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Social Media Doesn’t Work for my Business

Updated on May 23, 2014

Many wonder why their social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.) fail to give them the sales they want. But that’s the problem. Social media isn’t a sales platform. Here’s a quick explanation about why your social media efforts are going to waste.

Engagement, engagement, engagement!

Social media is about engagement. It’s not about pushing content out to users, it’s about getting them involved. How you say? Well here are 3 quick tips.


1. Blogs

To blog or not to blog? I say blog! It’s all about FAQ’s, expressing opinions, suggesting ideas, providing how-to’s – all related to your product or industry. Be warned however, your aim is not to sell, but to engage users. Always reply to comments as well – positive or negative.

Post your blog links to your social media pages and watch the number views roll in. Do you have a successful blog page for your company? Link below in the comments and I’ll provide some feedback if necessary. :)

2. Content Curation

This is such an easy tip to start getting content on your social media sites. You merely look for interesting articles, blogs or information relevant to your industry area and post it with a source link.


3. Transmedia Storytelling

People like stories – about people, events, experiences – you name it! To engage with your content, you can:

  1. Be personal – when you blog, talk about what you do for your business, your personal goals, how excited you are about a new product release. Use Facebook and Twitter in the same fashion.
  2. Talk about your customers – interview customers with a video camera, edit and post to social media sites or create a blog post about it. Ask customers questions about their experience with the product, or how they’ve implemented it into everyday life. Post these on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and on your website under Testimonials
  3. What are your employees doing? Is an employee completing a charity run? Are they involved in a not-for-profit campaign? Tell stories about your employees as well!

Make sure you use variety on Social Media. What’s a quick rule? Use 50% curated content, 30% original content from your business and 20% promotions – Brian Carter from Social Media Marketing World

I’d love you to post below if you have any more social media tips. What works for you? Us marketers need to help each other out : ).

Which social media platform do you use the most in your business?

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Do's and Don'ts of Social Media for Business


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    • Moony27 profile image

      Meagan 3 years ago from Australia

      Hi Dominic! Thanks for your comment.

      I agree with the website blog comment - updating blogs on websites is really useful for SEO purposes as well. To keep your website at the top of organic searches, frequently updated articles/blogs need to be posted on websites. Static websites are baaad. :)

      I like your website, it's easy to navigate. Also your blogs are informative and not too long - they kept my attention. Users usually have a very small attention span, so an interesting lead is so important these days.

    • Dominic Longwood profile image

      Dominic Longwood 3 years ago

      In my company we were recently wondering about all these social media magic. AUTOXLOO do have accounts on Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest etc all the hottest networks...Your tips are rather helpful, we use some of them too and consulting our clients to do so too.

      Besides, I think that every business should have not only social media blogs, but their website's blog, where you can also share your news and thoughts with your customers. You can take a look at our blog here: