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5 Skills to Master Public Speaking

Updated on September 13, 2013


The best advice you can give someone about public speaking is to know their material. To become so familiar with it that they can even talk about obscure facts.

The other thing is that they become passionate about it.

I hate telling people to memorize anything because we tend to forget things once we believe it is no longer necessary.


  • Acting
  • Writing
  • Reading, out loud
  • Curiosity
  • Researcher - Passionate about content

The great fear

'When i have to stand up and speak to a group of people, i picture them naked.'

Ever really found yourself picturing someone naked once you stood in front of them to give a speech? What tends to happen is we focus on the fact that their are eyes on us. Forcing us to focus on ourselves rather than on the people who have gathered to listen to us.

Public Speaking the hated frontier.

It is the greatest sales tool!

Yet, this is one of the number one ways for any individual to elucidate on their own. To convince a crowd of interested persons that you have something applicable to say.

We hate it!

We watch the clock.

We lose our train of thought.

We wish time would rush by.

Words come out in a swhoosh.

We sweat.

When you ask most people to get up in front of a group of people to speak, they balk. Fear sets in.


Famed inspirational speakers

Dr Martin Luther King

Zig Zigler

Les Brown

Winston Churchill

Abraham Lincoln

and many others that have inspired generations...


Public speaking does not come naturally for anyone. We usually become proficient at it because we want to overcome our fears, or we have a natural ham that has the gift of gab.

We usually learn to conquer those fears because we believe we have something to say!

That we can teach someone something!

That we can help someone!

That what we have to say can change the course of someone's life!

Much like a performer, a good or great orator has methods in which they conquer their fears to portray or communicate something to their audience.

Orators usually find a way to engage the audience. A joke, a story, anecdote, something that arrest the spectator's attention and relaxes them at the same time, making the job of standing in front of people easier.

Orators tend to be charismatic. Entertainers with the gift of motivational and inspirational gab. Yet they feel their voice is their tool and they have something helpful to communicate.

Great orators throughout history have been noted to have had issues that should have kept them from a life of speech making, but something miraculous happened in their lives where that condition became moot.

Hope for us all!

What method works best for you in public speaking?

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Calming down

Public speaking experts and lay men alike continue to give us keys to how we can conquer the fear of speaking in public but most of us would rather do anything else in the world than have all eyes focused on us while we give a speech or present something.

Tips to calm down

  • deep breaths
  • picture audience naked
  • hum or sing
  • tell jokes
  • relate a story or anecdote
  • walk
  • gesticulate
  • focus on certain points in the room

Most of us have something we do when we are nervous, and fearful, i know of some entertainers that cursed at the audience before the curtain was drawn.

I don't suggest profanity, but i do suggest that you have some sort of security blanket. You know some strategy that calms you down.

That varies for us all.

Signs of trouble

Voice cracks
lose train of thought
nervous ness
can't pronounce the word
brain fog


Every good or great public speaker or presenter has traits that set them aside and cause people to want to hear them when they are on a platform.

  • Charismatic
  • Passionate
  • Sense of Enlightenment

That little something that thrills us and keeps us in our chairs, focused and interested.

Master tips

There are some key things that always stand out in a memorable public speaker. The things that you can't necessarily put your finger on but darn sure can't ignore. They hold one's attention and it's not just because they look good.

It has to do with conviction. Their internal need to convey to the audience that they have their best interests at heart.

That they have something to say!

Engage the audience

  • Ask questions
  • modulate your voice
  • tell a story
  • get emotional
  • be passionate
  • know your stuff

Developing skills

The only and best ways to develop public speaking skills is to practice, practice and practice.

There are no other ways really to become a great orator other than to take every opportunity to do it.


Put yourself out there and join a club or organization that will teach you the skills then push you to use them.

  • join debate clubs
  • join organizations like Toastmasters
  • take drama class or join the theater


Know your material

Be yourself

Engage the audience

Practice, Practice, Practice

Remind yourself you have something "to say."


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