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Social Marketing & Twitter Marketing

Updated on May 12, 2011

Social Media Marketing

Since I haven't written a hub about Twitter yet, I decided to get around to talking about how vital I find Twitter for viral marketing, I'm not saying that I use guerilla marketing tactics but it is evident that nowadays everyone who owns a business and employs social media staff will be quite agressive when updating tweets, statuses and Foursquare.

As I mentioned in one of my other hubs about online marketing executive jobs, I got offered a trial period as an SEO developer and Social Media support member but I turned it down because it sounded to demanding for the wage that was offered. I was required to update Facebook statuses 10 times a day, post 10 tweets, create lead pages with Traffic Geyser, edit promotional videos and gain search engine ranking for the Property Solutions website.

Photo courtesy of intersectionconsulting

Don't be afraid of the crowds!
Don't be afraid of the crowds!

Get more Twitter followers..

You might join and wonder how to get more followers on Twitter, there are many methods and products out there that claim to be the best but I will explain to you how I got around 1000 followers on one of my accounts. The truth is that there is no easy method of how to get more Twitter followers for free, however one useful tool called 'Twiends' gets 6,000 searches on Google every month.

Many people try and gain targeted followers, by this I mean that they only add people who are specifically interested in their niche market and that trial job that I talked about we were very select about people we accepted to filter out any competitors who only were interested in promoting their own product.

Personally I don't believe that you have to be that scrutiness, for example, if you are trying to marketing a mainstream product such as technology devices then it is going to be something that many people might click because they desire to purchase it for business or pleasure.

Photo courtesy of petesimon

How to use Twitter

Now I've talked about what categories of people there are and why you should work hard to get followers on Twitter, I would like to mention how to use Twitter and what mannered to conduct yourself in.

Many of these 'teenboppers' or celebrity types use Twitter like an addiction to tell us about a new brand of shampoo they are using or that they can't believe what just happened on the latest episode of True Blood. However, your aim is to be less spammy and grab peoples attention by talking about the qualities of your product or service, you can have fun doing this and being creative with your wording, remember you will be repeating these messages around a dozen times over the course of 24hours.

Photo courtesy of carrotcreative

Twitter Lists

Twitter Tweets are definitely not pointless little messages if used for social marketing since you can add a hyper link which redirects to your website or articles and you can instantly reach out to thousands of people without waiting for SEO methods to take effect and gain you search engine traffic.

Twitter lists are separate from regular followers since they provide a filter so that you can check in on the people you most regularly find interesting, I imagine these are a lot harder to gain since this is one of the more professional Twitter tools, so far 20 people have my original account on there lists.

Photo courtesy of intersectionconsulting

Twitter for Business

To summarise in this article I just wanted to encourage any marketers who feel overwhelmed when approaching Twitter and explain that it is really all about reaching out to a lot of people and persisting in telling them about your worthwhile message.  Try to keep up to date with the 'new versions' of Twitter when they appear because changing with the updates gives ease of usability for future network marketing.

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