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So, You Want to Be a HVAC Technician?

Updated on September 17, 2016

Career Facts

HVAC professionals for the most part work in private homes, schools, stores, clinics, office structures, or production lines. You will need to understand the underlying facts if you must consider a chance to become a professional in this field.

A few experts are relegated to particular occupation destinations toward the start of every day. Others go to a few unique areas making administration calls. Professionals for the most part work indoors, yet some may need to deal with open air heat pumps, for instance, even in awful climate.

These careerists regularly work in cumbersome or cramped spaces, and some work in structures that are uncomfortable as evidenced when aerating and cooling or warming framework is broken.

What HVAC Techs Do?

Heating, aerating and cooling frameworks control the humidity, temperature and general air quality in homes, organizations, and different structures. By ensuring an atmosphere controlled environment, refrigeration frameworks make it conceivable to store and transport food products, prescription, and other perishable things. They do the following:

• Repair HVAC frameworks

• Interface frameworks to fuel and water supply lines, air pipes, and different segments

• Introduce electrical wiring and controls and test for appropriate operation • Assess and keep up clients' HVAC frameworks

• Test singular parts to decide important repairs

• Repair or supplant worn or imperfect parts.

A Day in the Life of a HVAC Tech

Many people get set to work across warming, aerating and cooling, or refrigeration frameworks on the field. They additionally may have some expertise in specific sorts of HVAC gear, for example, water-based warming frameworks, sun powered boards, or business refrigeration.

Security is inconceivably critical to the HVAC tech. He or she is regularly dispatched to home or business areas that might be an unfamiliar domain that could entail uncomfortable, hot or frosty conditions. With this work additionally comes predilection for bodily harm thereby necessitating adequate insurance cover.

Electrical stuns, blazes, or muscle strains can happen at work. Likewise, components like refrigerants Protective gear has to be worn when taking care of refrigerants to protect against skin harm, frostbite or visual impairment.

Education Pathways

You require a certificate, diploma or a degree to practice as an HVAC technician within the U.S. You need to be accredited by relevant bodies. As a basic accessory, having vehement customer relationship skills, time management skills and mechanical skills will always work great for your career.

If you are looking forward to join a HVAC school in the US then you are just on the right track because according to US Bureau of Labor Statistics the HVAC jobs market is set to expand by at least 20% in the next 10 years. There are schools offering this specialization across the country.

This is therefore a great field to venture into as you consider a career in technical sciences. The shortage of Air Conditioning Experts could also lead to importation of this labor from oversees. Some of the schools accredited to offer this professional course include but not limited to:

  • Bay State School of Technology in Massachusetts
  • Antelope Valley College in California
  • Bates Technical College in Washington
  • Athens Technical College in Georgia
  • Honolulu Community College in Hawaii
  • Brevard Community College in Florida
  • Chippewa Valley Technical College in Wisconsin
  • All State Career School in Maryland
  • Ashland Community and Technical College in Kentucky
  • Cedar Valley College in Texas
  • Front Range Community College in Colorado
  • Eastern Iowa Community College District
  • Alamance Community College in North Carolina

These are just a few schools that offer HVAC training in US.

Career Outlook

Many HVAC experts can envisage a profitable profession future as virtually all homes around the country have one form of HVAC installation or the other.

As homes and structures are developed, the input and services of HVAC technicians remain sought after and beneficial. When the need for a redesign arises, these professionals still have to be called upon to make their impact felt for the comfortable use of the HVAC facilities.

Career Description


Irrespective that a day in life of a HVAC technician is surrounded by measures of unpredictability and exposure to dangerous scenarios, this is not enough to ward off interest as every profession has a form of danger or the other as an accompaniment. The peculiarities of the diverse work stations notwithstanding, the career provides a platform to earn a living and afford decent livelihood

Budding HVAC experts can depend on a hopeful profession future. As all the more new homes and organizations are developed, and as more established structures require redesigning of their HVAC frameworks, HVAC professionals will acquire customers and more employer stability. Their specific aptitudes will serve whatever is left of the world that is currently more reliant than any time in recent memory on atmosphere control and refrigeration frameworks.


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