August 13, 2016
Simple 5 Step Daily Plan
Simple 5 Step Daily Plan

5 Step Daily Plan

Simple 5 Step Daily Plan to be more Productive in Your Home Based Business

Printable Daily Plan Below

Daily Plan

When it comes to a home based business, we don’t typically live by the 9-5 rules. You don’t have a boss and there is no such thing as clocking in and out. If you want success, then you need a daily plan.

What do I know?

When I first started learning about online marketing, I was in information overload. In a since, I still am. There are a thousand things to learn. For a guy who dropped out of college, this wasn’t going to be easy. I found tons of relief in MLSP. Training and capture pages, blogs with an easy setup, and direction. However, I was still lacking on the execution. I had shiny ball syndrome… I thought this looked cool or that looked awesome. I felt like I needed to learn it all. In a since, it wouldn’t be a bad idea but you need to take it down a notch.

Remember, if you aren’t selling or prospecting then you don’t have a REAL business. You didn’t click on this for me to be light with you. You clicked on this site because you need some direction. I’m just putting things in perspective for you. I know because I WAS THERE!

A DAILY PLAN is very important. Not only will it keep you on track but it will make your day so much more enjoyable.

Have you ever spent hours online, only to get up and see half of your day wasted without 1 lead or 1 sale? Yeah, me too! Hours at a time. So many hours wasted that I almost gave up.

Very glad to say that I didn’t! I quickly found success when I started to plan my day and use my hours wisely. Now, if you enjoy what you do… Don’t think I’m keeping you from working all day and night. Just make sure that you complete the essentials before you run off on a tangent.

Ready to have some fun? (You can print the 5 Steps above and read along with me!)

5 Step Daily Plan

1. 10 – 15 Minutes – Visualizing and Meditation

Sit down first thing in the morning to visualize, mentally rehearse, and step into the vision of your future outcome. You can call it Law of Attraction if you want but athletes and other great philosophers have been doing this stuff for years. I would write out my goals and then define who I have to be in order to achieve them. Remember, we get more when we become more. This will also keep you on the right track and will help with motivation, too. I personally even follow up with writing down my positive affirmations each and every day. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU BELIEVE IT WILL WORK. Positive affirmations never will work unless you somewhat believe.

2. 15 Minutes – Personal Growth/ Personal Development

Personal development, developing your mind, and working on yourself. Read a book. Watch a motivational video. Listen to an audio CD. YOU HAVE TO work on your mindset and personal growth. ITS A GAME CHANGER! I had to put it in this 5 step daily plan. You can find some awesome CD’s, books, or courses here!

3. 1 Hour – Learning Something New

SEO, video marketing, blog setup, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, lead generation, Snapchat, and much more. There is SO MUCH to learn. Take it a day at a time. I personally use this system to help me everyday. It has shown me literally everything and they always add to it. The training alone is worth the $10 trial. It’s ridiculous not to invest in it when there is so much to learn. I like the fact that they take away all the high tech stuff and just give you the real deal on how to market and grow. You need to learn something to grow and I just ask that you make it one thing a day.

4. 1 Hour – Execution

Knowledge without execution is worthless. If you blog and then learn SEO… Go back and apply what you’ve learned. You have to execute. Its the name of the game. Don’t learn something just yet, if you aren’t ready to apply. If you do all of your work on Facebook, Blog, and Instagram, then it wouldn’t be a great idea to learn Snapchat just yet. Learn it when you have mastered the things that you use daily and then expand from there. If you have to, try practicing in front of a mirror or on a close friend. Whatever it is.

5. 2 Hours – Networking, Connecting with New People, Prospecting and Recruiting

This is the MONEY making activity! It is ‘people’ who buy your products, services, and offers. It is your job as the CEO of your business to connect with people who could benefit from your product. MLSP has training on prospecting online or getting on the phone with people so you can continue to grow YOUR business. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MONEY FAST IN YOUR BUSINESS, YOU BETTER BE CONNECTING AND NETWORKING WITH PEOPLE, and getting as many exposures on your business and product presentation as possible.

Daily Plan Conclusion

Business in any industry is nothing more than marketing and innovation. We have to market to be successful. This DAILY PLAN is roughly 4-5 hours of your day. That leaves you plenty of time to do whatever you like or be with your family. You will look up and see that you have gotten way more done if you just stick to this plan. The mornings will feel great as you get your mindset on your objectives and goals.

I completely changed my business within a week of following this guide. I can’t recommend MLSP enough for breaking it down and making everything so simple. If you struggle with information overload then this will help you!

I fully believe in helping your mindset and this is a great course on getting out of the Abyss!

After that, it’s all about learning and EXECUTING! EXECUTE, EXECUTE, EXECUTE! I can’t stress that enough. Ask any salesman and they will tell you that good numbers fix everything. We tend to focus more on whether our profile picture looks good. That won’t make you MONEY!

Learn and start applying today. Print the plan out from above and go get your $10 Trial. Start getting into action TODAY!

To your success,

Justin Springer


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