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So What is the Best way to Make Money on the Internet / Hubpages?

Updated on October 5, 2010

Where to begin making money on the internet

Estimated Reading time: 5 minutes

So what exactly is the best way to make money on the Internet? I can not even count the amount of people who have asked me this question. In life a lot of people just want the quickest and easiest way to do anything without spending a penny. And they want information, products anything and everything right now. So to the answer the question to these people is tough, there simply is no BEST way to make money online. Not on HubPages, Amazon, Google adsense or anything.

Annoying right? But let me explain. So do you want to know the best way for you personally to earn money online? Grab a pen and lets begin.

Methods of making money on the Internet that work

I want you to brainstorm two lists. One featuring things you like, not necessarily actual products but can be, more like hobbies, interests etc. Then in the other list write down products that you like and own or know a lot about. These can be anything, electronics, household, literally anything that you buy, but don’t include food or drinks.

Once you have finished these lists, read each one and think, “is this available to buy online?” The answer to all these items is yes, and from many different sites all across the world. Google them and see what’s available to buy. Regardless of what niche product you have thought of, it is available somewhere to buy on the Internet. The idea and mindset I am trying to get you to see is that the world now revolves around online shopping. From dishwashers to music. Besides buying food it is very rare that most people nowadays buy things in shops. In most cases shops are more expensive, even than their own websites, e.g. PC World or Currys always are cheaper online than in store.

If you need a flight to Rome, you get on Ryanair and book it. Need tickets to a West End show, you get on Last Minute and book it. Want Avatar on DVD, you check out Amazon. This works even faster for information on the Internet. EBooks you buy and straight away download like you would an MP3. This means instant delivery to your desktop, and you can start reading and learning straight away.

Even down to making a webpage or copywriting for a sales page, you can get people to hire and write for you almost instantly. What I’m trying to show you is, the way to know if there is a market for selling online is to think is there a demand, and are there people willing to pay for it? If so then you can make money online with it. This doesn’t mean it’s better to sell services, or products etc. All are possible and no one way is better than the others to make money online, you just need people to buy what you are selling.

What you now need to know is what is the best way for YOU to make money on the Internet. Have a look at that list. What interests you? What skills do you have? It is much easier to persuade someone to buy something you like than something you are not interested in. What you should then do is either set up a blog, or to get going even quicker write using HubPages or Squidoo. Write a review, or explain your experiences about a particular item or subject. Once you start getting in regular traffic, then you can start making some money. You can start making money via adverts that you get paid for per click, e.g. Google Adsense, this will earn you a few dollars per thousand views in general. Some websites even make millions just using Adsense, and many earn thousands every year.

If you are writing about a specific product, like doing a review, then sign up for an Amazon Associates account and review the product then add a link to that product on Amazon. People can make very good money with this, as Amazon is one of the most trusted names on the Internet. You earn commission on each sale. This may not be much if you look at it as an individual product, however it can add up for a good amount. Again, I know lots of people who earn good money off Amazon per month.

The ultimate way to make money online is all about getting traffic to your site or pages. If you get the numbers and you write original content that people would actually want to read then visitors will keep coming and that will in return make you money online as some of them will click the adverts and some will buy your products.

Good luck to everyone out there who is starting out trying to make money online. Have fun and I hope you all make what you want soon. And enjoy the community!


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    • craftdrawer profile image

      craftdrawer 7 years ago

      Very good information! Great tips!