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Social Bookmarking Tagging: Using Social Bookmarking Sites The Right Way

Updated on August 22, 2010

Social Bookmarking Tagging: Using Social Bookmarking Sites The Right Way

 Social bookmarking sites can be incredibly helpful to use if you want to promote a business.  Of course you can only get the results you want if you go about things the right way.  Social bookmarking is one of the best ways to direct your niche market to your business, as long as you use social bookmarking tagging properly.  This refers to the process of tagging each link or article you bookmark, so that you and others can find it easily.

 The tags need to relate to the topic of the web page listed to keep things organized.   You can usually use as many tags or keywords as you want but should not go overboard.  It is going to be much more to your benefit to stick with a few specific tags rather than an abundance of them.  It is important to be responsible with social bookmarking tagging however and not get carried away.

 Another tip to remember for social bookmarking tagging is to never trick people.  If you purposely tag your bookmarked sites with keywords that are completely irrelevant just to get people to come onto a certain site, once they find out they are going to get annoyed and can bury your site.  This is the complete opposite of what you want to get out of social bookmarking.  One of the best things about social bookmarking is that, as long as you are tagging properly, you can see an improvement in the amount of traffic to your site almost immediately.

 Most people with online businesses have heard about social bookmarking before but many neglect the social bookmarking tagging tool.  It is a tool that is truly one of the most effective social media tools you can use but one that often goes overlooked.  If you want some extra help with tagging with your social bookmarking tagging you can always download a program like Live Writer.  That includes Live Writer for one which is an easy to use program that helps you save links in your social bookmarking sites and get the best results for your business.

 The Internet can offer a lot of possibilities for online businesses and social bookmarking can be especially useful.  You can also rely on individual bookmarking but this does not offer the same potential as social bookmarking.  It makes it easy to find sites that you have visited and which you do not want to end up having to search the Web for all over again, but others are not able to access your bookmarks.  For the best promotion of your business social bookmarking is really the way to go.


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