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So You Want to Become an Internet Entrepreneur What Are You Nuts!

Updated on June 8, 2014

Not many do. Oh thousands will start this year making a halfhearted attempt, but not many will succeed. Do you want to succeed? Well do you? Do you have a dream big enough, a why strong enough, and a precise plan? You'd better before you even begin or your destined to fail from the start.

People are always asking "Don: if your not making but pennies today, why are you still doing It?" I smile and say It gives me something to do. But secretly I am saying see me after my five or six year attempt, and then ask. I know they are being condescending. But, I have a dream and its a big one. I have my why and one all of my own. I've bits and pieces to the puzzle and I am in the process of discovering the Ins and Outs of my plan.

I like many of them that will start on their journey this year, started without knowing much at all of anything about computers. Internet Browsers, Updates, Anti-viruses, Guru's, or even email. Email! Heck E-mail still stumps me from time to time. I still have never set my Outlook Express up and I know I should get this done.

So Wanting is not Enough!

It's never enough! No you will need to be willing too. Willing to learn those things that confound you, bore you to death, and even scare you a bit. Wondering If something you might do or fill out will break your bank account or that the time that you devote to your Dream will ruin your relationships. And it will be a large allotment of time that you will be devoting.

Especially if you want to be successful. It has to be if you don't have the resources, the funds, or the knowledge. Because you need to get them and not everyone is willing to give them to you for free or at all.

You got to pay if you wish to play in this world and GOD my friends has set It up! So when I refer to the "World" I am talking about His and not this one we live in or rather survive in day in and day out.

The World Gives to Those Who Deserve

The World gives to those who deserve It, those who Planted It, those who Reap It, and those who Stay about It. Period! Yes from time to time someone gets a lucky break, but even these were deserved, earned, or worked for.

Though we as the outsiders to their Dream are blind to how it is that they became deserving of their said break. There is No such thing as a break; unless it's an arm or a leg and often times some of those were deserved too.

Where Do You Start?

I could lie or feed you some manure and say it's here or it's there that you must start, but I won't, I'll just come out and tell ya! You must start with You period! You have to figure"It" out for your self.

What is It that you desire? What is your Drive and/or your Motivation? Not everyone needs to be wealthy per-say. Some already are and they don't have a thing or a dime to their own name.

Wealth is an emotional and physical state or thing, but It is never a material thing or state. It's not what you have, but how you have It. So you either want to be rich, well off, or self sustainable. These are the things most consider as wealth today.

Again You Must Start With You!

Which of the three are you seeking? From the Internet god. I don't know you. Maybe you want to just earn a living having only a reflection of a job with security. "Job" by the way stands for "Just Over Broke," that's not my goal, but it is someone's out there today. They just want to survive and enjoy that which they can now today. And there is nothing wrong with this plan at all. If, it is fulfilling enough to keep that One content.

But! What of those around us and them? Will your choice fulfill them? Do you Care? If you are in a lifetime relationship. Then buddy you'd better care! Or you won't be in one for long.

Then We Come to Your Motivations and Your Dream!

Is It big enough? Or is It to little or to big? Yes your Dream can be to little, and yes they can be to big too. So find the one dream you desire the most and the one you want right now, but are willing to wait a little while for. Until It comes of age. The bigger the dream the longer It most often takes.

If You Plant It, Don't Let It Die!

This will have such an impact or decision on the next dream that you plan to fulfill for yourself or any others. You could never comprehend the forces at play here in this our little world when you kill another's Dream.

The World is about completing those things that are started and It takes offense when you kill a Dream, yours or another's. Or that of anything living thing for that matter.

Hand them off to another if you must, but never kill a Dream. Give It away, pass it on. But never kill a Dream! The World will hold you accountable for this for it is murder. I swear to you that this is a truth. And that Karma is a Bitch! What goes around will come back around. It must for our world is just a Bubble. So It has no choice in the matter, it must come back around. What goes up eventually will come back down.

It (the World) will forgive you eventually when you finally make amends. But what the World will charge you; you must be willing to pay. If ever you wish to be a full filler of Dreams. Just as a Farmer must hone his skills. So do we dreamers.

Never stop learning your trade. When you've learned all that you can about your current Dream. Find a new one as soon as possible. This will keep you young and vibrant. Stay involved, stay busy, and keep moving forward for if you don't, all that you have become, becomes less and less valuable every surpassing day. Until It the sum total of your existence begins to serve another.

Be a Seeker and Become a Searcher Who Continues the Quest

A Quest is only a test that one sets for themselves. Learning today is far more the easier, then it was say twenty-five years ago. You'd have to know someone or know someone who knew someone. To learn a secret thing, trade knowledge, or skill.

Heck to even get a job more often times than not. But today you have the Thing we all were desiring back then, but have since forgot. You and I now have the Internet, Google search, Wikipedia, Personal and Commercial Blogs, and whom ever we can make a connection with; to give us our break or that chance. That hint to our dreams and/or our whys.

Your Dream and Your Why, These are the Sticks that Control Your Flight!

You will never get very far without them both and with just one you will invariable crash and burn. Yaw and Pitch, Throttle and Brake, The Ship's rudder and Its Sails you got to have Both for a controlled journey.

I could direct you to my site. But unless your a beginner you may have no need of me. As I am just now enter the phase of collecting the earnings that I have been creating upon the World Wide Web.

No, I would rather refer you to that little gray box with the flashing cursor that says enter your query here; the search box. I have plenty of them now, one on each of my websites, Blogs, and two on every page of my very first ever self built Website. I seek daily, and I am continuing the search daily, and will. Until I achieve the said Goal. Which is the answering to my Why and the fulfillment of my Dreams.

Hello I am Donald Beres Jr. the Creator CEO/ Owner of Poetry Writes and Other Stuff from Sinbad the Sailor Man / PW&OSfStSM and I am here to Stay what about You?

Yes I am a dreamer. And because you found this write I am assuming you are too! Or maybe you are hoping to be. I am telling you to Dream the best dream that you possibly can dream and do it today. And then Stay Your Plan! Most of all begin Today this very hour! Start doing something to fulfill your Dream. Find your Why! And remember only you can See It, Define It, and Give It the meaning that It will require of you as you pursue It. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the Doors will open wide.



CYA Later Taters

Thanks for Stopping by.

Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man


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    • Sinbadsailorman profile image

      Donald Beres Jr 3 years ago from Valparaiso, Indiana

      Thanks Jodah Although the dream is never enough without action and planning. Things have been rough these last few years for me. Well really this last decade and a half, but I will be coming back soon. I regained some of my income flow that was lost and I have found a van that will double as a camper for one. And I will get back to a position of comfort here soon as I will be able to travel. Not far with these gas prices and my van's MPG I Believe. But being mobile is half the battle.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Very interesting and inspiring hub Donnie. I am glad you have your "dream and your why". Good luck on your journey to become an Internet Entrepreneur. I'm sure you'll succeed, you seem to have the necessary drive. Many of us are in search of different things but this hub inspires us to have a goal and go for it! Well done.