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So, I've like... just become a multi-entrepreneur in the space of five minutes...

Updated on May 9, 2015

So, who am I?

My name is Andrew Hill.

I am the owner of Hill's Landscape Design & Garden Services.

I am also your favourite weight loss and wellbeing coach.

And today, today I have decided and instigated the setting up of my new venture. Allow me to introduce myself as your new Amazon and eBay Advertising Agent!

And frankly; I am on top of the world.

This is my world. Call it egotism if you will, I call it optimism, realism?

Put it this way, if we constantly live within our own rational, we will never go anywhere.

And do you know, I'm writing this aimlessly, there is absolutely no point to this hub whatsoever. In fact, I will take a five minute break because now; I've ran out of things to say. I'm just so excited. Maybe this is the big one! There's more than $300 TRILLION in the advertising industry alone.

My gardening business is good, but advertising can be great. Rain won't stop play, the only thing I need to rely on is my phone having data so I can tether my laptop!

15 Minutes Later...

So, I'm back. Thoughts whizzing through my head, I can't even put them onto paper. But let me tell you something, that is Okay. I mean, so long as we don't do a Suleman from Apprentice Series 10 and go for investment without a business plan...

The plan is vital. But it isn't the first thing you need to think about, no. Concept and viability are, although sometimes viability can only be reasoned upon completion of a business plan.

How rude, I've not even told you what I was doing. To be honest, just sitting here on Facebook, asking (almost begging my friend's to say yes) if my plans were good. I like to get that feeling of pride when someone says "Yes", but if they say "No", screw them. Dream Stealers.

Now, I'm going to say this isn't one of my conventional hubs, hell... it's almost a blog post which may be better on my Blogspot but it's here now, this is where it is going to stay but let's try and get it on point...

So, my new idea... Advertising.

Well, it's simple. I will have people pay me in gifts to advertise their products via HubPages, writing genuine reviews for their items and having Amazon/eBay capsules which will earn me a monetary revenue from their items too.

You will see to the right an example of the Amazon capsule advertising an entrepreneurial book on Amazon, offering you to allow you to buy it now.

Now, I will point out, the example on the right may change as I have selected "Keywords" rather than a specific item.

Below, we will see an eBay capsule (also using the "Keywords" option).


When someone wishes to take advantage of my fabulous offer, they only have to send me a sample of their product for me to use and keep (or send back at their expense, of course, this is a business) and in turn, I will write an honest review of at least 800 words (where possible, I find it will be probably quite difficult to review a single hair comb using 800 words) and advertise their specific product via the Amazon or eBay capsule.

I need to review HubPages rules on allowing others to write hubs for submission on my hubpages account, though I don't think this will be an issue as I have one hub written by a friend of mine detailing his experiences with cannabis and that has received no problems except links disabled due to being too many support links, but I'm not bothered about that, the links are still visible which means people suffering from cannabis addiction can still get the support they need.

Do you sell on Amazon OR eBay? Would my services be of use?

See results

Oh, this is me, by the way.


I Believe I Am Living Proof That We Set Our Own Boundaries

It's true. If you want to live your life stuck in the same old routine because you 'can't' get out, then that is your problem. You have set your own boundaries to be that way.

You need to break free from your vices.

If you have a dream, do not let anything come between you and it. Never put off chasing your dreams, the longer you wait, the more of a headstart your dreams have on you.

Wake Up and Chase Your Dreams...


Contact Details:


Tel: +44 (0) 74819 21116 (UK Mobile)


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