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Skills and Competencies for Banking Jobs

Updated on May 13, 2014

Business and Finance graduates are the best fit for Banking Jobs. Educational qualification surely hold an intangible value nevertheless, banking jobs recruiters these days are look beyond academics. There are certain set of skills and competencies that these employers look for which are indeed requisite of converting an opportunity to a successfull job. Banking recruiters generally look for the key competencies and how you use them in real life situations. Being a front-end role, the candidates are so chosen who can handle challenging situations and take charge also. Social orientation, the willingness to work with a diverse sect of individuals rather than alone is also one of most important factors that counts.

The crux of this article is to briefly explain the important skills and competencies that banking jobs recruiters looks at. Also you may find ways to demonstrate them during your job interview and also once on the job. However these skills are not the core skills which had been a part of your academia and are of prime importance which also needs to be demonstrated in a effective manner. So lets take a look at the key skills and ways to demonstrate them.

Key Skill 1: Intellect

Banking recruiters look for candidates who are agile learners and quickly adapt to change in policies, technology, product and markets. Grasping and learning new concepts quickly, is an important attribute that is looked at. Markets and products being dynamic today requires you to be able to absorb the changes quickly and execute them in real life situations. High levels of intellectual curiosity and broadmindedness are important traits which are considered to be helpful in your daily job. An intellectually curious person will not only look after his responsibilities but will also show interest in the work of their colleagues. Quoting instances from your project in college, how you helped your teammates to complete their objectives might be taken as a demonstration of your intellect.

Key Skill 2: Innovation

Innovation is the key to be successfull at your job as well as career. Bringing in changes to the administrative processes, products and above all the ability to think innovatively is the prime attribute that banking recruiters look for. Using your past experiences and any changes that you brought in the functioning of your organisation which had proven to be time-saving and efficient would be considered positively by your recruiter. Innovation will always be a dispensable quality allowing you to climb the ladder of success. Innovation is the ability to identify or create new business opportunities to develop the business, is a rewarding attribute.

Key Skill 3: Resilience

Resilience is a synonym for flexibility, and in terms of banking it is the ability to work under pressure, impending deadlines and periodic targets. Demonstrating your ability of being flexible or adaptive to the challenges is a winner. Mentioning about the balance that you maintained while pursuing college along with a part-time job or an internship could make a lasting impression. Explaning what you did to strike a balance between your college and job will help you exhibit this feature. Banking jobs are indeed stressful and target oriented, let the recruiter know how well you can strike a balance, manage the tasks at hand to work efficiently and achieve the set targets.

Key Skill 4: Global Outlook

International banks like Barclays, Baank of America and RBS look for candidates who can operate in an international working environment are sought after. Its not just the ability to communicate with your co-workers or clients but also the ability to understand the international markets and the prevailing business trends. Proficiency with any of the foreign languages will act as a plus and a showcase of your international outlook.

Key Skill 5: Moral Ethics

Banking jobs not only require you to be skilled at the professional front, but also takes into consideration your moral character. Loyalty, confidentiality and authority are a set of moral ethics that are also looked at. Banks deal with critical information related to the finances of their customers and look for individuals who posses a strong moral character to handle the information with high levels of confidentiality without impeachment of compliance. Giving an example of arranging sponsorships for your college fest or for a social cause. This will reflect your loyalty towards the institution or the society, to which you want to return a favor as a result of your moral ethics and values.

Lastly, Sharing your past experiences from all your phases of life and some instances which you might have heard from someone will help you with portraying your skills. Responsibilities or initiatives that you had taken care off during the time you had spent in your school and college will also act as a showcase to demonstrate your learnings from your past.

Making a checklist of all the above mentioned skills or attributes and writing down the points that you would want to elaborate on at the time of your interview to support your skills and competencies will help you convert an opportunity to a successful role in the banking sector.


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