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$15,000 in 90 days - Review

Updated on September 25, 2010

Silverline Club Challenge is a Internet Base Club where you will have the opportunity to earn massive income over and over again with just one time payment, apart from there residual income, you will have the advantage of training yourself on how to close sales and properly your business, Even, if you are newbie to internet marketing, you will surprise how you become internet money mogul in short period of time.

This training is called Leader Training Course; A hand-on Training course for sales and marketing, comprising of 12 classes for 12 weeks, the 12 classes repeat and you may join in at any point since each class is a complete lesson, it is quite simple, and, as the result, easy and convenient.

Joining Silverline club challenge with one time payment of $25 (refundable fee) you are paying for a Leader Training Course designed to convert you into a Powerhouse Internet Money Mogul and Course that will layout the path you need to follow to build solid foundation for your primary business and to help you create long lasting income and security for your family, however the course will heavily focus on your current Silverline business & show you exactly how you are going to make $15,000.00 in 90 days, Guarantee!!! if you follow the simple step.

Once you join with $25, you receive a complimentary certificate to enter the Silverline Club Challenge Cycler, This is a mini board for the main silverline club program. To begin the Challenge, you will be placed at the bottom of board, as new members are placed in the Cycler, the boards will fill and break moving each members up to get to the top which is owner position, you will need to resell at least two Leader Courses ($25 each) when you are at the owner board, you will cycle and receive a profit sharing bonus.

The First time you cycle in the Silverline Challenge Cycler (Mini Board) you will earn $100 in Silverline Currency to join the flagship program (Big Board) "The Silverline Club" The flagship program has many features & benefits, you earn from $200 to $100,000 for every cycle.

There are 10 Levels in the flagship program (Big Board), and the payout per level are as follow

* Level 1 - $200
* Level 2 - $400
* Level 3 - $800
* Level 4 - $1,600.00
* Level 5 - $3,200.00
* Level 6 - $6,400.00
* Level 7 - $12,800.00
* Level 8 - $25,600.00
* Level 9 - $51,200.00
* Level 10 - $102,400.00

The Second time you Cycle and every time you cycle thereafter (Mini Board), you will receive $75 each and every time you Cycle.

When each of the members you personally or directly referrals Cycle, you receive $50 each and every time they cycle with no out-of-pocket expense, to make profit sharing bonus over and over again.

Mode of Payment: Alertpay, Perfectpay, Credit Card and other

Are you READY for the Challenge?? $15,000.00 in 90 days.


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