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Sitesell is the best

Updated on April 11, 2014

You can make money with Sitesell

Before you read it would be nice to write your own article Why not become a member by getting a hub from me on the left of this page and star getting paid to write

Have you ever heard about sitesell the powerful site built by Ken Envoy. I suppose if you are one of those individuals looking to create a lucrative business on the internet then you may have heard.

My Journey towards sitesell started in my quest to create a website so I could promote my inspirational book of poems journey to Enlightenment- Revealed. Maybe yours could have been your search in trying to find supplemental income to your basic salary, or to create an income geared at retirement, or simple you just wish to fire your boss.

I started by Joining poetry .com. here I paid $15. For three months. The experience was good but it did not help me sell any book. My next stop was ,here I got a free site and created pay buttons wrote about the book and uploaded a photo. I then joined a lot of free surfing for traffic programmes such as., but all I was doing was wasting time. Stormpay decided not to continue with free webpage however I found Pageseswirl is good because it offeres a free rotator system .

I joined All4webs .com next the one free page was not much so I ended up paying $4.99 per month for more pages. but still did not get any results either. One day I came across some information which stated that if one wanted any success on the net one needs his own domain name. I did not know what that was so I researched. Later I heard that I must find a hosting programme .I started searching for these but the one I came upon were too advance for me and I knew nothing about creating a website.

One day I search for cheap webhosting and domain name and came upon an article about

I followed the link to sitesell , went there and started reading the information they had. It started to make sense. After reading about 2 days. I decided to Join . The cost was $299.Can. I thought it expensive but by then my interest was pricked ,they had so much information on how to build a website and I could not resist for I wanted so badly to learn.

The first thing I did was to print off their site build it guide and spent one weeks reading it before I attempted to do anything

The articles talk about keyword, and how to write good content, how to monetized , how to become a master affiliate. I did learn. They have this slogan that says slowly goes the tortoise. I took this really slow. I then realized that a little HTML was important such as bold , italics , line break, and how to write simple HTMl text for linking , all this I learnt from site sell.

The great thing about this company they give you all the tools to be successful.

They give keyword tools ,like search it, word tracker and set them up under the tool they called brainstorm where you can see how the keywords rank and the demand and supply for Google, Yahoo. Msn, and ASK all on one page

Sitesell gives tools to create urls. Title page, description of page. There are tools to upload graphics, tools to create links, content block tools, form build it tool, auto responders, mail out manager, Rss feed value exchange tool. to get quality inbound links ,analyze it tools which tell you if your page is good for search engine, It tells if there are too many or not enough They also create the key code sitemap for submittal to search engines . the account has about 6 email account e.g. email @ Biz , info. etcetera. There is also the tool to check your daily and monthly statistics for each Url , which keywords were searched to find your page and the country your traffic is coming from.

There is a lot of support and there is the forum where you get a lot of help. It is in the forum that I learned about hubpages and sites that you get pay to write as a way of getting traffic to one's website.

They instructed that content is the most powerful thing to get exposure from search engines therefore one should wait until 20-30 pages are built before one starts to monetize. They supply eBooks on making your site sell, Affiliate Masters. and numerous eBooks to help. They also provide you with ezines if you could not write your own

Then you are encouraged to join Google Adsense. and told that after you set up your monetizing pages then you could join Google Adwords and start advertising.

They offer the 5pillar affiliate programme where you are given the opportunity to sell products and get very good returns. You could sell the site build it website and get at least 50% of the cost.

So there you have it ,I can tell you there is no other place on the internet where you can get all that information ,support and tools to become successful on the interner for so little as $299. Can for one whole year.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what Sitesell has to offer .

Now here is the site I have created I am so proud

You may look at the video to get a firsthand knowledge of what sitebuild it is all about.

Author:(Soy Criada) Juliet Christie Murray


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    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 8 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Hi Marty I am glad to have met a fellow sitesellite. Thumbs up  to you I am glad you are enjoying the sitesell experience as I do

      I feel so proud of my site as I started it from scratch witout knowing anything about building a website.

    • Marty1 profile image

      Marty1 8 years ago from New South Wales Australia

      Great article Juliet

      I have been using Sitesell for 2 years now and make a cool profit, it's so easy to use, and I have little web experience. I thoroughly recommend them.

      Have a look at my site I built it on site sell, using Site Build it, I rank in the top 6% in my niche also, I link my hubpages right into my website from here very easily! This provides a nice ranking with the search engines!

      Happy Days Marty