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Slow Train To Job growth

Updated on October 17, 2009

Stimulous Includes Jobs

Slow Train To Job Growth.

The Job creation plan is fading fast and stalling. The President seems to have steered away from
getting the message out about plans to use the energy crisis as a jumping off point for green energy

I heard the president say that thousands of new jobs are going to be created by the conversion from carbon to clean energy such as solar and wind.
So far it's all wind--and not from new energy. further, only a few jobs have been created. In California, which has been a spark plug for creative energy solutions, not a single job this year or next will result from economic stimulus.

Money is going to states which won't demonstrate much this winter in the way of new solutions. Why are the sunshine states being pushed to the back?
Has a deal been made with the country backing off from original projections of new jobs from solar and wind power for passage of that seemingly cursed
health care plan?

Frankly, now that the last Northern ice is melting and few get the message: "It's the climate change stupid!"
This, in spite of new record heat and drought world- wide, floods, earthquakes, and Tsunamis, new and hard to control disease outbreaks, unstable economies, and a wave of false prophets with the same old tired, worn, and gloomy message, that we know already! may we move on please? May we get off the soap box and go do something to help make a change, somewhere. Anywhere!

Meanwhile, the billions* gifted to Ford Motor company so far haven't produced a thing to conserve energy. They seem to have produced a very expensive 500 HP, sporty car billed to get 20 hwy and 15, city. the price of this car? $100,000 to $70,000.automatic transmission standard. for $600 more, a six speed standard transmission is available. In other parts of the world, electric cars, admittedly more modest in size, energy consumption, and price tag are being cranked out every day. Unlike the U.S., people in almost every country in the world are working at breathtaking speed to counter the erffects of climate change.

The world is taking global warming seriously.. Countries like Russia and those in the middle east are finally getting the message, though slowly and with hesitation that there must be a hidden trick somewhere in all this talk and activity.

Corporate entities are stepping in at an increasing pace to do something that will be energy efficient and allow for Profitability. Management sees the writing on the wall. Unless they clean up their act, there won't be a need for them. Mankind will go the way of other species that could not adapt to changing conditions and simply vanished.

It's Extremely Disappointing that banks have taken stimulous money and parked it in vaults to avoid risk and to draw huge interest that pays executives large bonuses, At the same time they are implementing new charges on credit cards and reducing credit limits. They lament the 6% unable to pay the usurous interest rates they were able to charge consumers, in many cases as high as several hundred per cent. Of course they called these interest rates other things, such as a late charge, tacked on because the payment missed an afternoon deadline, though it did arrive the same day at 4:00 PM instead of 3:00 PM. banks are also flush with cash they are investing in markets other weaker rivals cannot afford to compete in. They are taking chancves with taxpayers money, the same game that got them into trouble.  They are unconcerned, as the government (the people) have thrown bundles of cash at them. They feel no need to pay back the public with loans or cheaper credit card rates.

It is likely that the growth rate of jobs will contine to lag as consumers feel the pinch of new fees enacted to keep government programs running, While eliminating jobs, banks continue to seek  and to find the next gravy train at the expense of the people.

The new unemployed learn what other chronically unemployed have known for years.They are making do with less, and once the initial addiction is broken, the cycle of working two and three jobs to pay for "stuff," will also be broken. With luck, someone in the house will be working to pay for those things we all need such as shelter, food, and water.  No need to worry about what the neighbors think about it anymore.  No one is working in their house either, though there is a small garden and fruit trees sprouting in the back. it looks almost bucolic, don't you think?

Sadly, the majority of high school graduates that don't opt for college feel compelled to take the only job available.  They are joining the army.  Even this may not have a good end resut, as the casualties in the far- off war rise daily. . Those that make it home to the U.S.are often shadows of their former selves, physically and mentally damaged.

The cost of taking money away from education  this past decade is a main cause for the lack of jobs. The job market is forced to go outside the country to fill positions that go unfilled because no one is trained in the U.S. to fill them. Other countries such as China and India have created thousands of jobs centered around the switch from fossil fuels to green energy.

For a brief while at least,  the U.S. policy matched that of other countries taking the lead in solar, wind, and geo -thermal energy.  Given the obstructionist past of U.S. specvial interests, it is not difficult to imagine a scenario that changed the course of policy away from clean energy to the old profit motive, corruption, with the environment and people as if they are dammed.  Ironically, most animals do not foul their own nest.  Our people have grown accustomed to it as a paycheck replaces common sense and respect for the places we call home.


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    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Thanks for your comment. I can't remember a time when so many

      opposed their government during a time of war and while the country tries to cope with threatening economic collapse.

      Biblical weather of prophetic proportions has been unleashed on people who have yet to comprehend that it may be time to get serious about following the true inspiration of Jesus Christ.

    • MikeNV profile image


      9 years ago from Henderson, NV

      Clearly we need less Government intervention. Historically if the Government is involved in anything other than a regulatory role to keep the bad guys from monopolizing markets, there has been a failure of monumental proportions.

      Government intervention is a hindered to job creation. Obama's latest brilliant thinking is to steer even more money from Federal Government to State Governments.

    • MikeNV profile image


      9 years ago from Henderson, NV

      Clearly we need less Government intervention. Historically if the Government is involved in anything other than a regulatory role to keep the bad guys from monopolizing markets, there has been a failure of monumental proportions.

      Government intervention is a hindered to job creation. Obama's latest brilliant thinking is to steer even more money from Federal Government to State Governments.


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