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Small Business and Knife making How To

Updated on April 11, 2011

So you want to run a small business or make Knives for a living?

I have been into knives in one form or another my entire life. Always loved knives, first one was an old Sheffield that was my grand fathers handed to me by my father.

If someone asked me when I was a kid if I thought I would be forging and making knives for a living I would have never dreamed that I could have done it or it would have happened.

Why am I writing this article? I have gotten asked more times than I can remember through email, over the phone and even in letter form for advice on getting started in knife making and making knives for a living or business advice in general.

I am always happy to see these emails or letters, but if I could bottle all that I have learned and know and send it to someone in an email or letter...well that would be a new trick.

So I figured I would write this article with some advice and info for new Knife makers as well as small business folks looking for some advice. I plan to write these articles in a series. This being the first.

First and foremost if I get asked this question. "where do I start in knife making or business?" I usually respond by saying. "Well, you need to make the very best knife that you can make, something that your proud of, but you also need 125% Passion in what your doing and then some. This isn't something to get into if you are thinking you will be rich or wealthy overnight. Almost any small business is hard work that takes time, patience and dedication.

This isn't just something to say for the sake of saying something. This needs to be part of your life to do it for a living, and you have to love it.

I say this goes for knives or starting a cookie selling business or maybe you have a passion for gardening. Love it or keep it as a hobby and don't think about a full time business.

To be Continued...

Knife that was handed to me many years ago that started the spark in Knives.  antique sheffield knife.
Knife that was handed to me many years ago that started the spark in Knives. antique sheffield knife.


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