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Simple Copywriting Errors You Shouldn't Make

Updated on June 12, 2010

Simple Copywriting Errors You Shouldn't Make

Creating effective sales copy that converts visitors into clients is all about understanding your market, your product, your clients etc. Often, though, you don't achieve the results you were hoping for even after you have spend a lot of time working on it. The problem is that common errors are made by many copywriters, whether they are aware of them or not. This article will look at some of these errors to help improve your results.

Don't be one of those copywriters who makes the mistake of not knowing about the product. Your potential customers are not dense, and they're likely to know if you're hazy about the product. To put it another way, when you write copy about a subject you know little about, it's apparent. Your prospects want you to be professional, and that's why you should learn as much as possible about the product before writing about it. This is why you need to really become familiar with your product so that you can write copy to sell it. One of the biggest reasons that sales copy fails is because the writer is hazy about a product, but if it's studied this won't be a problem. It is crucial that you give your potential customers the benefits in an accurate and clear way if you hope to convert them into buying customers.

Having an offer that lacks in irresistibility will only kill your sales letter's objective. Make an offer that is chock full of benefits, as that will cause your letter to be extra successful. However, it could be that you just haven't noticed that one aspect. You just let your prospects know that they have to buy now. You can increase your product's value by including bonuses that are free in order to give prospects the best deal possible. The offer of your free bonuses needs to look like it will offer more than your product does. Adding video, audio, and transcripts can give it more value, too. You'd be surprised at just how many people purchased products just for the extras they get with it. Your product also can't look boring. You'll want to tell the customer the value of what they're going to get and then tell them how you're going above and beyond.

Your copy must look like it was sent from a professional company or person. Hands down. It's sad but true that lots of copywriters deliver their copy without correcting it first. Don't be one of those copywriters that just cranks out pieces of copy only to find later that it's filled with spelling errors or, worse, it doesn't sell. It's basically being overconfident in their abilities that causes copywriters to do this. If you hope to be able to write effective copy that gets buyers, make sure you edit your copy every time so that you can ensure you get the sales you're after. There are many ways you can cause your sales copy to flop, but if you can manage to avoid these common mistakes you'll get great results.


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