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Social Media Fads and Pretty Lies

Updated on January 7, 2021

Social Media Fads and Pretty Lies

There are things that, when repeated a million times in the media, make everyone think that they are some kind of absolute truth. An example of those things are the standards of beauty that are had in this age. It is enough to go around Instagram, to realize something very particular: that most of the boys and girls on the site have very similar appearances, which sometimes leaves little room for those with different looks to feel integrated into the online community. This is often transferred to the real world, where young people seek to imitate the fashions they find in the virtual space, thinking that this is a sure way to achieve popularity and be accepted by their peers. But is this crude imitation of vapid trends actually worth it? Is gaining some kind of acceptance by mindlessly following fashions worth it in the long run? Let us think about it for a while.

A Girl Doing Duck face

Girl Doing Duck face
Girl Doing Duck face | Source

For Example, a Duck

To give an example that is easily recognizable to the vast majority, let's start by mentioning the famous "duck face" That's right, the famous expression that seems like a strange mix between the expression you make when blowing a kiss and a simple pout. There was a time, perhaps mid-2016 or 2017, when that famous "duck face" reached a brutal level of popularity. Absolutely everyone did it in their selfies or photos of any kind. Less than ten years later, what happened? That famous gesture fell into complete disuse. Many people even claim to find that gesture slightly repulsive. So, with this simple example, we easily demonstrate how fast fashions are today. From one day to the next, what seemed great yesterday turns into something completely archaic. For this reason, it is worth remembering the importance of not following passing fads instead of doing what actually fulfills us and makes us grow as human beings. This is difficult today when social media increases social pressure for everyone.

The Chainsmokers-Selfie

Aesthetic Ideals

Many of the ideals of aesthetic perfection that you see in networks are products of the artificial; from wearing thick layers of makeup, to surgeries, to photo retouching. With all this in mind, please don't get depressed if you don't fit these ideals. Rather, be proud to be a person who stands out from the flock of sheep marching at the same pace. This does not imply, at all, that you neglect your health or your physical appearance. On the contrary, take good care of yourself, and do not expose your personal well-being by seeking to fit in. If you feel good about yourself, other things, such as friendships, will enter your life by themselves. Don't be pressured by what you see on social media, and better work hard to accept yourself just the way you are. It may sound cliché, but the person who really loves you will do it just the way you are.

Peer Pressure

Don not fall for peer pressure
Don not fall for peer pressure | Source


Leaving to mention for a moment everything that has to do with aesthetics, it should be remembered that much of the information that is disseminated on social networks is manipulated by some interest outside the editor or person in charge of disseminating those texts. Therefore, it is important to take a good look at the type of information you share and from what sources you get it. It is irresponsible on your part to spread rumors everywhere that implicitly may have a clear intention to harm third parties. Yes, it is all your right to use your freedom of expression, but with that freedom comes the responsibility of taking charge of the information that you share.


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