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Sioux City, Iowa - Jobs Increasing In Healthcare, Sciences and Financial Products

Updated on November 12, 2013
Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center. Once used by the Army Corps of Engineers as a survey vessel and tug.
Sergeant Floyd River Museum and Welcome Center. Once used by the Army Corps of Engineers as a survey vessel and tug. | Source

A Diverse Economy

The list of the Top 30 Cities for Jobs in the USA, even during a recession, contains Sioux City, Iowa at Number 30 on this list. However, the city rose into the Top 10 for in 2010. It is also recognized for some of the most affordable housing in the USA.

In December of 2008, the unemployment rate for Iowa was 4.9%, compared to the national average of 7.6% in December and at least 8.1% In February, 2009. Despite the recession of 2008 – 2009, the relatively low state unemployment rate indicates that jobs are left unfilled because of a lack of workers present in the state. After the Recession of 2008 -2010, Sioux City bgan to proser even more. In November 2013, the city's employers advertised over 4,4000 jobs, an increase thoughout the year of 2013.

Industries in Sioux City recruiting employees through 2016 include:

Healthcare, Insurance & Finance, Social Services, Production, Repair & Maintenance, Auditing, Transportation & Freight, and Food Service (especially as part of Travel & Tourism).

Woodbury County, home to Sioux City, is among the counties in Iowa that contain the largest percentages of younger workers aged 14 – 24. This is a percentage range of 16 -23% of the total working population of a county, or up to nearly one quarter of all workers in these counties.

Nebraska - Iowa Bordertowns

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The Sioux City Corn Palace, circa 1890.
The Sioux City Corn Palace, circa 1890.

Corn and Sustainability

Corn Palace, Chicken Palace

As an agricultural producer, Sioux City and the whole state of Iowa became a leading provider of corn and corn products in the 19th century. The Corn Palace shown to the right was sponsored by this corn industry, just as the Tyson Events Center is sponsored by the Tysons company, producers of turkey, chicken and related products in agriculture and food.

Settled in the 19th century by Americans that spread westward to farm and ranch, Sioux City in the 21st Century is a regional center for business and jobs, retail trade, medicine, education, and the Travel & Tourism Industry in NW Iowa, SE South Dakota, and NE Nebraska. This Tri-State Area is still growing, affording Sioux City additional economic wealth.

As with many Top Cities for Jobs and Industry, Sioux City focused on reconstructing its Downtown Historic Area on the Missouri Riverfront for living and work space. This has been a key to continued economic health and new jobs. The Promenade Theater is just one of the entertainment venues there. The Tyson Center hosts major concerts and other events, and a regional sports center offers professional sports competitions. Historic ships have become museums on the river. Other museums and theaters celebrate the adventures of Lewis and Clark and their Native American friends.

Yearly fine arts and music festivals provide a rich environment for enjoyment and raising a family. In fact, the important Annie E. Casey Foundation rated Iowa Number 4 State in the US for best places to raise children. Recreation and education excellence increases the strength of the are for families.

The enlarged Downtown Area is covered by a climate-controlled sky walk that is available from 6:30 AM - 10:30 PM six days a week and 8 hours on Sundays. It connects many of the tourist and entertainment venues downtown with one another and with living spaces, retail businesses, and givernment offices.

Apprenticeships and Internships

Iowa Registered Apprenticeship Training Program
The state of Iowa offers Registered Apprenticeships as postsecondary Education and Training element. Look for these types of opportunities in every state of the Union.

Several occupations listed in the Top 10 Jobs are involved in apprenticeship or internship programs. These include partnerships among schools, employers, unions, and local governments.

Top 10 Jobs in Sioux City

  1. Registered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
  2. Pharmacy Technicians
  3. Retail Salespeople
  4. Engineers - Manufacturing, Design, Mechcanical, Electrical
  5. Insurance and Financial Products Sales
  6. Truck Drivers
  7. Telemarketers
  8. Social Workers
  9. Slaughterers and Meat Packers
  10. Automotive Service Techs and Mechanics

Iowa Statewide Trends

The top-performing industries in Iowa as a state include the following in the 2010s:

  1. Chemical Plant and System Operators
  2. Chemical Equipment Operators and Tenders
  3. Chemical Engineers
  4. Chemists
  5. Chemical Technicians
  6. Gaming Surveillance Officers and Gaming Investigators
  7. Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts
  8. Pharmacy Technicians
  9. Computer Software Applications Engineers
  10. Biological Technicians

Chemistry is the Number 1 overall top industry in Iowa. IT, Gaming/Gambling, and Health-related sectors follow-up on the list. The professions involved in chemistry include areas of the environment, biotechnologies, and food/agriculture.

State Projections for Healthiest Growth Industries to 2020:

  1. Ambulatory Healthcare
  2. Educational Services
  3. Administrative and Support Services
  4. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  5. Social Assistance
  6. Hospitals. Medical Center
  7. Specialty Trade Contractors
  8. Insurance Carriers
  9. Nursing Homes and Residential Care Facilities
  10. Truck Transportation
  11. Food & Beverage Services
  12. Machinery Manufacturing
  13. Management of Companies/Corporations

Aerial view of Sioux City, Iowa

Confluence of the Missouri and Floyd Rivers (photos public domain)
Confluence of the Missouri and Floyd Rivers (photos public domain)

Monuments On the Missouri River

The Floyd Monument
The Floyd Monument | Source
The War Eagle Monument.
The War Eagle Monument. | Source

Famous Sioux City Characters

Among the well known people from Sioux City, two are particularly interesting. Sargeant Charles Floyd was the only member of the Lews and Clark Expedition to die during the troupe's work. He is immortalized by his namesake ship anchored on the Missouri River in Downtown Sioux City. Now a floating museum, the ship was once used by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the early 1930s.

A momument to the young soldier, Floyd, who died from illness in his mission with the US Corps of Discovery is honored by a 100-foot high monument akin to the Washington Monument in DC, near the Missiouri River in Sioux City.

War Eagle was an Isanti Nation man, whose tribe became the Santee Sioux. A peaceful leader, he shunned violence, perferring to walk away. However, white settlers called him War Eagle. His real name, Wambdi Okicize, meant Little Eagle. Avoiding a fight over who would became chief of his nation, he walked away and became a riverboat guide and pilot on the Mississippi. Then he worked for the US government duirng the War of 1812, whereas some of the Mohawk Nation worked against the US.

Receiving a silver medal from President Van Buren, War Eagle joined and became chief of the Yankton Sioux. He then worked with whites to establish a trading post at the conjoining Sioux and Missouri Rivers. Today, he is buried in his own park, alongside his daughters Blazing Cloud and Dawn, who both married a white trader that helped to establish the trading post.

These two men in particular seem to represent the spirit of peaceful exploration and cooperation in the 1800s that was repeated by the US Space Program in the 1969 Lunar Landing and during the mission of Apollo 13. America is a land of heroes of all nations and Sioux City has been the home to many of them.

Higher Education

  • Western Iowa Tech Community College - - RN and LPN nursing degrees and triaing in several other industries. 
  • Morningside College - Nursing, Education and Special Education, and a range of tehcnologies.
  • Briar Cliff University.
  • St. Lukes College - Registered Nurses and other medical training. 


  • United Indoor Football - Sioux City bandits
  • Baseball - The Explorers
  • Hockey - The Musketeers



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