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Small Business Ideas - Start Small Store Based on Your Passion

Updated on October 16, 2019

How to start small business? Many people did not know what type of business he should start. Here some idea that maybe relevance for you. This list more focusing on small store, so you need a place to sold your product or services.

Small store business is open
Small store business is open

Small store is nice and good small business ideas. People loves to own small store especially if it based on your passion on hobbies.

If you are chocolate lover and know where to buy delicious chocolate, why don’t you start a chocolate shop? If you known well automotive machine, you have big success opportunity in car repairing or car rental.

This is just an illustration to trigger your idea and imagination. You should know the smart and best small business ideas based on yourself. It should based on your knowledge and skill, hobby and interest.

Here six small business ideas about 45 small stores business ideas based on your passion: Art and Handicraft, Food and Beverages, Writing and Design, Beauty and Care, and Services center.

Art and Handicrafts Small Store idea
Art and Handicrafts Small Store idea | Source

Art and Handicrafts Small Store

  • Gift shop
  • Accessories store
  • Craft store
  • Antique shop
  • Toy store
  • Art Gallery
  • Jewelry store
  • Flower store
  • Home decoration

Food and Beverages Small Store
Food and Beverages Small Store | Source

Food and Beverages Small Store

  • Candy Store
  • Cake store
  • Organic shop
  • Coffee shop
  • Ice cream shop
  • Cafe or small restaurant
  • Bakery shop
  • Brewery shop
  • Gourmet food store
  • Chocolate shop
  • Butler shop
  • Wine store
  • Grocery store

Comic store as small business
Comic store as small business | Source

Writing and Design Small Store

  • T-shirt shop
  • Photography studio
  • Bookstore
  • Stationary store
  • Book Publisher
  • Children’s Bookstore
  • Secondhand store
  • Comic store

Beauty and care idea
Beauty and care idea

Beauty and Care Small store

  • Beauty and care shop
  • Aromatherapy and perfume
  • SPA and massage
  • Hair salon
  • Pet shop
  • Pet Salon
  • Barber shop
  • Fitness club
  • Nail salon
  • Bridal salon
  • Dental shop
  • House cleaning
  • Organic cosmetic

Souvenir Store and Sightseeing Agency
Souvenir Store and Sightseeing Agency | Source

Services Center Small Store

  • Electronic services center
  • Real estate agency
  • Bag traveling shop
  • Travel agency
  • Souvenir shop
  • Computer service
  • Vehicle rental
  • Automotive service

Open Your Online Shop at Internet

Which one from 45 small store business ideas is passionate to you? If you do not have money to rent a small shop, do not worry, internet will become your online shop. Many people open their small shop in the internet. Amazon gave opportunity for people to open online shop as affiliate. You can sold many thing in e-bay, through website like Facebook, etc. If you know how to make something unique, like designing nice shirt, make jewelry, and so on, you can sold it through internet. Many people make writing and selling goods and services in internet as their major income. There is no limit about income from internet, the limit is the sky. So be creative and made something, sold it now.

Small Business with Low Start Up Cost

There are plenty small business ideas, but most of people is afraid to start it because they thought starting business need big money or investment. But I say not all the time. Especially for mother, you can start your small business now. Here 10 Best Home Based Business with Low Start Up Costs like art and craft, jewelry, bake and beverage, and more. You can do it as small store based on your passion.

Starting Small Store Business

Many people asking about how to start small store business ideas? Here some basic rules which will guide you to start small business with success. The first is take action: you will never start it you did not take action. Second rules is make it simple, do step by step and start from the simple thing wile you are learning. Third rule is do it yourself. Many famous business person start their business by do it alone. Do not worry about it. The fourth rule is you should like your business and enjoy to run it.

Mobile coffee shop
Mobile coffee shop | Source


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    • profile image

      mechelle alferez 

      5 years ago

      I need business ah simple din aford for my money ah 20,000 0 10, 000 pesos

    • BizVT34 profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      Esrom Art - Passion is good but preparation is helpful. If you're thinking about a biz partner here's a Hub that might be worth your time

    • Tankadin profile image


      8 years ago

      You can't go wrong following your passion! Really good hub.


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