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Six Steps To Extreme Productivity That Work

Updated on November 16, 2013
dont burn yourself out. take frequent breaks and recharge those batteries.
dont burn yourself out. take frequent breaks and recharge those batteries. | Source
work when you are most productive. whether that this 8am or 2am
work when you are most productive. whether that this 8am or 2am | Source

work at a steady pace. this helps prevent burn out

Want to know the secrets that the gurus use for extreme productivity? You have come to the right place. There are those among us that can produce great quality work within an extremely narrow time frame and succeed at it time and time again. There are six steps to having the ability for you to do the same thing.

Completing a major project or task takes a strategy or plan and the ability within you to pull it off. With these steps, you are bound to succeed where others may have failed.

Have a plan and share it with others.

Having a plan of action is an absolute must. Remember that interruptions kill production each and every time. Therefore, when you do have a project that needs to be completed, let everyone know you are working. Tell your friends, family, coworkers and even your boss that you have a plan of action for a project that needs to be completed and you will be working on it.

You can tell them face to face, send a quick email or post a sign at your cubicle entrance or office door that you are working at this time and would appreciate not being interrupted. You can even put a nice message on your voice mail for your phone that explains you are occupied with for a set amount of time, a day or number of hours. Whatever time you have set aside for your project should be indicated on your emails, voice mail or sign.

Determine exactly how long you would like to work on your project.

Don’t have a general plan of “I will work at as long as I can” or something along those lines. Set a pre-determined time frame for working and stick with it. This is not to say you won’t take food breaks or stretch breaks. However, make certain you stick to your timeframe.

When you know you will be working for an extended amount of time you don’t check the clock as often. Have you ever noticed that? In addition, it allows you to get into your mode or “place of production”. You can work at a steady pace and production will come. When determining how long you will work its okay to overestimate. It’s better to be finished early instead of finishing late.

Recharge your body’s batteries frequently

Take breaks early into your work mode. Make sure you stretch and allow your eyes to rest. Recharging your body and mind often will keep you fresh longer and make the project easier.

Rest your hands from your keyboard before they start to cramp. Feed yourself before you feel as if you are starving yourself and drink lots of healthy things such as juices with vitamin C instead of energy drinks.

Recharging your body often and with good things will make you feel better and work better. It will also allow you to work longer. You won’t feel totally wiped out after your project and need two days to rest up from one day’s work.

Don’t stop until you have completed your project

Don’t stop until the project is done. Don’t allow yourself to believe you can finish up later. Don’t believe there is only a little bit to do and you can take care of it at any time. Finish what you start and make it a routine or habit you can quickly form.

When you get into a habit of stopping projects before they are finished you will develop a reputation of not being able to finish things you start. This will hurt you professionally and can also hurt you personally if you are working on a project for a family member or friend.

Work isn’t supposed to be fun

There are some workers that believe music or other sideline activity makes them more productive. Don’t allow these things to become a distraction. If you are serious about completing your project, music and other side line activity can wait.

If you are someone that sneaks a peak at your favorite website or other treats, hold off when you are working on your project.

Start your project early in the day

If at all possible, start your project early in the day. Not everyone is a morning person. However, whenever your early day begins, start your project at that time. This is typically when you are most productive and will have the most gas in your energy tank.

If you are charged for your day at 2:00am, that’s okay. It still works for starting early for your extreme productivity day.

Taking the steps outlined here to make your project work is the first step to know you have it within you to be productive.

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    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      This is a very useful hub which I know I will refer to again.

      I find e-mail the most distracting of all and a time waster.

      I use to check my e-mail several times a day and always took care of it right away. Of course that took me away from completing an outstanding task.

    • CountryCityWoman profile image

      CountryCityWoman 6 years ago from From New York City to North Carolina

      This is a great pep talk because I am certainly lagging way behind. I should have been wealthy by now.

      Thanks a million$$$$ and rated way up!

    • Dexter Yarbrough profile image

      Dexter Yarbrough 6 years ago from United States

      This hub was just what I needed. I have been wasting time lately. Great tips to increase productivity!