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Social Media Jobs

Updated on November 4, 2014

Social Media Job Trends

Starting with 2009, there has been an exponential growth of social media job, as illustrated in the graph below. In 2012, the jobs in social media counted as almost 1% of the total jobs offered by employers on the market, as companies started to catch up with setting up their social media departments and filling up the positions. After 2012, there was a slight decline in this percentage, nowadays a little below 1%, and it fluctuates at this level.

This data indicates that social media has become extremely important for companies. This job description has not existed before in medium and small companies, therefore the dramatic increase.

The graph is compiled by, one of the largest online job platforms. It is based on the jobs offered by employers through their system, and it does not count all of the jobs on the market. However, due to the large popularity of this service, I believe the data in relative terms is quite accurate. If you want to see the latest trends, click this link: Social Media Job Trends

Social Media Job Titles

Depending on the size of the company, the person in charge with social media may have different titles.

In a small company, where it's a one-man show, this person is called

  • Social Media Manager

In a large company, the social media is fragmented, and handled by an entire department. Here are some of the job titles in such a department:

  • Social media strategist
  • Online community manager
  • Social media marketing manager
  • Social media marketing coordinator
  • Social Media Copywriter
  • Blogger

Many small companies prefer to outsource the social media duties to an outside contractor, usually called

  • Social Media Consultant

Social Media Manager Job Description

Whether the social media of a company is handled by one person or by an entire department, here are the duties:

  • Create the social profiles on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and make them relevant to the brand and products;
  • Create content for the social media platforms in the form of articles, quizzes, news;
  • Gain following and reader's engagement;
  • Facilitate communication between all participants in the social media hubs;
  • Handle customer service complains, and make sure the company maintains an image of integrity;
  • Be on top of the industry news, and permanently reassess the competitive edge of the company;
  • Run campaigns, split-testing;
  • Analise the marketing data in terms of lead generation, conversions, and customer satisfaction;
  • Implement new strategies based on past experience, competition, and market trends.

Tasks of the Social Media Manager

Social Media Jobs Salary

Here are the average annual salaries for social media jobs in New York City at the end of 2014, as presented by

  • Social media strategist - $77,000
  • Online community manager - $74,000
  • Social media marketing manager - $85,000
  • Social media marketing coordinator - $76,000
  • Social media copywriter - $54,000
  • Social media manger - $84,000
  • Search engine optimization specialist - $71,000

The salaries vary greatly depending on location. However luring the above numbers may be, New York City may not be the best example. It does not even represent an average for the United States, but rather the top. Furthermore, the social media jobs are international jobs and salaries vary greatly country to country.

The salaries also vary depending on the size of the company, the social media budget, and owner's vision. Small business owners may not correctly assess the importance of social media, and therefore not give great importance and funds to this area of their business.

In-House vs. Outsourcing of Social Media Jobs

One extremely important point to make when talking social media salaries is outsourcing. Just like any internet job, the social media jobs are easily outsourced. A company can hire a social media expert from another country for very little money.

There are online job platforms like Elance, Odesk, or Fiverr where you can hire experts for various tasks for very little money. There are ads like "get 10000 likes on Facebook for $25", or "1000 views on YouTube for $15". I'm not sure how "white hat" those techniques are, but they are out there.

When the company is small, outsourcing is more probable. But when we talk about large companies and dedicated teams that do the social media campaign, the outsourcing is more limited due to issues of communication and control.

The greatest issue I can see in outsourcing is control of the employees. As I personally outsourced virtual assistants and other tasks in the past, I can tell how difficult it is to monitor the activity of the people that you haven't even met face-to-face. In this regard, it is more difficult to work with independent contractors. You can eliminate this inconvenient partially by working with an overseas company specialized in social media. But then the cost is dramatically higher, and not sure if it's worth the savings.

Is Social Media Manager Job for You?

Being a social media manager is extremely appealing for a large number of people. It has its own advantages, like the opportunity to work from home. It does sound like fun, after all we do spend a lot of personal time on Facebook or Twitter and never get bored.

However, this kind of job requires specific skills and personality, and is not for everyone. The following table shows the main roles of a social media manager, with the required skill set.

Social Media Role
Required Skills
Content Creator
Copywriting, design, positioning, creativity
Marketing Analyst
Data analysis, curiosity, ability to run scientific experiments and draw insights from data, data presentation
News Junkie
Content curation, hungry for information, professional on-the-spot communication skills
Customer Service Rep
Strong communication skills, adaptability, calm, desire to solve others' problems
Community Facilitator
Resourcefulness, ability to connect people and stimulate discussion

Do you prefer to ...

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How to Train as a Social Media Manager

In order to develop the necessary skill set to become a social media media manager, you can either acquire formal education or train yourself.

In terms of formal education, the universities are catching up with implementing social media curricula at bachelor's and master's level. Here's an example of online university education from University of Florida.

The formal education gives you the credentials, but does not necessarily mean that you become a social media genius. Just like anything else, you can train on your own and become an expert. There are many internet resources that can point you in the right direction.

If you want to train on your own, here are a few tips:

  • Read books on social media marketing, many are available at your local library;
  • Check out free internet sources, just type "how to become a social media manager" in the search engines;
  • Sign up for newsletters and mailing lists of people who are successful in doing this;
  • If you sign up for any online training services, make sure you read some reviews before you buy; here's an example paid social media jobs review;
  • Find some products marketed online, and start promoting a social media fun page; if the product has an affiliate program, you can even make money doing this;
  • Try out a few social media platforms, and see which one fits you best; Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are most commonly used in the marketing efforts.

Fun Social Media Trivia

What happens in Vegas stays on Facebook.

This slogan is quite funny. And very true. People are very concerned about their privacy, but not when it comes to social media.

The video below shows a funny experiment made by a guy who collected some information publicly displayed on Facebook. He then went to those people on the street, and started to ask personal questions. Watch people's reactions.

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    • annanee profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from USA

      FlourishAnyway - the video was eye-opening for me as well. Thanks for checking out my page, and adding the first comment on my first hub. I feel quite welcomed!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      That Jack Vale video was eye-opening! Thanks for including that!


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