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Skincare Direct Sales Companies for Your Home-Based Business

Updated on November 28, 2017

Lots of companies sell skincare items these days. If you have been thinking about getting into direct sales, and are looking for a company to start dealing with, here is a list of reputable skincare companies worth looking into.

I have listed some startup costs, but don't let them be off-putting. If it is a company you are interested in, check out their website and see if they are offering any specials for signing up in that month. If not, check with a local consultant and see if there will be any specials coming up. Don't have a consultant locally? That could be just the break you need! The company may offer you a "founders" discount if you contact them directly and show them that there is a need for their company to be represented in your area. Also, if you find a consultant that is hungry to build her downline, she may 1)offer to pay for your startup and let you pay her back after your first few parties, 2) offer you a special discount where she pays part of your startup fee, or 3) she may just pay for the whole thing - depends on how badly she wants you for a recruit.

AdvoCare International, LP

Aihu, Inc. - Startup $100, make 30%, downline 3 levels

Aloette Cosmetics, Inc. - Startup is FREE with qualifying shows, or $199, make 25-35%, downline 5-16%

Amkey, Inc.

AMS Health Sciences, Inc.

Arbonne International - Startup $109, make 35%

Avalla - Startup $89, make 10-30%

Avon Products, Inc. - Startup $10, make 30-50%, great downline opportunities. Avon is a great company to work with. They have low startup costs and a very easy to use online ordering system. They offer many products for their consultants to try at no charge or at a deep discount. Everyone can afford to buy Avon, too, because it's not outrageously priced like some of their counterparts.

Become International, Inc. - Startup $169, make 20-40%

Celadon Road - Celadon Road has a basic enrollment kit that is just $79 and includes $160 in product. They also have a standard kit which is $150 and includes $325 in free product. These guys were nice enough to email me this information after seeing their name pop up in one of my hubs!

Daisy Blue Naturals - Startup $99, make 30-37% + bonuses

Dudley Q


Gano Excel

GNLD International

H2O at Home - Startup $185, make 25%, downline 3-6%


Immunotec, Inc.

Isagenix International

Jafra Cosmetics

Jeunique International

Jordan Essentials - Startup $89-150, make 25-35%

Kangevity Global

L'Bel USA - Startup $70, make 50%

L'Bri Pure N'Natural - Startup $325 (rebated if you submit $2000 in first 45 days), make 20% + bonuses, downline 3%

Lifestyles USA

Livinity, Inc.

Mannatech, Inc.

Mary Kay - Startup $100, make 50% + bonuses

Mia Mariu - Startup $125, make up to 50%

Nature's Sunshine

New Vision


NHT Global


Noevir USA

Only Green - Startup $199 - I have received their catalog. They offer many different types of products and services. They sell degradable bags, produce totes, all sorts of cleaners for the home. They also sell cosmetics, cutting boards, books on green resources, and food and beverage products. They seem to be a very neat company with a true passion for making the planet a greener place. Their consultants, or "EcoAdviosors", are trained not only to represent their products and services, but to also educate others about being green. Their starter kit contains training materials, sales tools, and $300 worth of their products, including a sampling of their cosmetics, skincare, petcare, homecare, and coffee.

Pink Papaya



RBC Life

Rodan and Fields

Sensaria - Startup $120 (can be less with qualifications)


Simplexity Health

SMC Corp. - Startup $300

Soul Purpose - Startup $35


Stanley Home Products - make up to 30%


SwissJust - make 25-40%, downline 2-9%


Team National





Votre Vu



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    • cheapsk8chick profile image

      cheapsk8chick 6 years ago

      Thanks Rob, I've been working on this series of hubs for quite a while, and they should be funneling in over the next few days. I like selling the products, too. Not good with the MLM, though I wish I were! I have friends that are rolling in the dough from doing the supplement MLM programs.

      Maybe you can branch out and start having reps do home parties for your natural products! You could be a household name, yeah?

    • rpalulis profile image

      rpalulis 6 years ago from NY

      Wow! you really did do your homework, that's some list. I have always been very successful at selling products, but horrible at selling the idea or opportunity. I tried a few different MLM in the past, wasn't for me, but I love selling stuff!