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Social Media Junkies...are you one?

Updated on October 13, 2014

You did it!

All right you have now become a member of one or more social media groups...good for you!

It feels good to add that first friend to Facebook, Twitter, Blog Frog, or the 50+ other social media sites out now what?

Then you get the many friends can I get? I will be so cool if I have the most firends out of all my friends. Then you go "friend hunting" like a mad man.

You find every friend or acquaintance you ever went to school with, bumped into, you name it. You find every long lost boyfriend or girlfriend...that is another article in itself but I are the friend happy mania, now what?

The Consumption

Now you get into the groove. You post pictures and tag everyone, you accept every friend request you get, and you are the social media fiend of instant message, tagging, commenting, liking etc.

You find yourself declining or ignoring the phone because if they are not talking to you on Facebook, Google Plus video, or tagging you on Twitter, they are not your true friend. You won't even answer the door when you into the most important Facebook message and tagging of your life.

Oh wait ...a text...I will answer that, that is OK...I don't have to talk to anyone I can

Now you are in deep, very deep. Is there a way out or have you become a social media junkie?

Point of No Return

Now that you are in so deep you have become an obsessed junkie, here is a little questionnaire to ask yourself to see if you have maybe fallen into "junkie" status.

  • Do you ignore the phone and only answer texts, even if you can talk?
  • Do you go out with your significant other, new date, or friends and slap the phone on the table first ting...oh and check it every time you have an alert AND go into panic mode if you don't answer that alert or text within 30 seconds? Because whatever is happening on the phone or web is so much more important then the person you are with...right?
  • Do you spend 2+ more hours on Facebook and other social media a day?
  • Do you friend stalk the ex...again another article for this one, one day?
  • When you are with someone and you take a picture and they say "hay can you e-mail me that photo do you say "Aw I will just tag you on Facebook."

OK these are just a FEW questions you need to ask yourself to see if you are a junkie...there are many more signs but you get the point.

Kicking the Habit

So now that you have completed the first step of recovery, which is to admit your addiction, now what?

Some tips to help guide you along the way.

  • Leave the cell phone in the purse or pocket during dates and family time. Your people around you are way more important so make them feel that way. You know...Internet and cell phones didn't always exist...really!
  • If you are able to talk then call instead of text or IM. It is a novel idea. Talking is so much more personal then texting.
  • Allow yourself minimal computer time during the day. Set a timer and log off when it goes off...period. Do you know that the sun still shines and fresh air is still good for the body and soul?
  • Teach your kids the old games we all played as kids. You know, board games...they don't require a screen. Oh and kids can play outside too, that is weird I know.
  • Friend weed. If you are not using your social media for marketing then only be friends with actual friends. That elementary school friend you knew once for a year about 30 years ago doens't check you page anyway so delete them.
  • If you do social marketing and want a friend page then make a marketing page that is different from your profile.

These are just a few tips to become a non-junkie.

Back to Reality

Now that you have either determined your junkie status, nipped it in the butt, or found out you are not a junkie, it is time to get back to reality.

Social Media can be an awesome tool for many reasons. It is great to connect with those loved ones that are not close to you anymore, especially those oversees.

If you own a business it has become an awesome advertising tool too. it only takes minutes a day to add daily updates for your business etc, not hours.

If you want good friends to hang with then you may find that those who need more then a cyber relationship may quit talking to you if all they get is the text and the computer love.

Talking to someone face-to-face is actually very gratifying and it is easier to tell if they are being genuine or not.

Everyone should try some reality a few times a is great!


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